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Incredible Travel Bucket List Adventures for Families

We have traveled to some amazing destinations with kids, but I’m always in awe of other traveling families. People take amazing trips with kids, visiting exotic destinations that include everything from island hopping in Thailand to hiking through the Sahara Desert. These incredible bucket list adventures come from people who travel the world with kids. We are sure you will find this travel bucket list for families extremely helpful in planning your own trips!

Incredible Bucket List Adventures for Families

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Why You Should Have a Family Bucket List

After traveling with our kids for twenty years, we have found there are places that wow and places that disappoint. Create your family bucket list by asking kids where they want to go. Find travel books kids will love, grab a map, and start brainstorming. Whatever your family travel bucket list looks like, it will be a great starting point for future travel.

Travel Bucket List Adventures

What should be on an Africa bucket list?

African Self Drive Safari

Wild dogs howling in the night. Lions stalking their prey. Hippos disappearing under water and giraffes peering from afar. An African self-drive safari is one of the most unique vacations you can take with kids.

While many tours are wildly expensive, a self-drive safari is a significantly cheaper and more flexible way to go on a safari with kids

Seeing elephants wander across the highway and watching monkeys play in the campgrounds is almost as much fun for the kids as the guide-led game drives.

elephants Africa safari tour

Botswana is one of the safest countries in Africa and perfect for a self-drive safari on a budget. Kids will love cruising the Chobe River in search of elephants, hippos, and crocodiles.

Kids can experience the thrill of the chase on a game drive through Chobe National Park and admire the abundance of wildlife in the Okavango Delta. 

With some planning and an adventurous spirit, an African safari can become a real option for a unique family vacation.

If you are considering a trip, check out what to pack for a family safari and what you need to know before you take a safari with kids . Rachel from Adventure and Sunshine

Explore the Sahara Desert in Morocco

If you’re looking for a bucket list family trip, head to the Sahara Desert in Morocco with kids! The popular Moroccan city of Marrakech is the perfect base. Here you will find multiple tour companies organizing desert trips for less than 100€ for 3 days. (Check out our favorite things to do in Marrakech with kids)!

On the way to the Sahara, you’ll cross the Atlas Mountains and stop at various viewpoints and gorges. They will even stop at the famous town of Ait Benhaddou, which was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones and Gladiator.

Exploring the Sahara Desert Morocco-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: German Backpacker

On the second day, you’ll finally reach the desert! Camels will take you through the sand dunes to the desert camp, where you will spend the night.

Watching the sunset from the top of the sand dunes and stargazing are some of my favorite travel memories of all time! Although I visited several deserts in the past years, nothing comes close yet to my visit to the Sahara and I’m sure your family will love this unique bucket list vacation! Patrick at German Backpacker

Snorkeling in Egypt

Dahab, in the south of Egypt’s Sinai Desert, is a wonderful place to spend some quality family time. Life is slow and relaxed. One of the best things to do in Dahab with kids is snorkeling. Kids are always amazed when they discover there’s a whole other world underwater!

Dahab is well known for its excellent shore diving. There are over 30 dive sites accessible from shore, and numerous places that are great for snorkeling.

We’re both divers and started snorkeling with our son when he was 4 years old. He couldn’t swim yet, but inflatable armbands work like a charm. It’s so cool that we can share our passion for marine life and marine conservation with him!

Snorkeling in Egypt with Kids-Kids Are A Trip

The Lighthouse area on Dahab’s boulevard is especially suited for both new divers and new snorkelers. All restaurants provide easy access to the water via stairs or a ramp and the reef is just a short swim away.

The very first time our son put on his mask and went to take a look underwater a large school of small fish swam around him. Snorkeling in Egypt is definitely a bucket list family holiday experience! Lisa from Scuba Around the World

Canyoning in Wadi Shab, Oman

Oman is a country of rugged, stark beauty. There are ochre cliffs, intensely blue skies, and, in the river canyons or wadis, turquoise blue waters often surrounded by green palms and terraced fields.

The whole country is amazing, but a trip into these wadis is particularly special. Even if your kids don’t appreciate the scenery, they’ll love splashing and swimming, and spotting fish and frogs. Older ones can try scrambling among the canyon rocks and even abseiling in some wadis.

The most accessible is Wadi Shab, an easy drive south of Muscat. From the carpark at Tiwi, hire a boat to cross the river mouth, then follow the path upstream. You’re not supposed to swim in the lower reaches, but you can stop at the pools further up.

Oman with Kids-World Best Hikes
Photo: World Best Hikes

After a couple of kilometers, you’ll have to swim to go further… if you do, you’ll reach a magical cave with a waterfall.

Be careful though! Absolutely do not jump into any pools unless you’re with a guide who knows the depth and where the rocks are.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before setting out. Rain could result in a flash flood. But with basic safety precautions, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable adventure. Emma of World Best Hikes

Bucket List Adventures in the USA

Canyoneering in Zion

During a return visit to Zion, we chose to go canyoneering with our kids, ages 9 to 17, since we had already hiked the famous Narrows. Canyoneering was a fantastic, challenging experience where we all got to cheer each other on. Our kids’ only complaint was that this epic outdoor adventure went by too fast!

Canyoneering in Zion combines hiking, rappelling, stemming, down-climbing, problem-solving, squeezing through slot canyons, and sometimes wading or swimming. Zion National Park in Utah is one of the best places in the United States for canyoneering. However, a backcountry permit is required to do it inside the park. You will need your own equipment and must know what you’re doing.

Canyoneering in Zion-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Rad Family Travel

If you’re newer to canyoneering, hop on a guided tour through a local company in Springdale, the sweet town that sits at the entrance of Zion. They will provide all of the equipment, tell you how to dress for the adventure, drive you to the canyoneering site, teach you as you go, and lead the route.

You can choose a half day or whole day canyoneering experience. I’d recommend booking a whole day with older kids so you can really get the hang of things! Since commercially guided canyoneering trips are not allowed inside Zion National Park, the canyoneering company will take you to other slot canyons in Utah like those found in the Kolob Terraces — public lands just outside of Zion. Tanya of Rad Family Travel

Follow in the Footsteps of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

I doubt there is a kid who has not heard about the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It’s a childhood classic that inspires boys and girls to explore the outdoors and find their own adventures.

A trip to Hannibal, Missouri, where Mark Twain spent his childhood and created a hometown for his beloved book characters, is a unique opportunity to step into the pages of the great author’s most famous books.

Would you like to try your hand at painting the fence or take a boat trip along the Mississippi river or maybe search for treasure in a cave? You can do it all in Hannibal.

Imagine walking the streets of this small town and meeting face to face with Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher. Yes, that’s possible too, though only during summer vacations because, you know, kids are in school otherwise.

And the cherry on top? Mark Twain himself! He strolls around Hannibal during the day and performs in a local theater at night.

This will be definitely a vacation to remember. Tatiana of Family Road Trip Guru

Glamping in Mendocino, California

Glamping at Mendocino Grove is a unique bucket list experience that you must enjoy at least once before your kids are all grown up. The nature here is amazing with ancient trees providing a forest cover and the absolutely gorgeous beaches adding to the scenic beauty of Mendocino.

When your kids are young, you would need plenty of gear to carry around for camping at this beautiful spot, so choose to glamp here and have all the fun minus the hassle.

Glamping in Mendocino California-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Glorious Sunrise

After settling into the camp tent, get a guide or map of the area and outline the hiking trails you would like to try. You will find quite a few good treks possible here through the forests as well as along the coast.

There is even a water sports place called ‘Catch a Canoe’. Point Arena lighthouse, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, and the famous Glass Beach of Fort Bragg are also close. Of all the activities, kids love star-gazing here! Priyardashini of Glorious Sunrise

Want to try glamping? Don’t miss our favorite places for glamping with kids and the best treehouse rentals your kids are sure to love!

Exploring National Parks in Utah

One of the best ideas for a family vacation is to visit the National Parks. Did you know there are five national parks in Utah? You can explore Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion and cross off several bucket list items!

Each of these parks offers something unique to see and do compared to the others. There are a variety of activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, river rafting, and more. But the most fun and unique thing to do when you visit a national park with kids is to become a Junior Ranger.

Arches National Park with Kids-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Photo Jeepers

The program teaches them to “Explore, Learn, and Protect!” There is no fee to participate, simply go to the visitor center at each park and talk to a ranger. The program is typically for kids ages 5 to 13, but anyone can participate. Might as well bring the whole family because a multi-gen vacation to the National Parks can’t be beat!

To become a Junior Ranger, kids will complete a series of activities in the park and share the experience with a park ranger. Just think how fun and exciting it will be for the kids to receive an official Junior Ranger patch and Junior Ranger certificate from FIVE national parks in one trip!? Jamie at Photo Jeepers

RV Trip Through Alaska

If you’re looking for something to add to your USA bucket list that is off the beaten path, an RV trip on the ALCAN highway to Alaska certainly fits the bill. Trek over a thousand miles of road, some even unpaved, passing wild life such as bears, foxes, eagles, moose, and more, as you make your way up to the great state of Alaska.

23 Best Places to Visit for Families in 2023

The beauty of doing this drive in an RV is that you can go at your own pace and stop when you need to without having to worry about booking hotels in advance. Alaska’s endless summer light provides you with nearly endless daylight hours to drive!

RVing Alaska-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Wanderlust Crew

Be sure to make time to stop and see some fascinating sites along the way like the sign post forest in the Yukon Territory in Canada!

Once you get your RV to Alaska you can enjoy even more wildlife and outdoor adventures like glacier hiking, glacier cruising, kayaking, fishing, and more. It’s an incredible adventure that every family should try once in their lifetime! Vanessa of Wanderlust Crew

Want to plan your own Alaska itinerary by land? Be sure to grab this Alaska planning guide!

See Fairytale Ice Castles in Midway, Utah

Winter can be a challenging time for family travel. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can make it hard to want to get the kids outside and explore. But each winter in the small town of Midway, Utah, a unique icy experience will make you and your kids fall in love with freezing temperatures.

Midway is home to an attraction straight out of a fairytale. It’s called Ice Castles. This acre-sized, interactive experience isn’t just beautiful to explore. It has ice slides, crawl tunnels, fountains, and slot canyons that are fun for both kids and adults.

Ice Castles Utah-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Parenthood and Passports

The entire attraction is made from hundreds of thousands of hand-placed icicles that cascade down, resembling a massive frozen waterfall. At night, the structures light up with color-changing lights, and on weekends you can even catch a hair-raising fire show.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to Utah to see these elaborate ice castles. Midway is one of six Ice Castles locations across North America. You can find them on the East Coast, Midwest, and even in Canada. Melissa at Parenthood and Passports

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is an amazing family vacation. It is known for its incredible animal life and breathtaking scenery.

The most unique thing about Yellowstone is its wealth of geology and hydrothermal features. Yellowstone sits atop a volcanic hotspot. In this park, you can see hot springs, lakes, prismatic springs, rivers, and geysers.

While in Yellowstone, your children can see things they will not be able to find anywhere else in North America. My children loved going for the simple little hikes and walks in Yellowstone to see the park’s wonders.

Yellowstone Hiking with Kids-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Baby Wise Mom

One of our favorites was of course Old Faithful, the famous erupting geyser that shoots up a stream of water on a regular schedule. Another favorite was Grand Prismatic Spring and it’s stunning colors.

The National Park service does a great job educating through the website and with pamphlets around the park, so if you want to squeeze in some unique learning into your trip, it is easy to make it happen.

Summer months in Yellowstone can get quite crowded, so you will be able to move things along faster if you go in the off-season. If your only option is summer, I recommend taking along some car entertainment for the kids if they need it as you drive from feature to feature. Valerie of Baby Wise Mom

Hike the Grand Canyon with Kids

A national park trip is one of the best bucket list ideas. We spent 2 days hiking the Grand Canyon with our toddler recently, and it was awesome. All we needed was a kid carrier, and the hiking possibilities were virtually endless.

For an easy Grand Canyon hike for families with kids of all ages, I’d recommend the trail to Shoshone Point. It’s an easy 1.5-mile roundtrip hike, and the trail is so flat it’s even stroller-friendly!

If you have older more sure-footed kids, try the South Kaibab trail to Ooh Aah Point (a steep 1.8 miles roundtrip) for something a little more challenging. You’ll definitely need a kid carrier for this one if you decide to bring your baby along, but the views are worth it.

Things to do in Arizona with kids Visit Grand Canyon-Kids Are A Trip
Breathtaking, isn’t it?

One of the best things about taking kids to national parks is that you’re pretty much forced to be unplugged. That offers endless opportunities to connect with your kids.

Family hikes are an especially great way to get some bonding time in. Tackling the trails as a family is fun, and inspiring, and gives everyone such a sense of accomplishment. Mary Beth at MB Sees

What Needs to be on Your Australia Bucket List

Australian Outback 4 Wheel Drive Adventure

I live in a very isolated part of Australia so, for me, driving on dirt roads and through flooded creeks is just another day. In recent years, I’ve seen more and more families taking the trip as a fun, bucket list holiday in Australia. The more I see, the more I realize that they are on to something extremely special!

Plenty of families now take the 1000km trip up to Cape York from Cairns and stop along the way to check out some of our rare wildlife and pristine water holes.

Australia Outback Adventure-Kids Are A Trip-

The dirt roads turn to wetlands which then turn into beautiful lush rainforest and it’s the perfect way to get the kids unplugged (no wifi in the Outback) and back to nature!

Even the road trip itself doesn’t have to be dull. It’s common to spot kangaroos, wild horses, snakes and plenty more during the drive. Next time you are looking for a unique vacation with kids, make sure to consider an outback adventure in Far North Queensland, Australia! Sophie at Lifestyle Queensland

Bucket List Adventures in Asia

Island Hopping the Komodo Islands

A trip to the Komodo Islands in Flores, Indonesia is one our family will always remember. We rented a phinisi (traditional Indonesian sailing boat) and went island hopping for 3 days and 2 nights.

Some of the stops we visited included the beautiful uninhabited Kelor Island and the famous Padar Island, snorkeling at Pink Beach, chasing Manta Ray at Makassar Reef, and hiking to the top of Gili Laba Island. We witnessed some of the most beautiful creatures including sea turtles and colorful sea stars.

Komodo Islands bucket list adventures

The highlight of the trip was seeing the Komodo dragon in its natural habitat on Rinca Island. We came upon a big dragon on top of a small dragon, and our 10-year-old son asked in wonder, “What are they doing?” I walked fast and let my husband explain it to him. Apparently, it’s mating season on the island.

Haha.. I highly recommend you to do island hopping in the Komodo Islands next time you go to Indonesia. Umiko of Two Worlds Treasures

Jungle Trek to Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos

Our trip to Luang Prabang was complete after our fabulous tour with White Elephant tours. We toured Khmu and Hmong traditional hill-tribe villages, then proceeded to trek through one of Laos’ most lush and varied jungles to the mineral-rich Kuang Si Waterfalls.

Our guide, Year, was fantastic, a wealth of knowledge, and great support to our two little guys during the trek. The tour was professionally run, and lunch and water were provided.

Jungle Trek Through Laos-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Loves to Travel, Eat-Stay-Do

This jungle trek itself was challenging, in some places, it is steep and very slippery! We went all the way to the top of Kuang Si falls where there were beautiful pools of water and man-made bridges over the top, which certainly added to the adventure and adrenalin rush for all of us.

Arriving at the base of Kuang Si was incredibly rewarding. We were completely awestruck by the enormity and natural beauty of the falls – simply stunning!

The pools of water at the base of the falls were very inviting. Even though we did not have our swimming gear, a shoes-off paddle to relieve our dirty and sore legs and feet was well enjoyed! Erin at Loves to Travel, Stay-Eat-Do

Luxury Train Travel in India

One family bucket list travel experience everyone should try is riding one of the many luxury trains in India. Some of the favorites include the Palace on Wheels, Maharajas’ Express, the Deccan Odyssey and the Golden Chariot.

These trains are nothing like other trains you might have experienced. They redefine train travel by offering world-class services that could give any five-star hotel a run for their money. The opulent design of these trains is sure to mesmerize kids and offer them a royal experience that they will always cherish.

Taj Mahal India-Kids Are A Trip

On these trains, passengers have their own luxurious cabins, a great variety of on-board restaurants and depending on the train you choose, a butler service too! What’s great is that while you sit back and revel in the glorious services offered on these trains, you don’t miss out on sightseeing too!

These trains offer various itineraries which allow you to visit several iconic tourist spots in India, including Jaipur, Agra, Goa, Mysore, and more. Altogether, choosing to take a journey onboard a luxury train in India is a complete win-win package for the kids as well as the parents! Vrushali of Couple of Journeys

Island Hopping in Thailand

One of our favorite unique family trips was Thai island hopping. What a perfect destination when you are traveling with kids, with lots of sand on the beach to play in as well as pools and oceans for swimming.

It was great because the islands were mostly small which meant that exploring was minimal and it was mostly about spending time together playing in the Thai sun.

Thailand Island Hopping-Kids Are a Trip
Photo: Wanderlust Storytellers

I think all kids enjoy a combination of swimming, snorkeling, and sand-castle building, so we can recommend this experience for other families. However, due to the very bumpy speed boat rides, I wouldn’t recommend this for families with babies.

Our recommendation is to start your island hopping from Langkawi in Malaysia. From there you can catch a great speedboat to the nearby Thai island of Koh Lipe. Koh Lipe is currently our favorite Thai island, the water on Sunrise Beach is truly surreal. 

From there you can hop over to Koh Kradan or Koh Mook, head over to Koh Lanta and then head to Krabi from where you can visit the popular Phi Phi Islands. Thailand with kids doesn’t disappoint. Jolene at Wanderlust Storytellers

Alleppey Houseboat Tour in Kerala, India

Our Alleppey houseboat tour in Kerala, India was an incredible family bucket list trip. We booked a five-hour tour through Lakeland Cruise. Our boat was staffed with a captain to steer and a chef to prepare our traditional Keralite lunch and featured an air-conditioned bedroom boat, bathroom, and covered deck with a large chaise lounge swing and dining table. 

The open deck was definitely not baby-proof, so we were fastidiously careful not to let our 20-month-old daughter near the low railings.  She spent most of the cruise sitting with me on the swing or retreating to the bedroom to run around.

I thought five hours might be too long when my husband booked the tour, but it wasn’t. It was an opportunity to relax, enjoy a superb meal, watch the birds, and glimpse into the lives of the villagers living along the river. 

There was constant activity on the river banks as the villagers went about their lives – bathing or washing clothes and utensils in the water, riding bikes along the banks, and working on the rice fields. 

When it was time to dock, we were thoroughly relaxed and would have been happy to have another hour or two. Our Alleppey Houseboat tour was the highlight of our time in Kerala and an excursion we recommend to any family visiting India. Catherine from We Go With Kids

Europe Bucket List Adventures for Families

Chasing the Midnight Sun in Arctic Finland

Arctic Finland is a beautiful country famous for snow-covered landscapes, skiing, the northern lights, friendly, open people, and of course Santa Claus.

But head there in the height of summer and you’re treated to a whole new set of experiences. You’ll enjoy lovely parks, forest walks, streams, lakes and inlets, tasty fresh berries, and the all-day sun!

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you sort out your blackout blinds, the idea of the sun dipping slowly below the horizon at 12.30 am and then reappearing again just an hour or so later is simply amazing. It doesn’t even get dark in Finland during summer, there’s just that wonderful post-sunset red and gold glow to keep you entertained until the new day dawns.

Watching the Midnight Sun Finland-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Our Overseas Adventures

We spent a perfect night at the Arctic Tree House in Rovaniemi, within Finland’s Arctic Circle. The chic modern stand-alone chalets are set on the side of a hill and are very private with lovely decks in the front.

23 Best Places to Visit for Families in 2023

The most impressive part of the chalet was the full wall of glass in the living room and stunning views of the valley below. During winter the view would be spectacular as you look out on the white wilderness. In the summer we got to enjoy that amazing sunset from inside and also out on the deck.

The kids were late to bed that night, but this was a very special place and a sunset we will never forget. Kylie of Our Overseas Adventures

Exploring on the Trans Siberian Railroad

Our trip on the Trans Siberian Railway is one of our all-time favorite family trips. Traveling from the Mongolian border to St. Petersburg, Russia was an epic train trip that allowed us to see Russia’s incredibly diverse scenery. We made stops in the friendly, fun Siberian city of Irkutsk and visited tranquil Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world.

Lake Baikal family bucket list adventures
Gorgeous Lake Baikal

In contrast, our week in busy Moscow provided us with iconic historical attractions such as The Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral, and some of the world’s greatest museums such as the impressive Armory and the fascinating Museum of Cosmonautics.

Despite what people may think, long-term train travel with kids is fun and relaxing. We enjoyed people-watching, playing games, meeting our fellow travelers, and simply looking out of the window. And there is nothing like being rocked to sleep in a cozy bunk on a moving train! Sinead of Map Made Memories

Stay on a working farm in Tuscany

One of our favorite family vacations of all time was staying at an agriturismo (working farm) in Tuscany. We booked four nights at Fattoria Corzano e Paterno, and it was a memory we will cherish forever.

View from Corzano e Paterno
View of the vineyards from our agriturismo

We stayed in one of the restored farmhouses on the property and loved its open living concept and comfortable bedrooms for everyone. There was no television or wi-fi, so the kids entertained themselves by chasing the farm cats and playing with the owner’s dog.

Corzano produces olive oil, cheese, and wine. We took a tour to see the production of each of them and even had a wine and cheese tasting in our villa. Everything about this vacation was relaxing and simply perfect. We can’t wait to return again. Kirsten

RVing in Ireland

Family vacation for us is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our campervan rental in Ireland offered plenty of opportunities to create those moments.

The Emerald Isle is a wonderful place to explore as a family; everyone is extremely friendly and the country has much to offer from coastal cliffs to mountains and heritage sights. Traveling by campervan has the added bonus of allowing you to be closer to nature and be a lot more flexible with your travel plans.

We took a 2 week RV trip on the Wild Atlantic Way along the west coast of Ireland and the experience was just amazing. We enjoyed surfing, fishing, cycling, kayaking, golfing, and many other outdoor activities.

Campervan Ireland-Kids Are A Trip
Ireland by camper van is amazing. Photo: Family Off Duty

There are many campsites along the coast with all the beautiful views Ireland has to offer, but being on a campervan meant that we were more protected from the elements than if we had been in a tent.

Ireland’s weather can be unpredictable even in the summer months so camping with an RV will be more comfortable for families with young kids. Thassia of Family Off Duty

Interrail with kids

Curious about what it is like to Interrail with children? It is great and super relaxed. When traveling by car, we often arrive a bit stressed after a long journey or when driving on busy roads. Now we arrive and are ready to explore cities like Rome, Florence, and Zurich.

We traveled all the way from Sicily to the Netherlands. The train drives onto a ferry traveling from Sicily to the mainland so you don’t need to transfer.

Our daughter also prefers the train to the car as she can walk around. Traveling by train gives plenty of time for a card game, reading, or watching a movie. And there is always a toilet at hand.

If you buy an adult Interrail pass and two children under 12 travel with you, they are free. They only need to pay for seat reservations. Interrail can be a very cost-efficient way to travel trough Europe and see plenty of sights on a day trip from home. Tikva of Gezin Op Reis

Visiting Castles in Germany

Germany is filled with castles, as there are nearly 20,000 castles dotting the German landscape. Germany has numerous roads that lead not only to fairytale castles but picturesque villages, hillside towns, and off-the-beaten-track sites that most tourists do not know about.

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany-Kids Are A Trip

There are a variety of routes that can be taken when planning a castle-filled trip in Germany. The Romantic Road takes you through Neuschwanstein, the most fairytale castle in the world. This route also hits the beautiful town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, as well as Harburg Castle.

The nearly 800-mile-long castle road is a route filled with nearly 70 castles from the smallest to some of the largest and oldest in the country. On the Fairy Tale Route visitors will find up to 20 different castles until they reach the North Sea. Visiting castles in Germany is an amazing experience and one that any visitor should experience along Germany’s picturesque castle routes. Diana at The Elusive Family

Hiking the Matterhorn in Switzerland

Rising majestically above the picturesque town of Zermatt, Switzerland’s iconic peak makes for a bucket list trip for families with children of all ages. Little and big kids alike will love riding the cable cars, chairlifts, and cog trains in the area.

The ride to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the most fun. At 3,883 meters above sea level, it is Europe’s highest mountain station and has snow year-round.

Matterhorn with Kids Switzerland-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: World Best Hikes

Here you can walk inside a glacier, explore beautiful ice sculptures, ski, take a snow tube ride, enjoy a bite to eat and of course, admire the incredible scenery. Beware of altitude sickness though – if you feel dizzy or weak then head back down where you’ll immediately feel better.

There are also many beautiful hikes and walks in Zermatt. The 5-lakes hike is particularly stunning, with views of the Matterhorn the whole way and the possibility of swimming in some of the lakes. Another option is the easy short walk through Gorner Gorge lower down, but note you need to pay to enter. The town of Zermatt is also worth exploring.

And there’s no way you’ll ever forget your trip – you’ll be reminded each time you see a Toblerone chocolate! Emma at World Best Hikes

Visit Santa’s Village in Lapland

Sometimes it is hard to find a fun and unique vacation experience to take your family! One of the most unique trips we’ve taken was up to Rovaniemi, Finland to the Santa Claus Village in Lapland to visit St. Nick himself!

The Lapland region is bursting with amazing adventures for your family bucket list. You can try dog sledding, reindeer sled rides, roasting s’mores, and visiting the only Arctic zoo. Of course, you’ll want to attempt to catch the elusive Northern lights, and take part in fun outdoor winter activities like snowmobiling and sledding.

Lapland Northern Lights!

If that isn’t enough, then get into the true spirit of Christmas at the Santa Park and Santa Claus Village. Be sure to mail postcards to friends and family with an official Arctic Circle seal and stamp.

Little ones will love visiting with Santa, learning how to become an official elf, and having fun adventures in the snow. Older children will delight with ice slides, going snow shoeing, and riding a snow mobile in the Finnish forest. The Lapland region offers something for everyone. Chelsea of Pack More Into Life

Finding your family ancestors in Scotland

I love genealogy, so it’s no surprise one of my favorite trips was exploring Scotland in search of Maxwell historic sites. We visited the Dumfries & Galloway region on a genealogy trip with Solway Tours. It was amazing to learn about family history while touring abbey ruins and a historic castle.


Any family can plan a genealogy trip, you just have to research a bit ahead of time. We came away from this trip with a better understanding of our roots, and an experience we will never forget. Kirsten

Mexico Bucket List for Families

Exploring Ancient Ruins in Mexico

While visiting Chichen Itza with kids easily ends up on family travel bucket lists, climbing the ruins at Coba is an exceptional experience that shouldn’t be missed! The ride to the Coba ruins is easily one of the best parts of the trip.

After parking at the Coba ruins, you get a chance to either rent bicycles or hire a bike taxi to take you about a mile and a half into the jungle. On a super-hot day in the Yucatan, it’s a lovely, shaded ride, and you can take stops along the way to visit various ruins.

Climbing Coba Ruins Mexico - Sarah Coble
Photo: Sarah Coble

The crown jewel of this trip is Ixmoja, the tallest pre-Hispanic structure in the Yucatan. The climb up Ixmoja is steep and can be slippery at times, so you will want to take your time. The view, however, makes the climb well worth it as you enjoy panoramic views of the Mayan Jungle from 130+ feet up in the sky. For comparison, that’s over 40 feet taller than Chichen Itza!

If you are looking for a unique family vacation, you can’t beat traveling into the jungle and climbing a pyramid! Sarah at Moment Mom

Aren’t these amazing ideas for a travel bucket list for families? If you are still looking for travel inspiration, head over to best places to visit in Europe with kids, national parks around the world, or these family-friendly destinations.

Europe Travel Tips

Book Your Flights – You can find discounted fares using sites like Momondo or Skyscanner. If you want to keep an eye on discount fares, we suggest signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights, a daily newsletter with flight sales around the world.

If you travel frequently, consider investing in a Priority Pass for airport lounge access. It’s nice to have a space where you can relax before your flight.

Book Your Accommodation

We regularly use Expedia.com and Hotels.com to find lodging when we travel. It’s a great way to compare vacation rentals, hotels, and resorts.

If your family knows they want to stay in a vacation rental, we recommend looking at VRBO and Plum Guide.

Book Your Transportation

For rental car agencies, try Rentalcars.com. We tend to use Hertz simply for the quality of service. If you need airport transfers, we recommend Welcome Pickups.

When traveling in Europe, we use AutoEurope to make our bookings. They find the best rates and allow you to compare different car rental agencies. Europcar is another option. If you plan to take the train, we recommend using Rail Europe.

Book Your Tours and Travel Photos

We regularly used companies like Viator and GetYourGuide to book tours when we travel. Both have great communication and a large variety of activities that work for all ages. Other companies to look at include Tours by Locals and Withlocals.

If you’re visiting a city with multiple attractions, be sure to check out a discount pass, such as CityPASS or Go City. Both are worthwhile investments.

Context Travel is another option and they offer more educational-based activities. The former teacher in me loves their tours. For unique, curated activities, check out Headout.

One of our favorite things to do annually is taking photos with Flytographer. They have photographers around the world and we’ve used them on four separate occasions. This is our favorite travel souvenir.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

With the state of travel these days, it’s important to have some type of travel insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents, illnesses, threats, or cancellations. We always travel with insurance and would recommend SquareMouth, Travelex, or Medjet as good options. And if you want to compare different insurance options, use Travel Insurance Master or World Nomads to find the best policy for your group.