45 Easy to Make and Pack Road Trip Snacks

Whether you are traveling by car or plane, it can be helpful to have snacks nearby when hunger strikes. One of the worst road trip mistakes to make is not having enough food. We’ve asked around for 45 easy to make and pack road trip snacks for kids and I think you will love what we found. This road trip food includes some sweet and savory options and some allergy friendly recipes too. It’s the perfect companion to our most pinned post of all time, 25 Easy to Pack Travel Snacks, and many options here for after school, lunch time, or game day too. Enjoy!

Best Road Trip Food-Kids Are A Trip

If you are looking for easy road trip snacks for kids, we have you covered. There isn’t a thing on this list adults and kids won’t enjoy!

45 Easy to Make and Pack Travel Snacks

Easy to Make and Pack Travel Snacks

If you are looking for easy to make road trip food, we have searched high and low, to find a large variety of snacks everyone will love. Whether you have your heart set on sweet snacks, savory ones, or even allergy friendly snacks, we know you will find something on this list of road trip snacks.

Sweet road trip food ideas

Road Trip Snack Mix

Healthy Granola Snacks

Road Trip Snacks for kids

These easy to grab and go snacks are perfect for little hands!

Savory Snacks

Snack Bars

Allergy Friendly Snacks

Easy to Make and Pack Road Trip Snacks


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