Things to Do in Heber Valley Utah with Kids

Heber Valley, Utah is the perfect year round destination for families. During the warmer months, families can enjoy hiking, fishing, biking, and water sports. In winter, it is the perfect destination for skiing, tubing, and more. Families that want a well rounded vacation will find there are plenty of things to do in Heber Valley with its abundant natural beauty and historical attractions.

Heber Valley is a Year Round Destination

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Things to do in Heber Valley any time of year

Located just 50 minutes from Salt Lake City and 15 minutes from Park City, Heber Valley is home to three state parks, five pristine mountain golf courses, a Swiss themed town, world class fishing, and many amazing family friendly events.

Here you will find the towns of Heber City, Midway, and Heber Valley, and endless parks to explore along with year round events offering family fun for everyone. A visit to Heber City means a chance to create your own adventure!

1. Outdoor adventures

If your family loves sports, there are plenty of places to enjoy yourself in Heber Valley. Hit the links at one of five award winning golf courses in the area, each one with its own unique scenery and challenges.

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Would your family rather spend time on the water? If so, then head for Deer Creek Reservoir where they can frolic all day long on the lake enjoying water skiing, riding wave runners, or throwing out a line to catch some fish.

Deer Creek Reservoir Utah

The area is a hiker’s paradise with mountains, wildflower meadows, forested canyons, rocky ridges, and endless waterfalls, lakes, and streams.

Winter visitors will be delighted to find nearby Soldier Hollow which offers the longest tubing lanes in Utah. The hill has 1,200-foot sliding lanes with lift service for towing people up the hill for tubing day or night under the lights.

Deer Valley and Sundance ski resorts are both nearby, offering skiing and snowboarding in the winter. I know my kids would love to go there any time of year!

Heber Valley, Utah is the Perfect Year Round Destination for Fishing-Kids Are A Trip
Our kids love fishing!
Photo credit: Heber Valley

2. Unique attractions

Maybe your family loves learning about the history of an area and connecting with the locals. There are many attractions that would satisfy this love of learning.

The Heber Valley Railroad is one of the most popular attractions here. The train covers 16 miles from the valley, winding its way across the Provo River, along the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, and eventually into Provo Canyon. Along the way, passengers will see spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife. Not bad for a day riding the rails.

Heber Valley Railroad
Photo credit: Creative Commons

A unique experience you’ll find in Heber Valley is Homestead Cratera 55 foot tall, beehive shaped limestone rock made over a period of 10,000 years. There’s a hole at the top of the dome that allows sunlight and fresh air to penetrate the cave below, but the interior is heated by the mineral water inside and stays at a constant temperature of 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Visitors can swim, scuba dive, snorkel, or just enjoy a nice warm soak. The Homestead Crater is the only warm water scuba diving destination in the United States which makes it quite a popular attraction. This unique natural phenomenon would be at the top of our list on a visit to Heber Valley.

3. Year round fun in Heber Valley

There are festivals and entertainment aplenty in Heber Valley. There’s Wild West Days, a County Fair, Concerts in the Park, Swiss Days, and a North Pole Express Train during the holidays. Families would never be bored during a vacation to Heber Valley because there’s always something to do, and there’s always something fun for everyone.

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  1. I’ve never been to Heber Valley, but it sounds idyllic. This is one thing I love about the western part of the U.S., there is always a variety of activities to enjoy year round.

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  7. I have lived in Utah my whole life and only been on the Heber Creeper once when I was 10 years old. I had no idea there was so much to do there, I know my family would enjoy several of these activities! Thanks for the ideas!

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