10 Pairs of Womens Shoes for Fall That Don’t Disappoint

Fall is coming, which means cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult season for packing because the weather varies from coast to coast and north to south, so how can you be sure you’re covered? There are some essential womens shoes for fall that I keep in my closet.

I have everything from knee-high boots to Mary Janes and a sporty sneaker. When I travel during the fall season I try not to pack more than 4 pairs at a time (with one of those being the pair on my feet). This gives me a steady stream of shoes I can choose from when I’m on the go. Here are 10 of the best travel shoes for walking you need to add to your fall wardrobe. 

10 Best Pairs of Travel Shoes for Fall - Kids Are A Trip

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Must-Have Womens Shoes for Fall

1. A classic white sneaker

I have been wearing my Adidas Grand Court sneakers for years and they never let me down. They’re one of those timeless styles that’s also very comfortable and versatile. 

You have to love a pair of sneakers that can go with everything. I wear these with dresses, shorts, jeans, and midi skirts. Basically anything in my closet. If you’re looking for something to make them special, the stripes come in different colors, but I’m partial to the white with silver stripes.

Adidas Grand Court white sneaker
Photo credit: Zappos

2. A sturdy pair of comfortable riding boots

What I love about tall knee boots is that they go with anything. Be sure you find some with a manageable heel height! You can wear them with leggings, jeans, or a skirt and they look cute. They can be casual or dressy, which makes them perfect to bring along on any fall trip. Love these Ariat Carden Waterproof Boots!

Ariat Carden Waterproof Boots-Kids Are A Trip

3. Easy to pack shoes

I’m always looking for easy-to-pack foldable shoes, and the Vivaia pointed toe flats do not disappoint. I can throw them in my carry-on bag, or fit multiple pairs in my luggage. These stylish flats don’t have a ton of support, but they are pretty comfortable shoes (and they’re cute too)!

Vivaia pointed toe ballet flats
Photo credit: Amazon

4. A multi-purpose exercise shoe

I spend a fair amount of time hiking and walking when I travel, so I had to find a pair of shoes that works for both. Enter the Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX3 Sneaker. These waterproof walking shoes are perfect for trails and comfortable for walking cobblestone streets too. They have good arch support and they are waterproof, so I don’t have to pack two pairs of shoes. I call that a win!

Adidas hiking shoe
Photo credit: Amazon

5. Cute and classy ballet shoes

It can be difficult to find a pair of cute and comfortable ballet flats, but I think the Yosi Samra ballet slippers are exactly that. They have a memory foam footbed and come in dozens of colors. These are great shoes to bring along if you have to dress up.

Yosi Samra Ballet Shoe-Kids Are A Trip

6. The perfect comfortable short boot

Call them ankle boots or booties, I don’t care what you call it, I’m a fan. If you’re looking for fall boots that are practical, try the UGG Harrison. These comfortable walking boots look great with everything. They’re my favorite booties because they’re warm, they’re waterproof, and you will never want to take them off.

Ugg Harrison Zipper Boot
Photo credit: Amazon

7. A lightweight sneaker

Allbirds are all the rage right now, but we really like the Hoka Bondi 8 and the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 slip-on sneaker. Both are super lightweight and easy to pack. Not only are these some of the best fall shoes, but they work any time of year.

Just a reminder, if you are going to purchase new shoes for your trip, be sure to walk in them for a week or so before taking them on the road.

8. A slide-on shoe to wear around the hotel, ship, pool, or spa

I always have a pair of shoes I bring along as a “quick option”. These are shoes I can throw on quickly to head to the pool or beach or even down to breakfast. My favorite shoes right now are these MEGNYA Hiking Sandals that offer arch support and have an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.

Megnya hiking sandal black
Photo credit: Amazon

I recommend ordering up a half size from your usual size for the best fit.

9. Rain boots

If you are expecting rain at your destination, we recommend bringing along rain boots. However, don’t pack the typical long-shaft Hunter style, opt for the short rain boots.

Black patent leather short rain boots
Photo credit: Amazon

We like these Evshine black patent leather ones because they go with everything!

10. If there’s a chance of snow

I have poor circulation in my feet, so they are almost always cold. If there’s a chance of chilly weather, I pack this pair of Sorel Women’s boots. They are a great option for fall footwear because they can handle all types of terrain and weather.

Sorel Kinetic boots
Photo credit: Sorel

FAQ About Womens Shoes for Fall

What are the lightest shoes for traveling?

When it comes to the lightest shoes for traveling that offer comfort and support, we recommend a lightweight pair of tennis shoes like Hoka, Adidas Cloudfoam, or Allbirds.

All of these take up minimal space in your luggage and barely make a dent in the overall weight of your bags.

What are comfortable shoes to wear for a flight?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the perfect women’s shoes to wear on a flight. One – Wear your heaviest shoes so you don’t have to carry them in your luggage. Or two – wear the lightest shoes you have.

Honestly, we tend to wear our heaviest shoes to save room in our carry-on (we rarely check bags anymore), so while they might not be the most comfortable, it’s a sacrifice we are willing to make.

How do you travel with shoes in a carry-on?

Since I’m team carry-on, I’ve learned to be creative when packing a suitcase. I’ve found these travel shoe bags to keep dirty soles from touching my clothes.

I usually put the flat edge of the shoe flat against the long side of the suitcase. If I have more than two pairs, that’s when the shoe bag comes in handy or I pack a pair in my backpack or tote to spread the weight around.

In Conclusion – Our Favorite Womens Shoes for Fall

Choosing the ideal footwear for your fall travels offers comfort and style on your journey. As we mentioned, the autumn season brings its own unique challenges, from unpredictable weather to diverse terrains. By choosing the right footwear, you can be prepared for whatever adventures lie ahead. 

The shoes we recommend are ones we’ve personally used. We tried to cover a range of weather and destination scenarios providing travelers with a versatile selection. From waterproof boots to stylish yet cozy sneakers, these options offer both functionality and fashion. Better yet, they go with anything from cozy sweaters to flowing dresses.

Remember, quality footwear is an investment in your travel experience, offering not only protection and support but also adding to the joy of the journey.

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