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25 Easy to Pack Back to School Snacks

Summer is wrapping up and parents are either counting the days or savoring every last minute with their kids. The first day of school is coming soon! Every parent is starting to think about those back to school necessities, especially back to school snacks and back to school lunches.

I’m always looking for ways to save time in the morning and after school, so having convenient snacks on hand is always important to me. I decided this year I’m going to be prepared and make a list of easy to pack back to school snacks not only to help myself, but to help you too! Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks for school lunches and after school snacks too!

Easy to Pack Back to School Snacks-Kids Are A Trip

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25 Easy to Pack Back to School Snacks

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1. Pressed by KIND Bars

I’m on a big kick to get the kids to eat more fruits and vegetables this year and these bars will certainly help us get there. All bars are made with fruit & chia or only fruit & veggies. They all have five ingredients or less, with no added sugar. Such an easy way to add two servings of fruit to our daily routine!

Buy Pressed by KIND Bars here!

2. Pretzel and hummus packs

My kids love these and would eat them every day if they could! These Sabra packs are our favorite!

3. Walker’s Gluten Free chocolate chip shortbread cookies

Not only does this company make shortbread, they make snack packs! Available in regular or gluten free, they are delicious either way you choose!

Buy Walker’s Gluten Free chocolate chip shortbread cookies here!

4. Volpi Roltini

These are a huge hit with my kids. A mozzarella cheese stick wrapped in a piece of prosciutto ham had them asking for more!

5.  Pirate’s Booty

These are a long standing favorite in our house. Easy to pack, these bags of aged white cheddar puffs are a must for any lunch bag or after school snack.

Easy to Pack Back to School Snacks-Kids Are a Trip

6. Apple slices with nut butter (or soy butter/sunbutter) and raisins

7. Tuna salad snack pack (tuna and crackers)

8. Graham crackers

Choose honey, cinnamon, or chocolate and eat them plain or try with toppings like cream cheese, nut butter and jelly, or marshmallow fluff.

9. Nutella with pretzels or breadsticks

A twist on a favorite snack in our house. Our kids beg for me to buy these at the store!

25 Easy to Pack Travel Snacks

Buy Nutella snack packs here!

10. Cottage cheese with pineapple

11. Rice cake with cream cheese and jelly

12. GoGo squeeZ squeezable fruit snacks

Squeezable apple sauce and yogurt that kids love. My kids are big fans of the cinnamon and banana flavors.

Buy GoGo squeeZ here!

13. Homemade blueberry muffins (or any other flavor)

14. Whole wheat pita with lunch meat

15. Chobani Flips yogurt (yogurt on one side, topping on the other)

If you are looking for the perfect first day of school snacks we have you covered. Here are plenty of healthy snacks that kids will love for lunch or as an after school snack. - Kids Are A Trip

16. Oscar Meyer P3 Protein pack (bite size bits of cheese, meat, and nuts)

17. Freeze dried fruit snacks

We love the variety of the Bare Baked Crunch fruit snacks. They come in coconut, banana, and apple. Yum!

Buy Bare Baked snacks here!

18. Hard boiled eggs and whole wheat crackers

19. Bell pepper strips and salad dressing

20. Energy bites

My sister and I swear by these easy to make no bake energy bites. You can mix and match nut butters, spices, and nuts/seeds. Try all of them! Here’s the recipe!

21. Blue corn tortilla chips and guacamole

22. Wheat tortilla wrap with turkey, roasted red peppers, spinach, and cream cheese

23. Stone Ground flavored fig bars

If your kids are fans of fig cookies, these fig bars are the next best thing! Grab a variety box of these whole wheat fig bars and find a favorite!

Buy the Stone Ground flavored fig bars here!

24. Diced cantaloupe or watermelon

Be sure to send a napkin and a fork or it will be quite messy!

25. Favorite cereal mixed with dried fruit (cranberries/raisins/apricots)

If you are looking for more suggestions for the first day of school, we have you covered with our easy to pack travel snacks, nut free travel snacks, and easy to make and pack snacks. These should give you quite a few ideas for the upcoming school year.



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