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10 Favorite Things to Do in Stockholm with Kids (2024)

Stockholm is known for its architecture, trendy cafés and boutiques, and idyllic scenery. I did not know what to expect from this gem of northern Europe, but I was pleasantly surprised by the mixture of medieval architecture, modern transportation and amenities, and the city’s natural beauty. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and offers all the best modern amenities that make traveling with kids easier.

Parks are plentiful, there are kid-friendly attractions throughout the city, and transportation is easily accessible. Plus, locals are friendly and helpful! Our time to explore the city was limited, but we made the most of it. Looking for the best things to do in Stockholm with kids? Check out my recommendations below.

10 Places You Must Visit in Stockholm with Kids - Kids Are A Trip

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How to Navigate Stockholm with Children

 Navigating Stockholm with kids is not only easy but also an adventure in itself! The city boasts a well-connected and efficient public transportation system that includes buses, trams, and the iconic subway. Plus, if you’re using a stroller, many stations are accessible.

The city’s design (especially in areas like Gamla Stan and Djurgården) is pedestrian- and stroller-friendly. Most public spaces and attractions in Stockholm are equipped with family-friendly facilities. Museums, parks, and entertainment venues often provide amenities like changing rooms and play areas!

Stockholm isn’t just historical buildings and history museums (though many are kid-worthy!). Many of Stockholm’s top attractions are designed with families in mind. You’ll find interactive museums like Junibacken and amusement parks like Gröna Lund that are made to engage even the littlest travelers.

Best Things to do in Stockholm with Kids

There are so many amazing attractions to choose from in the Swedish capital that you’ll have your work cut out for you deciding just what to do first! My top tip is to stick to central Stockholm, where you have a variety of things to do close to one another.

Within the city centre, you have a diverse range of historical landmarks, museums, and parks to choose from. Want to venture out a bit? No problem, just use the city’s family-friendly public transportation options to get around.

Stockholm is a child-friendly city with a rich history and vibrant culture that presents it in a way that will engage kids. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning! Here are the top attractions when you’re looking for what to do in Stockholm with kids.

1. The Royal Palace

At first sight, the Royal Palace doesn’t look like anything more than a large, stately building in the middle of the city. The royal guards around the perimeter are the only evidence that anything special takes place inside. There’s a changing of the guard ceremony daily, but we didn’t have a chance to see it.

However, upon entering, the splendor of the palace is revealed in the 600-plus rooms of the residence which include the Royal Apartments, the Treasury, and Royal Armoury. The palace tour is divided into multiple parts and visitors have to exit and enter different buildings to see the entire palace complex.

Stockholm with Kids Royal Palace Guard-Kids Are A Trip

Our children enjoyed exploring each room of the Royal Apartments and learning about the history of Sweden. Their favorite section was the Royal Armoury where they were able to admire the weapons and suits of armor, as well as engage in some hands-on activities (more on this site below!).

The exhibit signs are in Swedish and English and guided tours are offered throughout the day. I highly recommend feeding children before visiting because it takes a while to see the entire palace and they don’t allow outside food.

During the summer months, there’s an outdoor café here, but I don’t believe it is open during the winter. Expect the entire visit to last 2 to 3 hours at a minimum.

2. Royal Armoury

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Stockholm with kids, plan a visit to the Royal Armoury, located in the basement of the Royal Palace.

I’ve already mentioned that this historic site was a favorite with our kids, thanks to the shining suits of armor, majestic crowns, and swords that look like they were used in epic battles! You’ll walk through exhibits showcasing 500 years of history, including iconic royal costumes and carriages that feel like something from a fairy tale.

It’s a great way to get even younger kids interested in Sweden’s local history. There’s also a fun children’s section with a play area and educational hands-on exhibits. The staff at the armory is quite knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to answer any questions the kids may have.

If your family isn’t up for a full tour of the Royal Palace, this smaller museum is a great alternative. Plus, unlike the palace, the Royal Armoury offers free entry for everyone 18 years and younger.

3. Gamla Stan

One of the main attractions, located in the heart of Stockholm, is Gamla Stan. The charming old town dates back to the 13th century and draws you in with its winding cobblestone streets, colorful historical buildings, window shopping, and numerous restaurants.

Gamla Stan is where you’ll find the main sites of the Royal Palace, the Stockholm Cathedral, and the Nobel Museum. I recommend taking a tour of the area with a local guide to learn about the history of the area.

Gamla Stan - Stockholm with kids

We didn’t take a tour, but in hindsight, I wish we did! I think we missed a lot of fascinating information about the city by not taking one. (This looks like a good Old Town Tour of Stockholm that we would take next time).

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Gamla Stan is pedestrian-friendly, so our kids were free to explore as they pleased, eagerly hunting from one square to the next for a fun shop or an afternoon treat! Also, this is one of the best places to come in December, when the old town is transformed into the oldest and most popular Stockholm Christmas market.

Just a tip: Gamla Stan will be extremely crowded once the cruise ships arrive in the morning and throughout the middle of the day. If you want to enjoy the true beauty of the Gamla Stan, it is best to go first thing in the morning or late in the day when the day trippers have departed.

4. Skansen

Skansen is an open-air museum conveniently located on Djurgården Island, in the heart of Stockholm. To reach the island you can take a ferry, tram, or taxi. We happened to take a ferry from near our hotel, the Hilton Stockholm Slussen, and from there it was just a short walk.

I don’t know if I have ever experienced anything quite like Skansen. It was pretty incredible! Our kids had a great time and said it was without a doubt their favorite experience in Stockholm!

Skansen is the oldest museum in Sweden and the first open-air museum in the world (founded in 1891). It consists of historic homes and farmsteads brought from all over Sweden to this one location on top of a hill overlooking Stockholm.

Stockholm with Kids Skansen Performers-Kids Are A Trip
A group of performers share a traditional Swedish dance.

The buildings and their surroundings stay true to their origins and provide examples of what life was like throughout Sweden at different times during the country’s history.

What is there to do at Skansen?

What’s so fascinating about Skansen is that it’s a living museum! People walk around in costumes and interact with visitors answering questions (most, if not all of them, speak English) and demonstrating traditional skills.

Skansen’s designed with kids in mind, making it a great place for everyone to learn about Swedish culture, history, and way of life. In one area is a village with a pottery shop, a bakery, and an engraver. There are several houses you can go inside of and gardens you can explore. It’s fun to see the chickens and roosters roaming freely, too.

Another area has a zoo that houses Nordic animals such as wolverines, reindeer, and elk. There is also a children’s petting zoo and indoor aquarium at Skansen.

Stockholm with Kids Skansen Bakery - Kids Are A Trip
The bakery at Skansen serves some delicious treats!

Besides that, Skansen is just a fun place to spend the whole day! You’ll find several restaurants throughout the property. And there are often singing and dancing performances.

Throughout the year, the open-air museum is bustling with festivals, from Midsummer celebrations to a Christmas market. I don’t even think we saw everything, and we spent hours there! If you’re limited on time and you’re looking for things to do with kids in Stockholm, definitely make Skansen a priority.

5. Museum of Technology

Stockholm’s Museum of Technology offers a captivating exploration of Sweden’s technological heritage for everyone from young kids to adults. All of the exhibits are interactive, and everyone is encouraged to touch, experiment, and immerse themselves in the world of technology.

The museum boasts a diverse collection of historic machinery, vehicles, and inventions. From vintage cars to industrial innovations, each exhibit walks you through a story of progress and ingenuity.

Be prepared for the Museum of Technology to be geared more towards children. However, the exhibits are still interesting enough to be fun for the whole family. You can also find out about interactive workshops, demonstrations, and special events designed for all ages.

6. Vasa Museum

Another one of the best attractions in Stockholm for kids is the Vasa Museum.

The Vasa ship is a warship that sank in Stockholm’s harbor in 1628 on her maiden voyage. In 1961, the ship was lifted out of the water and restoration began. This eventually led to the opening of the Vasa Museum in 1990.

The Vasa is located on Djurgården island near Skansen. I recommend going as soon as it opens (before the cruise ships arrive) or late in the afternoon (after the cruise ships leave) because it gets very busy.

Vasa Stockholm ship

The main attraction in the museum is the Vasa itself, but the interactive exhibits they’ve created to go along with the ship are fascinating in their own right.

There’s a short film that provides an introduction, a “Face to Face” exhibit where they recreated the faces of the passengers on the ship, artifacts to explore, and an area where visitors can experience what life was like on board the ship.

Our entire family enjoyed this museum because the place was very hands-on. We learned a lot about the Vasa and the maritime history of Sweden.

7. The Viking Museum

If you’re interested in finding something to do that’s Viking-related, The Viking Museum is a small but interesting visit. It’s located in Djurgården, near Vasa and the other museums there.

While the museum itself isn’t very big or flashy, it’s a nice overview of Viking culture and history as it relates to Sweden and the surrounding Nordic countries. You could easily get through the whole thing in 90 minutes.

The Viking Museum is spread over 2 levels, with walk-through exhibits and dioramas on the main floor. This museum is probably best for older kids, as most exhibits feature a lot of reading, and there aren’t a lot of interactive exhibits.

It’s fascinating to see the Viking artifacts and learn about Norse mythology. Plus, on the lower level, there’s a video on the Vikings, as well as a story-telling amusement park-style ride at the end!

A big part of the museum that makes it a must-visit is the friendly staff. They dress in period attire and are available on the floor to share information and answer questions. Plus, guided tours (in English) are offered for free with admission.

While you’re at The Viking Museum, you can also enjoy a great Nordic-themed restaurant and gift shop.

8. Gröna Lund Amusement Park

Gröna Lund is a seasonal theme park in Djurgården. The park’s giant Eclipse ride (a swing that spins riders at 43 miles per hour high above the Stockholm waterfront) can be seen from all over Stockholm.

Grona Lund- Stockholm with kids

Built in the late 1800s, Gröna Lund is Sweden’s oldest amusement park and features over 30 rides and attractions. There are plenty of food options and they also host concerts and events throughout the summer. It’s a delightful and fun way to pass the day with the kids and take a stroll down memory lane!

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Note: There are height requirements for some rides, so check the website before heading to the park. Also, try to go early in the morning when the crowds are smaller. The park can get quite busy later in the afternoon and in the evening.

9. Junibacken

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Junibacken! Also located in Stockholm’s Djurgården, this is a children’s museum dedicated to the lovely children’s books by Astrid Lindgren.

The author was best known worldwide for her character Pippi Longstocking, so if you’re a fan of her children’s books and have introduced your kids, you’ll like this museum. Just keep in mind that everything here is very much geared towards younger kids, probably between 1 and 7 years old.

A main attraction at Junibacken is the Story Train, which highlights characters from Lindgren’s most popular children’s books, like Pippi Longstocking and Emil.

Families also love the book-themed houses that the kids can play in, as well as the indoor and outdoor play spaces. There are interactive exhibits that double as photo-ops, and a Pippi Longstocking show (all in Swedish).

When your crew gets hungry, there’s also a kid-friendly restaurant. The gift shop at Junibacken offers you a chance to pick up some unique gifts and books.

If you’re a fan of Lindgren’s writing, you’ll enjoy a visit to Junibacken. But it’s very much a children’s museum where you’ll stand around and watch your kids play!

Plus, it gets very busy here, especially on school holidays. Consider going as soon as they open for a bit of relief, or plan this stop for a weekday.

10. Stockholm’s Parks

If you want to get outside, Stockholm offers a variety of outdoor parks with playgrounds and family-friendly attractions available year-round. The city’s many parks contribute to Stockholm’s family-friendly atmosphere, so I had to mention a few of the hits.

In the heart of Östermalm, Humlegården provides hours of fun, with its skatepark and beautiful outdoor play areas, including a replica of Pippi Longstocking’s house, set amidst peaceful green spaces.

Meanwhile, in Kungsholmen, Rålambshovsparken offers riverside fun, complete with a playground, scenic views, and windsurfing during the warmer months.

Kungsträdgården Stockholm
Kungsträdgården is especially beautiful during cherry blossom season.

For those exploring Vasastan, Vanadislunden is a hilly park with amazing city views that features multiple top-notch playgrounds and a pool in the summer.

Södermalm boasts Tantolunden, which doesn’t have a playground but makes up for that during the summer months with a variety of fun attractions. Enjoy walking trails, disc golf, a sandy beach, vendors selling hot dogs and ice cream, and more!

Of course, there’s Kungsträdgården, a gem in the heart of Stockholm! The park attracts both locals and visitors with its green spaces, a fun playground, and cafes, but also the events that are held here throughout the year!  In the spring, you can come for cherry blossom festivals, and in winter there’s a popular ice rink. 

Explore All of the Exciting Things to Do in Stockholm with Kids

Our family was pleasantly surprised by the stunning beauty and charm of Stockholm! We enjoyed wandering the streets aimlessly and exploring the parks and neighborhoods. The majestic elegance is breathtaking, and we can’t wait to return and enjoy all the amazing things to do in Stockholm with kids.

Other fun things to do in Stockholm with kids:

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