Best Subscription Gift Boxes for Kids

The next time you have to buy a gift for kids, why not choose a gift that keeps on giving? Subscription boxes are packages delivered to your home on a regular basis and kids love receiving the packages in the mail. I know my kids get excited every time something shows up addressed to them. Here are some of the best subscription gift boxes for kids to add to your shopping list.

Subscription Boxes Kids Will Love-Kids Are A Trip

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Monthly Box Subscription Ideas Kids will Love

Kiwi Crate

KiwiCo offers a variety of crates for all ages. The younger ones (24-36 months) are perfect for the Panda Crate. These have board books, developmentally appropriate activities, and tips and resources for mom and dad.

The Koala Crate is perfect for ages 2-4 with crafts that are perfectly tailored to this age group. Five to eight-year-olds will enjoy the Kiwi Crate, exploring science, art, and other creative learning activities. Children ages 6-11 will love the geography-focused Atlas Crate.

For older kids (9-16) there are two different options. Doodle Crate focuses more on art and design, while Tinker Crate is focused on science and engineering.

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids Kiwi Crate-Kids Are A TRip
Hard at work on his Tinker Crate!

KiwiCo has added boxes for ages 14+ (so adults can join in the fun). Eureka Crates allow users to explore the engineering and design principles behind everyday objects. Maker Crates are all about hands-on projects that build creative confidence and turn artistic visions into design realities.

My 13-year-old son had the opportunity to try the Tinker Crate and he received a package with very detailed instructions on how to create a planetarium. He dove right in and made the most amazing miniature planetarium. What started as a box with a bunch of different pieces turned into an amazing planetarium that shines stars on his ceiling! Guess what he wants for Christmas?


Little Passports

We have been fans of the Little Passports subscription boxes for a long time, and we still think they’re a great gift to give and receive. These are more travel themed and divided by age as well.

Best Subscription Gift Boxes for Kids Little Passports-Kids Are A Trip
Lots of fun activities in the Little Passports box!

The first month arrives with a postcard from characters Sam and Sofia and tells the kids they will be pen pals for the duration of the subscription. Each month they bring facts and items from the countries/states they visit, so kids can learn about the world. You can see our Little Passports review here and check out these other travel subscription boxes!


Groovy Lab in a Box

With Groovy Lab in a Box, you will receive boxes full of everything kids need to learn about and do hands-on STEM experiments for ages 8+. Because children are natural engineers, Groovy Lab in a Box blends Scientific Inquiry and the Engineering Design Process, which allows children to create ingenious inventions, enhance critical problem-solving skills and have fun at the same time!


Brick Loot

If you have a LEGO lover in your house, this is the subscription gift box for you! Every month a Brick Loot kit arrives with custom LEGO bricks, accessories, and mini figures. There’s a different theme every month, so kids can create something new every time the Brick Loot box shows up on your doorstep!

Best Subscription Gifts Boxes for Kids Brick Loot-Kids Are A Trip


Universal Yums

Universal Yums has been one of our favorite subscription boxes and makes regular appearances at our house. Each month a box arrives filled with snacks from around the world. One month the country might be France, or Turkey, or Colombia, and inside each box are 5-10 snacks and a description of the country (the culture, the food, the language, etc.), and detailed food information (great for kids with allergies). It’s a fun gift to open every month!

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids Little Passports-Kids Are A Trip


Creation Crate

Creation Crate is different than other subscription boxes in that it is teaching real-world skills. Aimed at kids ages 12 and above, Creation Crate focuses on introducing new concepts every month that build on the concepts learned from the months before.

The projects are designed to increase in difficulty each month in order to be fluent in the language of technology by the end of the 24-month curriculum.

Best Subscription Gift Boxes for Kids Creation Crate-Kids Are A Trip

Projects range from building a mood lamp to a memory game focused on programming, to learning how to input a distance reading from an ultrasonic sensor. No experience is necessary, and your kids will be learning and having fun at the same time!


Toy Box Monthly

You read that right, toys every month! Every month, you’ll discover the latest, greatest, and hard-to-find toys shipped to your house. There are boys’ or girls’ options and probably best for ages 10 and under.



Designed for kids ages six through twelve, Bitsbox teaches kids coding in a fun way! Each level introduces a new computer science concept with a set of crazy fun app projects that come every month!

Best Subscription Gift Boxes for Kids Bitsbox-Kids Are A Trip

Every box comes with a mix of coding projects, ranging from simple to more advanced. Kids start with the code from the materials, then change it to make it their own. Bitsbox apps run on any computer, tablet, or phone with a web browser. Perfect for your computer kiddos!


Sports Box Co.

Have a child who loves sports? Why not choose a sports subscription box from Sports Box? Boxes come in different sports (baseball, hockey, soccer, and more) and you can choose the age and frequency. It’s the perfect year-round gift!


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Best Subscription Boxes for Kids-Kids Are a Trip