Best Things to Do in Quebec City with Kids

Want to teach your kids about French culture, but don’t want to travel to Europe? Don’t miss Québec City, one of the best cities in Canada for families. Often referred to as “the most European city outside of Europe”, there are plenty of family-friendly activities in this charming destination. These are the best things to do in Quebec City with kids.

11 Best Things to Do in Quebec City with Kids - Kids Are A Trip

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What to Do in Quebec City with Kids

Imagine a place where European charm meets North American convenience—yes, that’s Quebec City! It’s a city that seems straight out of a storybook, perfect for instilling a love for French culture in your kids without crossing the Atlantic. We think it’s one of the best cities in Canada for families.

1. All in for Adventure at Montmorency Falls

Your first stop is Montmorency Falls. These falls are a staggering thirty meters higher than Niagara Falls. Picture this: riding the gondola up, crossing the suspension bridge, and taking in the views.

Montmorency Falls Quebec

If your family craves a bit of adventure, there’s a double zipline too. Kids will love soaring across the falls!

2. Explore Under the Sea at Aquarium du Québec

Overlooking the St. Lawrence River, the Aquarium du Quebec gives you a sneak peek into the Pacific depths right in the heart of the city. With over 10,000 marine animals and interactive exhibits, it’s a blast for kids (and adults!) of all ages. Don’t forget to check out the polar bears and the walrus!

The place is massive (nearly 40 acres) and offers both indoor and outdoor attractions. It’s fun for kids to learn about Québec’s aquatic ecosystems.

In the warmer months, come for a picnic, a splash with the water games, and navigate the kid-inspired tree-to-tree pathway.

There is also a light show at the Aquarium during the winter holidays as it is decked out for the season!

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3. Explore the Heart of Quebec City: Old Town

Step back in time and wander through Quebec City’s Old Town, a vibrant quarter that seems frozen in an age of cobblestone streets and historic charm.

Old Town Quebec City

Don’t miss the Petit Champlain Quarter, famed for being one of the oldest shopping streets in North America. It’s a picturesque spot where the past meets the present.

4. Take a Ride on the Funicular

A visit to Quebec City isn’t complete without a ride on the city’s iconic funicular. Located in the historic Petit Champlain district, this unique inclined railway offers a quick and scenic route between the Lower Town and the Upper Town.

Since 1879, the funicular has been used to travel between these two key areas, instead of climbing 200 steps. The ride offers breathtaking views of the old city and the sprawling St. Lawrence River below.

5. Interactive Learning at the Musée de la Civilisation

For a dose of culture, the Musée de la Civilisation offers interactive workshops where your kids can get hands-on with history. It’s educational, fun, and a perfect way to engage curious minds on vacation.

The museum features history and cultures through permanent and temporary exhibits, some with an international or Québec regional focus.

6. Learn About the City’s Military History at the Citadelle of Québec

For a fun stop, head to Citadelle of Quebec, where you can witness the military traditions that are as old as the city itself. Built in the 19th century by the British, it is the largest fortress they constructed in North America.

The Citadelle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an active military installation. During the summer don’t miss the changing of the guard ceremony, visit the museum, or take a tour of the building during the day or at night.

7. Wander around Chateau Frontenac

Château Frontenac is easily Quebec City’s most iconic landmark as well as a living piece of history. Originally built in 1893 as one of the grand railway hotels, the Château dominates the Quebec skyline with its distinctive green copper roof and Châteauesque architecture.

Chateau Frontenac

Families can wander through the grand public spaces, including the lobby and historical exhibits that tell of the hotel’s storied past. Don’t miss dining at one of its renowned restaurants or enjoying afternoon tea with a view of the river.

Whether you’re staying overnight or just exploring for a few hours, the Château Frontenac offers a glimpse into a bygone era, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Quebec City.

8. Finding Peace and Art in the Churches of Québec

Kids might not be thrilled about the thought of visiting churches, but these are must-see architectural wonders in Quebec City.

Quebec City is home to some of North America’s most awe-inspiring religious landmarks, including the Basilica de Notre Dame and the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine.

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Basilica de Notre Dame

Located in the heart of Old Quebec, the Basilica de Notre Dame is a masterpiece of neo-classical architecture dating to the 17th century. Inside, visitors can admire its ornate gold-leaf interior and stunning art collection, including the famous wooden sculpture of the Holy Family.

Basilica de Notre Dame


Just a short drive from the city, the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine stands as a site of pilgrimage for over 350 years, drawing visitors with its miraculous legends of healing. The shrine is adorned with stained glass, mosaics, and sculptures that narrate the life of Saint Anne. This is a place of spiritual significance but also a treasure trove of religious art.

These sacred sites offer a glimpse into the spiritual history and cultural heritage of Quebec City, making them must-visit destinations for both the faithful and art lovers alike.

9. Explore Domaine Maizerets

Another one of our favorite places to visit in Quebec City with kids is Domaine de Maizerets, a suburban oasis.

The park offers outdoor adventures in spaces with a labyrinth, arboretum, and plenty of walking trails. It’s a great spot for a family picnic and to let kids explore and burn off some energy.

10. Find family waterpark fun at Village Vacances Valcartier

Village Vacances Valcartier is Eastern Canada’s largest theme park and it is open year-round. There are 35 water slides, lazy rivers, and even a wave pool. In the winter there’s an ice hotel and snow tubing. No matter the time of year, this family-friendly activity in Quebec City doesn’t disappoint.

11. Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

Just 30 minutes from Quebec City lies this beautiful national park. During the summer families can enjoy over 60 miles of hiking trails, go fishing, or even head out on the river on a kayak or canoe.

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

In the winter the area offers cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and even ice skating. This is the perfect spot for a bit of adventure outside the city.

Each of these spots provides a unique way to experience Quebec City, ensuring that every family member enjoys their visit. Whether it’s the historical fortifications, the majestic Château, or the serene natural escapes, Quebec City invites you to create lasting memories with your family.