10 Reasons to Book a Morocco Group Tour with Kids

Planning a trip to Morocco can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned travelers. Using an organized Morocco group tour eliminates a lot of the questions travelers might have while providing an easy way to see the country. We recently partnered with G Adventures for their co-branded tour with National Geographic Family Journeys (Nat Geo Family Journeys). The experience was not only well organized, but we also walked away with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

10 Reasons to Take a Morocco Group Tour with Kids - Kids Are A Trip

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Why Families Will Love a National Geographic Journeys Morocco Group Tour

We were guests of National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures for the purpose of providing this review. As always, opinions are 100% our own.

National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures runs a 9-day tour of Morocco called Souks to the Sahara, providing an overview of the country in a manageable amount of time. The company offers a dozen different trips around the world, from the US to Asia. Tours vary in pricing and duration, but they are all very family-friendly.

The Morocco group tour begins in Marrakech, then heads south and then east, through the High Atlas Mountains, to the Sahara Desert. This tour is different than other Morocco desert tours, as you extensively explore the region.

We spent two days and nights in the desert doing everything from star gazing to fossil hunting to sharing a meal with a Berber family. A Morocco camel ride at sunset was one of the highlights of the trip.

We also met many locals and learned about their lives. Throughout this guided Morocco tour, families will see the beauty of the country and have the time of their lives.


1. Transportation is covered

One issue we often struggle with when traveling is transportation. It can be difficult to find the best way to travel from point A to point B, as well as the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so. This Morocco group tour offers transport to and from the airport as well as coach service throughout the country. 

Driving in Marrakech involves dodging scooters, vendors, and pedestrians, so we were quite content to leave the driving to someone else. Our bus driver handled the windy and sometimes dirt roads through the Atlas mountains like a pro. We stopped often for bathroom and snack breaks and even shopping. 

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Note: Those with motion sickness should plan on bringing medication and or preventative measures. The roads through the mountains are quite curvy and can cause upset stomachs.

2. Opportunities to meet the locals

When we travel on our own, it’s difficult to find opportunities to interact with locals outside of shops and restaurants. Nat Geo Family Journeys with G Adventures makes sure guests have a chance to interact with Moroccans and learn more about their culture.

Not only do you have native Moroccans as group tour leaders, but there are also many opportunities for connecting with locals. We visited a Berber nomad family in their tent, met women who ran a carpet-weaving co-op, learned about spices from an herbalist, and even made traditional Moroccan tagine with a chef.

tea and meal with Berber family Morocco tour-Kids Are A Trip
It’s not every day you get to share tea and a meal with a nomadic family.

3. This Morocco group tour is educational 

The former teacher in me loves any travel experience that educates children. This Nat Geo family trip did not disappoint. Long bus rides allowed our leaders to share about Moroccan history, culture, food, and language. They engaged the children every step of the way by asking relevant questions. This is an extremely kid-friendly tour.

All of the activities we experienced from star gazing in the desert to listening to local musicians gave us insight into the land and its people. I know both my son and I learned a lot about Morocco and enjoyed every minute. The tour made Morocco with kids very authentic and approachable.

Learning about Fossils Morocco Sahara Desert-Kids Are A Trip
Learning about fossils in the Sahara desert.

4. Accommodations are arranged

One of the most difficult parts of planning a family vacation can be booking accommodations. With a language barrier and a wide variety of lodging choices, it’s wise to have someone else do the booking. Nat Geo Family Journeys takes care of all the overnight stays, so families can simply focus on the important things, like enjoying the pool once they arrive.

Swimming pool Morocco Berber Palace-Kids Are A Trip
One of our favorite hotels on the trip – Berber Palace in Ouarzazate.

5. Guides are amazing

It is obvious Nat Geo Family Journeys with G Adventures took time in finding the right guides for this trip. Our leaders were Abderrahmane and Mohamed, and both were so good with children. They knew the answer to every question the kids threw at them, and if they didn’t know the answer, they found it. By the end of the week, we felt like we had made lifelong friends.

Morocco Nat Geo Journeys-Kids Are A Trip

6. They find the best food

We always have a difficult time finding restaurants when we travel. Everyone seems to have a different opinion of what to eat and where. Taking a tour takes that responsibility out of your hands. All of the meals are pre-arranged, and they are delicious. We never had a bad meal during the entire trip.

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Food safety is a concern in Morocco, and families should only drink bottled water (bring your own water bottle, tour guides will fill it up each day), and only eat fruits and vegetables that are well-washed and peeled or cooked. Having someone else choose the restaurants for you ensures there is less of a chance of getting sick.

Moroccan food does not disappoint. Photo: Gareth Tate

Tip: If you have a nut allergy, Morocco might not be the destination for you. Our youngest son has a peanut/tree nut allergy, and at this time it would not be possible for him to travel to Morocco.

Nuts are everywhere, and often not disclosed when they are used in cooking. Those who are vegetarian or gluten-free should not have issues finding food they can eat.

7. A Morocco group tour with a large variety of activities

Everyone can find something they like to do on a Nat Geo Family Journeys tour. We did everything from hiking to boarding on the sand dunes to shopping, and nothing disappointed. Kids of all ages can enjoy the hands-on sessions with the musicians or visiting an oasis and learning how locals source their water. Every day offers a new opportunity for experiencing life in Morocco.

Sahara Sand Boarding Nat Geo Morocco tour-Kids Are A Trip
My son’s favorite part of the trip: sand boarding. Photo: Keryn Means

8. Traveling with like-minded families

Let’s be honest, those who plan a Morocco vacation with kids are looking for adventure, and the country has it in spades. We met families with children of all ages and connected with every one of them. Not only did we meet friends for the week, we made friends for life.

Such an awesome travel group! Photo: Gareth Tate

9.  A Morocco group tour covers a lot in a short amount of time

It’s a bit deceiving looking at a map of Morocco because it makes everything look rather close together. Due to road conditions, road stops, traffic, and other outside factors, travel time can be a lot longer than expected.

This Morocco trip covers a lot of land in a relatively short amount of time. There is a lot of time on the bus, but it is very well planned out, and there are plenty of stops to break up long travel days. It truly is the easiest way to see the best of Morocco when you don’t have a lot of time.

10. The tour is fun!

Every day is a new adventure on a Nat Geo Family Journeys tour. As your travel, you are not only seeing new parts of Morocco but having amazing experiences too. If you want to try something unique and take all the work out of visiting Morocco with kids, this is the best guided tour for you.

Nat Geo Family Journeys with G Adventures offers a multitude of family tours around the world. Click here to plan your Souks to Sahara tour, and you will be heading off on a Morocco family tour in no time. We highly recommend letting them plan your next vacation!