Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Adventure

There’s really nothing better than seeing our kids get outside and be active, and for the adventurous kids there are plenty of gift ideas out there that are not your average toy. These are the gifts that will help them have fun outdoors and keep them entertained all day long. Here’s some of the best picks for the outdoorsy kiddos on your list:

Awesome Gift Ideas for Adventurous Kids-Kids Are A Trip

Gift Ideas for Adventurous Kids

1. Walkie Talkies

With the technology age we live in these days, it isn’t often that kids use walkie talkies anymore like they used to. But for the adventurous kids who love hiking, exploring and all of those fun activities with their friends, they’ll LOVE talking to one another on these!

2. Foldable Binoculars

These binoculars fold up and fit easily in a backpack and have incredible reviews. They’re the perfect pair for bird watching, exploring, or seeing in the distance and kids will love using these every chance they get.

3. Insulated Water Bottle

A cool looking insulted water bottle like this one is sure to get the kids drinking more water while they’re out hiking/exploring, and you won’t have to worry about them not getting enough! This bottle keeps its contents cold for longer than you’d even expect – it’s a must.

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4. Kids Running/Outdoors Shoes

Making sure the kids have a great pair of shoes to run around is so important! These Nike sneakers are the perfect pair for active kids!

5. Double Hammock

This will be SUCH a huge hit! This hammock is super compact, making it perfect to take on a camping trip. It also dries quickly and is extremely comfortable.

6. Slack Line Kit

This slack line fits in your backyard and will no doubt be the highlight of their day! It’s a tight rope meant for beginners, including kids, and was designed with them in mind – so you don’t have to worry about them being safe while playing on this tightrope.

7. Backyard Zip Line

Here’s another extremely fun activity for the kids to enjoy right from your backyard. This zip line is incredible – it has handles and an attachable seat, and an easy setup.

8. Girls Fleece Jacket

It isn’t always easy getting your kids to put their jackets on willingly during the colder months before heading outside to play, but this super warm fleece jacket is thick enough to keep them warm without being bulky or annoying. It’s SO soft too!

9. Slingshot Toy

An old fashioned toy turned modern – it’s so nice to see a traditional toy in a technological world! This sling shot lets the kids have tons of fun together and the foam balls can shoot up to 40 feet away.

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10. Outdoor Butterfly Garden

This kit allows the kids raise butterflies, and see a true process of metamorphosis live from their backyard. It’s incredible, and they will love checking in on them! The butterfly kit comes with an entire habitat for the butterflies and your little nature lovers will get a kick out of this.

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11. Freestyle Bike

A new bike is always a great gift option, and kids who love spending time outside will love this freestyle bike! It’s totally affordable, and gets them playing and exercising.

12. Outdoor Kids Tent

Whether it’s used for scout camping or camping out in the backyard, this tent is the perfect size for kiddos. It comes in a couple of colors, and even if they aren’t campers yet – this will get them into loving it!

13. Explorer Kit for kids

This kit comes with a ton of adventure must haves – binoculars, a microscope and compass to name a few. It’s great for them to practice their outdoorsy skills with or even take on their first camping trip.

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14. A Telescope Kit

This telescope kit is perfect for any kid interested in space and the stars. The telescope comes with a built-in compass, custom star and lunar charts, a space activity guide, glow-in-the-dark solar system stickers, multiple eye pieces, a tripod and more. Everyone will love this gift.

15. Inflatable 2 Person Kayak

Adventurous kids will love this inflatable two person kayak. Easy to transport and easy to set up, plan on spending hours on the water in this kayak.

16. Skateboard

A skateboard is the perfect gift for adventure loving kids who want to spend time mastering a new skill outdoors.

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Awesome Gift Ideas for Adventurous Kids-Kids Are A Trip