25 Toys and Games to Entertain Kids on Planes

Over the years we have logged numerous hours on plane rides with our children. We have lived through the whining, the begging, the spills, the tears, and much worse. No amount of preparation can prevent undesired outcomes, but having some tricks up your sleeve can hopefully limit the problems and minimize the complaints. Here are 25 toys and games to entertain kids on planes.

25 Awesome Toys and Games to Entertain Kids On a Plane - Kids Are A Trip

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25 Exciting Toys and Games to Entertain Kids on an Airplane

1. Magnetic Doodle Sketch Pad

2. Koosh Balls

3. Magnetic Tangrams

Travel Games to Entertain Kids on a Plane-Kids Are A Trip

4. Mad Libs

5. Squigz Benders

6. Sticker activity book

7. DohVinci Set by Hasbro

8. Spot it card game

9. Virtual Design Pro Fashion Set or Cars Set

10. Spirograph Design Tin Set

11. Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

Airplane Toys and Games for Kids-Kids Are A Trip

12. Rattle and Teether Toy

13. Mini Pom Pom Pets

14. Magnet games

15. “Mom, I’m Bored” activity book

16. Magnetic Car Loader with wooden cars

17. Imaginext Super Hero Set just add imagination

18. Rush Hour Game

19. Stamp set, just bring some paper

Travel Games for Kids Entertain on a Plane-Kids Are A Trip

20. Peek a book cloth book

21. Rubik’s Cube

22. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

23. LEGO set

24. Alphabet Ring Flash Cards

25. Connect 4 Grab and Go

Hopefully, you have discovered some new toys to pack along on your next adventure.

Traveling on planes with kids can be fantastic or a disaster. Come prepared and pack toys that will entertain them for hours. These are our favorite toys and games to entertain kids on planes. - Kids Are A Trip

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