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25 Best Read Aloud Books for a Road Trip

We love to bring read aloud books for a road trip because they help pass the time and keep the kids unplugged. To create this list we have rounded up some of our favorites, asked some of our favorite teachers for suggestions, and found some friends to chime in with their choices too. We hope you love this list of the best read aloud books that is sure to not only entertain your children but promote discussion and family connection, helping those hours in the car fly by.

25 Best Read Aloud Books for a Road Trip with Kids

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25 Favorite Read Aloud Books for a Family Road Trip

Want an easy way to make time fly by when you are on your next road trip? Choose one of these read aloud books that will entertain everyone in the family!

Road Trip Books to Read Aloud for Younger Children and Early Elementary School

These books are perfect for younger children who aren't yet reading and early elementary school children.

Read Alouds for Older Elementary School Students

Traveling with older kids? These are books that don't disappoint!

Read Aloud Books for Middle Schoolers

Traveling with an older audience? Never fear! These books are sure to keep them engaged!