Best Gifts for the Kids Who Have Everything

It can be so difficult to shop for the kid(s) who seem to already have everything they need and could ever possibly want, especially if they’re into toys and games. Often it seems like there’s very few options for the kids who have everything you could possibly think of, so here’s some great ideas they’ll love and surely don’t have already: 

Unique Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything-Kids Are A Trip

1. R2-D2 App Enabled Robot

This robot is anything but average… It moves and is controlled right from an app on your phone! It’s really amazing just how much you can do with technology these days.

2. Lost Name Personalized Book

The kids will get a kick out of this! It’s a personalized book to them, and the story is one you create. There’s one for boys and girls and makes for a really great gift!

3. Portable Photo Printer

This is a great way to get kids to take more pictures that WE really want! 😉 This portable printer is rather genius – it lets you print images on the go and works wonderfully.

4. Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal

This giraffe stuffed animal is over 4 feet tall! It’s an awesome gift the little ones will love to play with, sit on and play for hours.

5. Tie Dye Kit

Perfect for a crafting group or just fun time at home, this tie dye kit has everything you need for a tie dye party. Comes with 14 different colors, an idea guide, and it can be used with several types of material. What a fun idea!

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6. Kids Ride-on Jeep

What’s cuter than seeing the kids in these little imitation cars? I love this ride along Jeep with all the bells and whistles. It comes with a seatbelt, bright LED headlights, lockable doors, and traction tires to tackle some difficult terrain. It is so realistic and the kids will love taking turns riding around in this.

7. 3D Printing  Pen

You haven’t seen incredible until you see this 3D pen in action! Kids can use their imaginations to create just about anything with this incredible piece of technology.

8. Little Passports World Edition

This box is filled with activities that’ll keep the kids busy for hours! Kids can explore the world one country at a time with this fun and educational subscription box for kids! They will love learning about exciting countries and cultures through hands-on projects and activities.

9. Giant Bubble Making Kit

This kit makes giant bubbles and is a ton of fun for kids to enjoy outside! It comes with wands and the bubble mix needed – it’s a great idea for kids who have plenty of toys and need to get back to the basics.

Unique gift ideas for kids-Kids Are a Trip

10. Bean Bag Lounger

A chair so comfy, they’ll never complain about quiet time again! This bean bag comes in a TON of colors to choose form and it’s soft, plush and a perfect gift for the kids. They can relax with their friends, watch tv, play games, and basically anything and everything else.

11. Play Impossible Game Ball

This game ball connected via Bluetooth and basically lets the kids run around and get some action filled fun in whether it be indoors or out! It’s a great toy for the winter months especially, and they will love it.

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12. Giant Princess Tent

Does your child love playing pretend? Do they watch all of the Disney princess movies? Why not get them their very own princess tent? This sizable tent can hold up to three children at a time, making it perfect for sleepovers.

13. Segway Self Balancing Scooter

This Segway scooter gets you to your destination in spectacular style. Easy-to-learn and a user-friendly knee control bar design make it the top pick for kids and adults alike. Step on and master it in minutes. We are sure your kids will spend more time outside with a toy like this!

14. Crazy Forts Kit

Let their imaginations run wild with this “build your own” fort kit. Comes with instructions for building a cave, an Igloo, pirate ship, or castle. All you need to add is the bed sheets!

15. Kids Baking Kit

Have a baking show right in your own kitchen. This kit has 38 pieces your child needs to start decorating their own cakes. Help build their confidence in the kitchen and teach them life skills!

16. Drone for Beginners

This is the perfect starter drone for beginners. This drone features voice control, gesture control, and altitude hold, making it super easy for kids to use.

17. Bedside Lamp with Blue Tooth Speaker

This little cube has it all. With a night light, alarm clock, bluetooth speaker, and more. Kids can change the colors of the light to follow the volume or rhythm of the music. Perfect for kids who love music for drifting off to sleep.

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Best Gift Ideas for the Child Who Has Everything-Kids Are A Trip