11 Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot on Your Next Vacation

Travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your children, but a vacation photo shoot is the gift that keeps on giving. On a recent journey to Paris we hired Flytographer to capture some of our vacation memories and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. We are firm believers that a family photo shoot is a worthwhile investment and these are the reasons to book a Flytographer photo shoot on your next vacation.

If you're looking for the ultimate vacation souvenir, you've found it. These are only some of the reasons to book a Flytographer photo shoot on your next vacation. Odds are, once you try it, you'll be hooked too! - Kids Are A Trip

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11 Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot on Your Next Vacation

1. Get the family photographer out from behind the camera

I am 100% guilty of always being the one taking the photos and never the one in front of the camera. Booking a Flytographer session allowed me to leave the camera behind and have someone else give all the directions.

Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot on Your Next Vacation and Get Mom out from behind the camera-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Lucille for Flytographer in Paris

2. It’s super easy to arrange

Once a Flytographer package is booked, you’re connected with a Flytographer Shoot Concierge. They are the go between for you and the photographer in the beginning, making for easy dialogue. Once everything is scheduled, contact information is exchanged between the family and the photographer. Notes are shared regarding what your family is looking for with regards to style, location, and timing. This makes it very easy for day of shoot communication.

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3. There are locations everywhere

Flytographer has professional photographers all over the world. Our session was in Paris, but it could have just as easily been Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Tuscany, or Hong Kong. They’re in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Don’t see your destination on their list? You can always send them a request to see if they have a photographer willing to travel to your destination.


4. You will cherish the memories for a lifetime

Some of our favorite family memories involve travel. It’s wonderful to have a way to look back at pictures and relive the memories over and over again.

Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot on Your Next Family Vacation and capture special memories-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Lucille for Flytographer in Paris

5. You won’t throw them away like a cheap souvenir

Flytographer provides high quality, professional photos worthy of framing, so there’s no way these will end up at the back of a closet. We wasted plenty of money over the years purchasing snow globes, magnets, and stuffed animals. Over time all of those were donated or thrown in the trash. The Flytographer photos will never suffer that same fate.

6. Learn about the city from a local

Flytographer photographers know the city and that only works to your advantage. They know the best locations, the best times of day, and how to avoid the crowds. They can also offer local advice. It’s like a tour guide and photographer rolled into one.

Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot on Your Next Vacation finding secret spots-Kids Are A Trip
We didn’t know about this little spot, but Lucille did.
Photo: Lucille for Flytographer in Paris

7. The perfect way to capture a once in a lifetime event

Flytographer isn’t just for vacation photographs (even though they know how to rock those), they also organize proposal shoots, family reunions, you name it. If you’re looking for a photographer, they can work with you to make your day extra special.

8. The pictures will be better than any vacation photos you take on your own

We’ve tried to use tripods for family photos, and those are fine, but having a professional photographer to make sure everything looks good is priceless. The photographer can tell when a hair is out of place, faces are blocking one another, and kids aren’t smiling for the camera. This is something families just can’t do on their own.

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9. No more bothering strangers to take family pictures

We are the worst when it comes to asking someone to take a picture of our family. Our plan has always been, “hand the camera to someone that looks trustworthy and you think you can outrun.” It has worked so far, but we have always been reluctant to ask strangers. As a result, we have very few family vacation photos. Flytographer eliminates the need for us to eyeball the crowd and find the person that is least likely to steal our camera.

Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot on Your Next Vacation for those unexpected moments. - Kids Are A Trip
We never would have captured this with some random person on the street.
Photo: Lucille for Flytographer in Paris

10. A Flytographer photo shoot is fun

We have done no fewer than ten professional photo sessions for our family of five over the years. (Yes, this is obnoxious). Our kids have challenged us every single time. This time however was different. Our photographer Lucille had a game plan for our kids and let them have fun during the shoot. She made opportunities for us to laugh at ourselves, which came through in the photos. We were genuinely enjoying our time taking pictures. Our kids said it was the best time they had on a photo shoot because Lucille was engaging and created unique scenes. It didn’t feel like a production. It felt natural.

Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot on Your Next Vacation because it's fun-Kids Are A Trip
My kids would say: What’s not fun about this?
Photo: Lucille for Flytographer in Paris

11. You’ll make all your friends jealous

I say this in jest, but I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received on our Flytographer photos. We received about 30 photos a week after our session and every single one of them was “frame-worthy”. I have since been in touch with Flytographer to thank them and Lucille for an amazing experience we will cherish forever.

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Reasons to Book a Flytographer Photo Shoot Logo-Kids Are A Trip