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Best Things to do in Puerto Madryn with Kids

Puerto Madryn Argentina is located in Patagonia and is the gateway to whales, penguins, and more. We are visiting Puerto Madryn, Argentina with Wandering Wagars this week. Let’s see what Kevin and Christina have to say about this amazing South American destination as they share the best things to do in Puerto Madryn with kids.

Although you might not know about this Patagonian city, once you learn about it, you'll dream of nowhere else. With beautiful beaches and exotic wildlife, it's the perfect place for family travel. Come see the best things to do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. - Kids Are A Trip

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What to do in Puerto Madryn Argentina

When parents think of the ideal family travel destination, it’s rare that a relatively obscure port city in the south of Argentinian Patagonia would spring to mind. But the city of Puerto Madryn, Argentina and the region surrounding it, have a surprise in store for families that make the long journey to the region. Here are our top five things to do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

1. Hit the beach and play on the some of the many amazing playgrounds

The beach in Puerto Madryn is the perfect place to pass away the days. While the weather in Puerto Madryn isn’t tropical, the water can be very comfortable in the summer months. The beaches in Puerto Madryn seem designed for kids. There are playgrounds every few hundred meters and the trees look like they were built for climbing!

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While you’re there, make sure to get the kids a scoop of the delicious local ice cream. And you can always pour a glass of Malbec.


2. Explore the Peninsula Valdes and go whale watching in Puerto Piramides

Puerto Madryn is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Peninsula Valdes.” The Peninsula Valdes is like a huge arm reaching into the south Atlantic. It is the resting place for animals such as sea lions, elephant seals, and Magellanic penguins. The Peninsula Valdes is a wildlife lover’s paradise.

Our favorite activity is whale watching in Puerto Piramides. We had a chance to see mom and calf Southern right whales making their way back out to sea after a summer’s rest.

Things to Do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina Whale-in-Puerto-Piramides---Wandering-Wagars

3. Visit one of the world’s largest continental penguin colonies in Punta Tombo

Imagine strolling through a colony of over half a million Magellanic penguins. I can’t think of any child that wouldn’t be in paradise coming face-to-face with these adorable walking tuxedos. The penguins can be found from September to April in Punta Tombo National Reserve, a few hours’ drive from Puerto Madryn.

If you visit during the months of November and December like we did, you may even be treated to thousands of baby chicks hatching. That’s right. BABY PENGUINS! The trip is worth it just for that!

Things to Do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina Punta-Tombo-Penguin-Colony---Wandering-Wagars
Photo: Wandering Wagars

4. Snorkel or SCUBA with Sea Lions in Punta Loma

Just a short drive from Puerto Madryn, just off the coastal road is Punta Loma. This area has been made famous by the huge population of sea lions that bask on the stone shores of the Atlantic. You can view the colony from the top of the cliff. But the best way to see the sea lions is on a snorkel or SCUBA diving tour.

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A dip in the waves will take you nose-to-nose with these friendly animals. Don’t be surprised if you find them nibbling on your gloved fingers or snorkel.

Things to do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina Punta-Loma-Sea-Lions---Wandering-Wagars

5. Visit the Trelew Train Station and Dinosaur Museum

There are few things more exciting to kids than dinosaurs and trains. I don’t know what it is about these two things, but they almost always get kids excited. So, in the town of Trelew, not far from Punta Tombo, you can find Argentina’s first train and train station, just outside of the dinosaur museum!

The train on display at the station had a very cool story associated with it. Not just that it was so slow that people could literally walk faster than it. The dinosaur museum is something truly special. It is small, but the displays pack a real punch, including what could be the leg bone of the largest dinosaur ever found!

Things to Do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina Trelew-Dinosaur-Museum-Kids Are A Trip

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