The Best Packing Tips for Families

These packing tips for families will help on your next trip because planning for any trip is stressful, but adding kids takes it to another level. With the addition of each child comes more clothes, toys in every shape and size, and the need for new packing strategies. As a parent you need to have a game plan in place. There are things you will need to do before you go, things you will have to pack in your suitcase, and things you will need on the plane. Here are our tips for managing the mounds of clothes, eliminating the extras, and saving space in your suitcase.

Packing Tips for Families-Kids Are A Trip

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Packing Tips for Before Your Trip

1. Book accommodations with a washing machine (a dryer is a bonus) 

Nobody really wants to do laundry while on vacation, but if it saves on paying checked bag fees, why not? Use sites like Hotels.com to find lodging with laundry options or VRBO to find apartments.

2. Make copies of your passports, driver’s license and credit cards (front and back) 

Email a copy to yourself and to your spouse’s phone so you will have copies in case the originals are stolen, lost, or misplaced.

3. Create a packing list for each child

Have your child lay out their clothes. Make it simple: (2) t-shirts, (2) shorts, (2) pairs of underwear, swimsuit, pajamas, (2) socks, etc. We usually take five full outfits for a two-week vacation because we know we will wash them. Kids can help from a very early age and allowing them to help gets them excited about the trip.

4. Check the weather

This will dictate what items you should be packing and prevent you from packing non-essentials.

Packing Tips for Families Prepare for Weather-Kids Are A Trip
It helps to be prepared for any type of weather!

Packing Tips for Families

5. Roll Your Clothes

Trust me, this will save you space. Roll them as tight as you can, and you will be amazed at how many items you can fit in your bag.

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6. Use packing cubes

We use one packing cube per child. They come out of the suitcase when we get to our hotel and then go back in the bag when we leave. Everyone has a different color and we can easily pack 4 days of kids’ clothing in each.

7. No electronics for kids when traveling overseas

Do children ask to bring every device under the sun? Yes, they do, and we always say no. I don’t need to manage a thousand different charger cords and neither do you.

My husband and I bring our phones (check with your phone company ahead of time to confirm that yours will work overseas) and our laptops which is plenty.

8. Bring electric adapters and chargers

Be sure to check the electrical requirements for the countries you will be visiting. The UK is different than mainland Europe, which is different than North America, you get the idea. We always bring along portable chargers too since we can never seem to keep a charge all day.

9. Have each child bring a paperback book

If the children are older, they can swap books when they finish. Also, a lot of bed and breakfasts or apartments will have a “take a book/leave a book” shelf for travelers.

Another idea is to pop into a bookstore while on vacation and let your kid find a new book that intrigues them and now they have a souvenir.

Packing Tips for Families Bring Books-Kids Are A Trip
You never know where kids will sit down to read…

10. Limit each child to one lovey each

My kids would try to bring every toy, blanket, and stuffed animal they could sneak past me if they could. Have a rule in place and stick to it. The last thing you want to do is to have to manage all the “extras”.

11. Download a white noise app and bring earplugs

Cities can be noisy places and sleeping in a new place can be difficult for both young and old. Everyone will sleep better with the soothing sounds of raindrops or static white noise. Our favorite is Sleep Pillow Sounds available in a free or paid version.

12. Bring a reading light 

I love to read before bed, so I always bring a reading light with me. This is also helpful for navigating a dark hotel room in the middle of the night or searching through a crowded bag or floor of an airplane.

13. Pack a spare bag and plastic grocery bags 

Odds are you will acquire souvenirs on your trip and/or dirty laundry. Stick a spare bag inside your suitcase just in case you need to check an extra bag for the ride home. Use grocery bags for dirty laundry or wet clothes.

14. Pack a clothesline and laundry detergent

A portable clothesline and laundry detergent barely take up any space. If you find yourself staying somewhere without a washing machine you can quickly do some wash in the sink and hang it to dry overnight.

15. Bring a first aid kit

I try to have band-aids, Neosporin, children’s Tylenol or Motrin, hand sanitizing wipes, and a probiotic for the kids (in case of diarrhea or stomach flu).

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16. Wear layers and your heaviest shoes

Layers are essential on a plane not only for you but for your child as well. It may sound weird to wear your heaviest shoes but think about it. If you are wearing them, your luggage is lighter. I don’t know, but it always seems to work for us. Here are some other ideas for staying comfortable on a plane.

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17. Bring a change of clothes for the kids and a spare shirt for parents

Unfortunately, we have been on plane rides when accidents have occurred, so we have learned this the hard way. We pack one of my husband’s spare shirts (since it fits either one of us) and a spare set of shorts, underwear, socks, and a t-shirt that fit the oldest child (figuring that only one will spill, and they can fit into whatever we have on board until we land). This backup set of clothes has come in handy more times than I care to remember.

18. Carry on the essential medications

We have a couple of children that are prone to motion sickness so we try to bring ginger chews, seasickness bands, or Benadryl since they all seem to help. (Also, plastic trash bags and napkins in case we can’t find a “courtesy” barf bag).

We also have a child with a peanut and tree nut allergy, so we always travel with our Epi-Pen. If anyone in your family has a daily medication, be sure to bring that with you in your carry-on. Don’t miss our tips for dealing with motion sickness too.

19. Bring hand wipes and bubble gum

Hopefully these are both self-explanatory.

20. Pack plenty of snacks

It can take a very long time for those flight attendants to make it down the aisle, have their own snacks and avoid the whining.

If you need some ideas, we have you covered with 25 Easy To Pack Travel Snacks, 25 Easy to Pack Nut Free Travel Snacks, and 25 Easy to Make and Pack Travel Snacks.

21. Bring paper, colored pencils, a small pencil sharpener, and stickers

These are easy travel supplies. The pencils won’t melt and stickers are fun anywhere, anytime. Paper can be used not only for coloring, but for games like Hangman, Dots, making paper airplanes, and letter writing, to name a few.

If you’re looking for other ideas to entertain the kids on the plane, we’ve got you covered with tips for keeping kids busy on planes.

22. ID necklaces for kids

Obviously, these are not necessary while they are on the plane, but you will want to have them handy when you deplane. We have the kids wear an ID necklace with a business card that includes our hotel name, address, and phone, as well as our telephone number. It makes all of us feel secure knowing they have all the information they need should we ever be separated.

Packing for a trip with kids requires a lot of additional preparation, but with a little planning, comes a great reward. Have your kids join you in the packing process and lessen your load. Just be sure to bring your patience, there’s a good chance you’re going to need it.