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Warm Winter Getaways to Escape the Cold

January is typically the time of year we begin planning vacations in earnest, asking friends and families for recommendations or planning a return trip to our favorite destination. For those of us that live in colder climates, we tend to look for destinations that offer beaches and ample sunshine. Here are some of our favorite warm weekend getaways to book for your winter vacation!

Warm Winter Getaways-Kids Are A Trip

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Warm Winter Vacations That Need to Be on Your Radar

Places to travel in winter in the United States

San Diego

I might be a bit partial to San Diego because we lived there for seven years, but honestly it has the best beaches in California! Throw in fabulous sight seeing, shopping, and restaurants and it’s a definite winner. Family Travel Magazine shares tips for enjoying a San Diego Vacation with Kids.

Warm Weather Destinations San Diego-Kids Are A Trip
La Jolla Cove in San Diego, photo credit: Creative Commons


Headed to Florida? Obviously there are more beaches than I could ever cover, but How to Survive Life in the Suburbs recommends Bonita Springs and Flashpacker Family recommends several beaches from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in her Perfect Florida Road Trip.

Warm Winter Getaway Marco Island Florida-Kids Are a Trip


Who wants to visit Disney Aulani? Just about every family I know! Jet Set Family was lucky enough to explore the property and they are dishing all the secrets and travel tips you need to know about this island paradise, while Walking on Travels tells you how to do Aulani on a budget. If you want to see more of the island, why not check out surfers and turtles in Oahu?

Warm Weather Destinations Hawaii-Kids Are A Trip
Photo credit: Creative Commons

There’s more to Hawaii than Disney, right? We’ve got things for you to do in Maui (and one you really shouldn’t), the best luaus in Maui, places to stay in Maui, as well as what to do on all of the Hawaiian islands. And don’t miss these spots on the east shore of Oahu. How can you go wrong with Hawaii?

15 Incredible International Winter Getaways to Book Right Now

Winter Getaways in Mexico

Isla Holbox

With its almost year round sunshine, Mexico seems like a no brainer. The food is delicious, the people are friendly, and there are many vacation deals to be found. If you’re looking for relaxation and ruins, why not head to Isla Holbox on the Yucatán Peninsula where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean? No cars are allowed on the island, and the wildlife is a big draw (swimming with whale sharks anyone?). There’s no need to leave your hotel, you can simply relax and enjoy the sand and sunshine.

Cabo San Lucas

Another great option is Cabo San Lucas. Located on the Baja Peninsula, this resort destination is perfect for active families offering everything from paddle boarding and snorkeling to kayaking and horseback riding. (See the best things to do in Cabo with kids). We enjoyed our stay at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, which offered a central location near the airport and San José del Cabo, and trying the different family activities offered by Cabo Adventures. Whether your family enjoys an active vacation or relaxing at the beach, Cabo is a perfect choice for families.

Warm Weather Destinations Mexico-Kids Are A Trip
Photo credit: Cabo Adventures

Caribbean and Central America in winter

Puerto Rico

One of our favorite destinations in the Caribbean is Puerto Rico. The weather is always warm, it’s easy to travel to, no passport is necessary, and they use the U.S. dollar! There are fabulous Spanish forts to explore in Old San Juan, a rainforest (El Yunque), and bioluminescent bays that are worth kayaking. There’s a strong art and culinary scene, the people are friendly (and most speak English), and the coffee is the best in the world (maybe I am a little biased on this one)! Seriously though, I cannot say enough good things about Puerto Rico, one of our favorite places to vacation.

Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico-Kids Are A Trip

Turks and Caicos

Another destination that was on my radar for a LONG time is Turks and Caicos. The colors of the water and the beaches are enough to make me want to buy a ticket tomorrow! Here’s why Beaches Turks and Caicos might be the best choice for your family getaway.

11 Best US Winter Weekend Getaways to Book Now


Maybe you want to take a cruise? If so, be sure to check out things to know before you book a cruise and consider heading somewhere like Belize where you can try something like cave tubing which comes highly recommended by The World is a Book. They tried it as one of their on shore excursions and have plenty of tips to share. Belize also offers ruins to explore and scuba diving too, so families will have more to do than relaxing at the beach.

Warm Weather Destinations Belize-Kids Are A Trip
Photo credit: Creative Commons

Dominican Republic

Another island you may not have considered is the Dominican Republic. Walking On Travels shares why you should go and Where’s Sharon has things to do in Santo Domingo with kids. Looks like a great trip!

Costa Rica

Want to hug a sloth? Then Costa Rica is the place for you! An Emerald City Life shares their experience at the Toucan Rescue Ranch and their cuddle time with the animals. There’s also stunning natural beauty as Walking On Travels shows us the Rio Sucio in all its splendor, and don’t miss the volcanoes, surfing, and fishing! We also enjoyed an action packed il Viaggio tour as well as one with Adventures by Disney to Costa Rica.


If you’re still looking for more ideas, be sure to check out 25 Favorite Beaches in the U.S. for a Family Vacation and Favorite Family Friendly Beaches Around the World, I am sure we have you covered!


  1. Great post! We ate going for a warm destination to go with the kids shoeing break. Thanks for the tips and the giveaway. That would come on handy!

  2. All the warm weather destinations look wonderful! Im ready for sunshine and flip flops!!TY!

  3. So jealous!

  4. So fun Tawnee! Good luck!

  5. Me too!

  6. We went cave tubing in Belize – very cool! We are heading back to Disney in March, when the weather is warm enough but not sweltering.

  7. Jeri Riddick says:

    I would love to take our kids on a Disney cruise. They’ve never been to Disney, so I think they would have a blast and I wouldn’t have to follow them all over the park!

  8. I honestly can’t pick a favourite they all look out of this world. I think that you have given me more places to put on my bucket list.

  9. Super jealous. I’ve wanted to go to Belize for awhile. Headed to Disney in April. Crossing fingers for warm, but not hot.

  10. I’ve never been on a Disney cruise but I think you’re right, a cruise would definitely eliminate the need to chase them all over the park!

  11. Sorry? : )

  12. I’ve been to San Diego and Belize (and lots of the Florida beaches, of course) and enjoyed them both. I’d happily go to any destination a cruise ship goes!

  13. Great list! Don’t forget Sydney- it was 104 here yesterday, which should qualify us 😉

  14. Johanna Rees says:

    Some wonderful inspiration here………send me a postcard.

  15. It hasn’t even been that cold this winter and I’m still dreaming of warm weather destinations! Glad we will be heading to Mexico in March.

  16. I really want to take my kids to Hawaii … or any warm beach where they can learn to snorkel. It’s time! Hopefully heading to the Florida Keys for spring break, but dreaming of Hawaii!

  17. Thanks for the giveaway. We are on our way to somewhere far away and very warm!

  18. I am a big fan of beach vacations, so it’s hard for me to choose. I love Cabo San Lucas and I love Hawaii and I love Florida…oh, and let’s not forget San Diego. I guess I’d go somewhere new and Turks & Caicos sounds wonderful!

  19. Southren California is one of my absolute favorite warm destinations. I love the warmth and the fun!

  20. this is such a great list and I am happy to say that I’ve actually been to some of them. I have surfed in San Diego when I lived out there in my younger years – plus been to a lot of the beaches in florida as well as Maui!

  21. This is a great list! Right now I’m wishing I was ANYWHERE warm ha. I do want to go back to San Diego soon too! I’ve been once and loved it!

  22. I’d love to visit more warm weather destinations next year. Just reading this made me think of being on a beach and although I’m in the south were it’s not too bad, I’d still love to be on a beach somewhere!

  23. I love Florida – we have family there. But, I would love to go to turks and caicos – that sounds amazing!

  24. All of these places are on my travel list. Im hoping to get to the South Pacific early next year.

  25. Lots of lovely places, great post and Thanks for the giveaway .

  26. Love it!

  27. Definitely qualifies you. If only you were closer!

  28. That sounds awesome!

  29. I hear you. Where in Mexico?

  30. My kids love snorkeling and I hear the Keys are fantastic!

  31. Enjoy!

  32. Love it!

  33. So just give you sand and sun and call it a day, right?

  34. Awesome! One thing I regret is never surfing in San Diego.

  35. I hear you Alexandra. It’s cold here too!

  36. Agree!

  37. I want to go to T and C too. Sounds incredible.

  38. That would be awesome!

  39. Yvonne Delgado says:

    Our family needs a vacation. So Cal sounds far enough away and yet close enough to drive.

  40. shannon fowler says:

    I would love to get out of the country. some of those places look so heavenly

  41. Its the Disney Cruise that I want to take the kids to. All these warm weather destinations are making me jealous.

  42. Alexandra C. says:

    must have 🙂

  43. I always wanted to visit Hawaii and Disneyland. Now I know I can do both at once. Awesome! ?

  44. Rebecca Meijer says:

    Next summer I will visit the USA. I can’t wait!

  45. Me too!

  46. You are welcome. Good luck!

  47. Good! Hope you get there.

  48. claire woods says:

    all of these look good.

  49. Don’t they?

  50. I want to do a Disney cruise too. My kids would love that!

  51. It’s a win, win, right?

  52. Yay! Where are you coming from?

  53. can’t go wrong with Hawaii

  54. janis egle says:

    I will have tovisit Hawaii now 🙂

  55. We decided against Aulani for our Hawaii trip. Instead we went to The big island. Visited both east and west (prefered west) and LOVED it. Fell in love with all things Hawaii!

  56. All of these destinations sound heavenly! I see us going to Hawaii in the near future. I hear the flights from here to Hawaii aren’t too bad.
    I really want to take the kids to Mexico.
    This is a fabulous giveaway!!

  57. John Thuku says:

    I would love to travel Hawaii. It looks so beautiful and amazing to be. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway.

  58. That’s right!

  59. Me too! It’s been too long.

  60. ellen beck says:

    I do cat rescue and feed a feral colony plus have our own animals, so I would have to ask someone to housesit for sure. I would settle for anywhere warm right now… it is -30 windchill in the midwest. Hawaii or somewhere warm is a dream. Let me close my eyes…… and think of the sun and a beach!

  61. I have entered in the giveaway. Do you know how many giveaway’s are available. Most my friends and customers are interested to go to warm destination in the upcoming month.

  62. Cristine R says:

    If I win, I’d like to go to Palawan–it would be a lovely graduation gift for myself.

  63. Now that your closer Hawaii is a great option! Mexico too. Good luck to you!

  64. I would love warm weather too. Woke up to -23 windchill. Can barely stand it!

  65. Just one giveaway for $500. Good luck!

  66. That would be a great gift! It’s supposed to be beautiful there!

  67. We would love to escape to a warmer climate, anything warmer than Ohio! Maybe Florida. Thanks for the chance!

  68. Kimberly Thomas says:

    I would go pretty local, Marco Island, FL.

  69. I hear you! Anything is better than the Midwest right now!

  70. Sounds good to me!

  71. Phillip Cunningham says:

    Darwin in the Northern Territory where men are men and crocodiles are 4 metre long man-eaters, that’s if the jellyfish or the sharks don’t get you first, and then there’s the spiders and the snakes. Come on to the land down-under.

  72. Heather Eavers says:

    We are supposed to get snow this weekend, and I am dreaming of the warm beach. Thank you for contributing to my day dreams! Great post.

  73. Thanks for the encouraging words. Your site is very fun!

  74. Lauren Gonzalez says:

    So many of those places are on my bucket list but I would say it’s a toss up between Hawaii & Bora Bora.

  75. That all looks so good to me right now. Considering its snowing outside my window. lol

  76. Rachel Barney says:

    We’re hoping to visit a few National Parks this year.

  77. That sounds lovely Phillip. Makes me want to jump on the next plane ! Crikey!

  78. Stay warm Heather, and keep on dreaming!

  79. Thanks Lisa!

  80. Be ready for the crowds Rachel! With the National Parks celebrating 100 years, it may be a very busy year.

  81. Hopefully you get to go to one or both! : )

  82. I hear you!

  83. Florida offers so much. You can be taking a tube down a spring, an air-boat ride and see alligators, or have a fish sandwich freshly caught at the beach and it all is an hour or less drive from each other.

  84. Glad to find this blog! always trying to find a good family friendly place to go. and I’m ready to escape the cold now!

  85. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I would take San Diego because I have family there and I love love love my family

  86. Great ideas

  87. jojosweets says:

    I’m planning a U.S holiday for my sons first ‘real’ holiday and all of these places sound amazing!

  88. Elisa Panjang says:

    Great post! I’d love to visit any of the place.

  89. I hope you get to!

  90. I really need to explore Florida more. It all sounds amazing!

  91. Me too Erin! Bring on the sun!

  92. Love San Diego and family!

  93. Thanks!

  94. Where will you go?

  95. Kathleen P. says:

    We would love to go to Hawaii, but finances limit us to Florida. That is okay because we love the Gulf Coast beaches.

  96. Can’t complain about Florida. So much to do and see there!

  97. great list- thanks tor a great post

  98. Thanks!

  99. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I would love to go to any of the places listed above. To choose one I’d say Turks and Caicos simply because I’ve heard so much about it and haven’t been there.

  100. I would love to go there too!

  101. Amity Johnson says:

    Turks and Caicos

  102. I think this is a great list. I’m glad that you listed option for Florida beside Orlando.

  103. Thanks!

  104. Sharon Markwell says:

    I have lots of ideas for child friendly holidays now…thanks!

  105. We have never been on such a trip in our lives. I wanted to go to conference for the company I work with and
    didn’t get to go to Orlando Feb 3rd of this year. It would be a real blessing to win such a giveaway for sure.
    Ha , we all keep saying we need a vacation !! Thank you for this giveaway and the chance to win.
    Blessings in the Lord
    Linda Marie Finn

  106. ellen beck says:

    http://www.deuxbella.com/ never does load to leave a comment. another one you have to be logged in and there wasnt a place to sign up. I tried though!

  107. ellen beck says:

    Cant wait to see who your winner is so exciting!

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