Best Travel Apps for 2017

The number of new apps I’ve added to my phone this past year is overwhelming. I’m constantly deleting and adding, because I am always finding apps that not only help plan my travels, but are an improvement on the ones I had before. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty on my phone from last year’s favorite list, but here are my favorites for this year. Try them and I think you’ll agree they are some of the best travel apps for 2017.

Looking for the best travel apps for 2017? These apps will have you making vacation plans like a pro in no time. - Kids Are A Trip

1. Google Trips (available for Android and iOS) Free
Best Travel Apps Google Trips 1-Kids Are A Trip

Google Trips is the ultimate travel planner for many reasons. The app allows you to have personalized activity ideas based on location and weather. It shows what’s nearby when you’re out exploring and it will send you travel information about your trip. Some of the information it provides includes numbers for emergencies (great for international travel), dining recommendations, and daily itineraries. It’s everything you need all in one place.

2. Lounge Buddy (available for Android and iOS) Free

Best Travel Apps for 2017 Lounge Buddy 2

Ever had a long layover? This is where Lounge Buddy is super handy. It gives the option to search and book a spot at airport lounges around the world. The nice thing is it will allow you to see if you have free access to any lounges based on your credit cards or airline status. It also shows reviews, photos, and amenities shared by other travelers.

3. TripIt (available for Android and iOS) Free or upgrade to TripIt Pro for a fee

Best Travel Apps for 2017 TripIt 2-Kids Are A Trip

This helps immensely if you travel a lot. It takes all of your hotel, airline, rental car confirmations and puts them in one place so you don’t have to search your email looking for them. I find this really helpful when I’m trying to organize trips.

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4. SpotHero (available for Android and iOS) Free

Best Travel Apps for 2017 SpotHero - Kids Are A Trip

When I have to drive into the city, there’s nothing worse than trying to find a parking space. With SpotHero I don’t have to look anymore. This handy app allows you to locate and reserve a parking space ahead of time. Once you arrive at the location, just scan your phone’s confirmation code and you’re in. It’s easy and cheaper than winging it.

5. Hipmunk (available for Android and iOS) Free

Best Travel Apps for 2017 Hipmunk-Kids Are A Trip

I love Hipmunk for monitoring price changes in airfare. I’ll enter the cities and dates I’m looking to travel to, and Hipmunk notifies me when the fares go up or down. Unlike other apps Hipmunk sorts fares according to “agony” factor, which incorporates things like flight duration, number of layovers and price. You can also book hotels and see TripAdvisor reviews right from the app, which makes it one of my favorite all around apps.

6. GPSmyCity (available for Android and iOS) Free with in app purchases

Best Travel Apps for 2017 GPSmyCity-Kids Are A Trip

Some people love tours, others don’t, but with GPSmyCity, you can download travel guides and tours of over 750 cities right to your phone. There are usually multiple self-guided walking tours for each city, you just choose the one that interests you. The articles are written by expert travel writers, providing local insider tips you can’t find anywhere else. Articles and maps can be downloaded so you don’t use any data or need wi-fi.

7. Hopper (available for Android and iOS) Free

Best Travel Apps of 2017 Hopper - Kids Are A Trip

Hopper is perfect when you don’t have set dates for a trip, but you have an idea of when you want to travel. You enter the trip you want to take and it tells you when the cheapest time to fly will be. It will also send you a notification when that cheap flight hits the market.

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8. Airbnb (available for Android and iOS) Free

Best Travel Apps for 2017 airbnb- Kids Are A Trip

We’re pretty new to the Airbnb app, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it. We love browsing accommodations that allow us to live like locals when we travel. The app has a new feature called Trips, unique experiences you can have with a local guide during your stay. We can’t wait to try this on our next trip!

9. Netflix (available for Android and iOS) Different monthly plans available

If you’re ever on a road trip, stuck in the airport, or just sitting waiting for the train to arrive, this could be your best friend. When Netflix decided to allow downloads to devices in late 2016, this was a game changer. Now you can catch up on your favorite shows any time any where.

Before you plan your next trip, be sure to download the latest apps. They will help you save money, find hidden gems, and travel smarter. These are our best travel apps for 2017. - Kids Are A Trip

10. Momondo (available for Android and iOS) Free

Best Travel Apps for 2017 Momondo-Kids Are A Trip

This travel booking engine has some really cool features I haven’t seen anywhere else. The Trip Finder allows you to search by budget and destination type (beaches, nature, cities), and it’s fun to just put in a dollar amount and scroll through the many possibilities for your next trip. There’s also an Inspiration section where you can search for travel articles, in case you still don’t know where to go. If you just want to compare prices, it’s great for that too.