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Best Things to do in Alsace with Kids

There are so many things to do in Alsace with kids. This French province borders Germany and was at one time under German control. Today it is a pleasant mix of French and German architecture, culture, and food. The many cities, Strasbourg and Colmar have beautiful buildings and charming cobblestone streets. It’s one of our favorite places to visit in France.

I am thrilled to have Tiphanya from Avenue Reine Mathilde sharing her favorite reasons to visit Alsace with kids. After traveling through Europe and Asia, her family decided to stay for awhile in Alsace. She has a lovely blog written in French that is worth perusing.

Best Things to do in Alsace with Kids-Kids Are A Trip

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What to do in Alsace with kids

When Europeans think of Christmas markets, they have in mind Germany, Austria, and Alsace. Not France, just Alsace, the small region located on the German border. What many fail to realize is that this region can be an amazing destination all year long, especially for families. Here are some of our favorite destinations to enjoy in the area.

1. Two fascinating living history museums

These are both a must-see on a trip to Alsace if you want to know more about the history of the area. The écomusée d’Alsace is an open-air museum with a mouthwatering bakery, 70 authentic old rural houses to explore, fresh milk to taste (just after the milking show) and storks everywhere. It’s very exciting to spend a day in the life of historical Alsace.

5 Reasons to Visit Alsace écomusée and cow milking-Kids Are A Trip

If you are more interested in actual history than everyday life, go to Wesserling. There is an industrial museum of textiles linked to gorgeous gardens. The property is enormous with a chateau, mansions, farm, and the Textile Museum.

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One year, Peter Pan was the inspiration for the gardens, and they designed the site complete with a pirate boat and an Indian village. You can play or dress up in the museum, or you can run and walk barefoot in the gardens. This is my favorite place in Alsace!

5 Reasons to Visit Alsace wesserling indian village-Kids Are A Trip

2. Delicious food to eat in Alsace

Even if Paris and its gourmet restaurants are a dream for parents, many kids prefer basic and simple food, so they might prefer Alsace. The main local dish is the tarte flambée (called in the area Flammekueche) which is a type of pizza with bacon, onions and cream. If you wish to try a more complex dish, you’ll want to find potatoes and sausages called choucroute.

For street food, you’ll want to try the bretzel (a kind of salty bread) or the Mauricette (a sandwich in a small salty and soft bread).

Be sure to head inside any bakery or pastry shop to try one of the numerous tasty desserts: le kouglof (a kind of brioche), the fruits tarts (like the rhubarb with the meringue on the top of it), or the pomme de terre (a funny pastry that looks like a potato).

5 Reasons to Visit Alsace pomme de terre-Kids Are A Trip
Pomme de Terre – It does look like a potato, doesn’t it?

3. A safe place for cycling

Several European cycle routes cross Alsace and visitors will find over 2,000 km of cycling roads. It’s easier than the rest of France to take a train with a bike, to find a repair shop, and even to pedal.

You can find good maps for free in the tourist boards and feel safe on roads closed to cars. My favorite area is around Sélestat as you can really make the most of the area just with your bikes.

5 Reasons to Visit Alsace everywhere with my bike-Kids Are A Trip
You can visit everywhere with a bike in Alsace.

4. Special experiences for everyone

My daughter’s favorite place is La Volerie des Aigles. In an old castle overlooking a nice small village, you can learn everything about birds of prey. The best part of the experience is during the show, when kids and adults can volunteer to have a bird on their arm.

5 Reasons to Visit Alsace la volerie des aigles-Kids Are A Trip

In Mulhouse, the zoo hosts three polar bears in a huge area, with a pool. It is fun to watch them while they swim or try to catch their snacks thrown by the zookeepers.

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Another fun site in Mulhouse is the Cité du Train, the largest train museum in Europe.

In nearby Colmar visitors will find the House of Bartholdi (sculptor of the Statue of Liberty) where you can tour his childhood home and see models of his monuments.

Children might also enjoy a visit to the Reintroduction Center in Hunawihr which takes care of the local otters and storks.

5. Enjoy the Christmas Markets in Alsace

Strasbourg and Colmar are often nominated as the best Christmas markets in France and some of the best Christmas markets in Europe, but don’t miss the ones in Eguisheim or Ribeauvillé (with a medieval Christmas market). I prefer small villages, as the market is the opportunity to enjoy a new place, small streets, and old houses.

During Advent, you can also taste special food. Don’t miss the manele (a soft and sweet bread looking like a boy), the hot wine (there is hot wine without alcohol for kids) and the bredele (Christmas cookies).

5 Reasons to Visit Alsace everything for Christmas-Kids Are A Trip
Thanks to the local market, you will have the best nativity scene ever!

P.S.: If you think Alsace is just for kids, think again. Alsace is world renowned for its Alsace Wine Route. There are many white wines from this area including: Riesling, Muscat d’Alsace, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. Whatever your reason for visiting, you will not be disappointed!

Just keep in mind that Alsace is not always the best for tourism in November, January, February and March. During the winter, when Christmas is over, most of the museums and parks close, and everybody stays at home or goes skiing, waiting for spring to return.

Easter is like an alarm clock, waking up cities and people with brilliant colors everywhere and once again, great food just for this special day !

About the author: Tiphanya writes about her family’s travels and shares printables she does with her daughter as she is homeschooled. Ursula’s website is in French, but her English is very good.

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    Depending on the age of the children I would like to propose the climbing parks. It is a speciality of French outside sports for nearby every age, that means they have often special courses for the minors. Another possibility in addition is the La Montagne des Singes, the mountain with the monkeys, aside of your appreciated proposition of the falconry which is very to recommend.

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