How to Keep Kids Busy on Your Next Road Trip

Going on vacation is an exciting thing for the whole family. What is not always fun, however, can be the journey. When you are on your way and everyone is impatient to reach the destination, it might make everyone a bit cranky. How can you keep kids busy on your next road trip and avoid the meltdowns? Here are some of our favorite ideas:

How to Keep Kids Busy on YourNext Road Trip-Kids Are A Trip

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How to Keep Kids Busy on Your Next Road Trip

1. Bring along creative supplies

Bring along the basics such as coloring books, crayons, paper and pens. Your child or children will find themselves with plenty of time to create and imagine, and this will give them an outlet. If your kids need extra encouragement consider buying a new special set of markers, or something unique for each child.

Here are some of our favorite arts and crafts to bring on the road:

2. Play interactive games

Before even pulling out of the driveway, have some games in mind that you can play on the go. Easy ones that come to mind are “I Spy”, the license plate game, and scavenger hunts where kids can check off a list of words or pictures as they see them along the drive.

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Another idea is to play games such as one where you take turns listing items to take on vacation that begin with the letters of the alphabet, in order. To make it more challenging, make it a memory game where each person has to remember every item listed before theirs, and make up a new one for their letter.

3. Give the kids a travel journal

Even if your children aren’t old enough to write, give them each a travel journal and let them draw pictures. Let each child write about their own vacation highlights. We have even found journals that provide writing prompts to help get the kids started.

4. Trusty old music and DVD player

When I was a kid, we always listened to music on road trips and belted out tunes along with the radio. Create a playlist before you head out and let your kids sing along or better yet, teach them the words! We love doing on own rendition of “Carpool Karaoke” where we choose our favorite song and sing at the top of our lungs. If we are feeling extra silly, we’ll videotape each other.

Also, don’t forget to stock up the car with plenty of movies for the DVD player or download them from Netflix/Amazon Prime. If you forget, or run out of movies, you can always find a Redbox, rent one and return it the next day.

5. Take along plenty of books

If your kids are readers, this will definitely help the time in the car fly by. Even if they can’t read, you could always read aloud to them and that might help time pass quicker for you. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ll want to check out our favorite read alouds for a family road trip with some tried and true recommendations.

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6. Let kids borrow your camera

Find times along the journey to allow your children to borrow your camera or phone and encourage them to take photos while traveling. You never have to worry about running out of film (might want to check the battery occasionally), and it can be endless hours of fun for kids. If you want to buy your kids their own digital camera, this one is a favorite.

How to Keep Kids Busy on Your Next Road Trip camera-Kids Are A Trip
How to Keep Kids Busy on Your Next Road Trip camera-Kids Are A Trip If you give a kid a camera, some crazy things might happen…

7. Pack along some small games

Whether you’re inside the car or out, we have some favorite games we play to help pass the time. These are easy to pack and easy to clean up, which makes them perfect for a road trip!

8. Bring more snacks than you think you need

Of course snacks are a must-have on any road trip. The traveling time will always be more enjoyable with something to munch on. Bring items that store well without refrigeration. If you’re looking for ideas, we have your covered with our easy to pack travel snacks, nut free snacks, and easy to make and pack travel snacks. No one in your car will ever go hungry again.

Taking a road trip with kids can be fun if you’re prepared. Use these tips to keep kids busy on your next road trip and enjoy your travels while watching your children enjoy theirs as well.