Things to Do in Tangier Morocco with Kids

This week, Lisa Grabelle of We Said Go Travel is sharing the best things to do in Tangier Morocco with kids. We loved our Morocco vacation and can’t wait to explore this beautiful country again. See why it’s so amazing!

Tangier Morocco with kids

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Exotic, mysterious Tangier with kids???!!! Yes! Absolutely! We fell in love with the gorgeous scenery and melting pot of cultures in this city known as the “Gateway to Africa.” From rocking the Kasbah, to riding a camel, to meeting a snake charmer and more, Tangier is a trip your family will never forget!

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Top Five Things to Do in Tangier Morocco

1. Hang out with a real life snake charmer

A highlight for us was meeting a mystical snake charmer! Your kids’ jaws will literally drop as they become enchanted by the charmer and his two tambourine-tapping assistants. Just like that a live snake rises up and curls out of its basket! Kids will love posing for pictures with a (life-like looking plastic) snake around their necks!

Family Friendly Things to Do in Tangier Morocco Snake Charmer-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Lisa Grabelle

2. Explore the caves of Hercules

Hear the crashing waves. Feel the light cool mist. Explore the Grottes d’Hercule, which according to legend, is where the mythical figure, Hercules, rested after finishing his 12 labors!

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(The legend is that within the Cave of Hercules there is a tunnel that crosses the Strait of Gibraltar, across the Mediterranean to St. Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar. It is believed this might be how the Barbary Macaques may have reached Gibraltar, but more than likely they arrived by ship)

Family Friendly Things to Do in Tangier Morocco Caves of Hercules-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Lisa Grabelle

3. Take a camel ride along the beach

Bucket-list time! Hop on a camel and take a short ride along the beach. Tip: With no safety harnesses, be sure your child is able to hold the handle tight during the jerky ride.

Family Friendly Things to Do in Tangier Morocco Ride a Camel-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Lisa Grabelle

4. Visit the Kasbah in Tangier

This is why you come to Tangier – to Rock the Kasbah! Enter the medina, the 15th century walled city, and be transported to the sights and sounds of a world so very different than our own! Meander through the ultra narrow medina alleys as you make discoveries at every turn. See locals at work, families shopping, school children returning home and day-to-day life in the medina.

5. Shopping in Morocco

Tour the Moroccan markets which are called souks. Aisles and aisles of locals shopping for food and other exotic offerings. These markets are bursting with spices, seafood, meats, cheeses, native handicrafts and so much more.

For adventurous travelers, see if you can spot the most precious of Moroccan delicacies, cows’ heads! Meander through the fragrant spice and vegetable market. We couldn’t imagine doing our daily grocery shopping in markets like this! Tip: Wear closed toe shoes since the market floors may be wet and dirty.

Family Friendly Things to Do in Tangier Morocco Markets-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Lisa Grabelle

Two important Morocco Travel Tips

Tip 1: Before you leave home, contact a reputable tour guide company such as Viator or Get Your Guide, to set up some local tours. This will save you time once you reach Morocco, and you won’t need to negotiate once you arrive.

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Tip 2: To soak in all Tangier has to offer, begin your day sipping a delicious coffee in the famous Grand Socco (Big Square), which is the elaborate iconic entrance to the medina. You can just picture Jason Bourne racing through the square.

For literary buffs, imagine running into famed visitors of the past such as Tennessee Williams, Henri Matisse, and Jack Kerouac. Get lost in the beauty of the palm trees and spectacular fountain. All around the edges of the square are booths and stalls bursting with merchants selling second-hand goods, fruits, and spices.

Tangier is one of my family’s favorite destinations anywhere in the world. Exploring this vibrant melting pot is a must-do for adventurous families like mine. So make plans to Rock the Kasbah, meet a snake charmer, ride a camel, shop in a souk and check out the Caves of Hercules!

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Family Friendly Things to Do in Tangier Morocco Markets-Kids Are A Trip
Don’t miss the beautiful beaches near the Caves of Hercules! Photo: Lisa Grabelle

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