What to Pack for a Greece Vacation with Kids

Imagine strolling along the beaches of Greece, exploring ancient ruins, and eating delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Sounds perfect, right? Before you can dive into this dream vacation, there’s one major hurdle to overcome: packing. Don’t worry! This guide will show you what to pack for a Greece vacation with kids. We promise everything fits into a carry-on, even for a two-week trip. It is possible, here’s how!

What to Pack for a Greece Trip with Kids - Kids Are A Trip

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Packing for a Greece Trip with Kids

We have a pretty standard rule in our house, if you can’t fit everything in a suitcase and carry-on, you might need to leave something behind.

My husband and I travel with the AWAY Carry On Suitcases (HERE) and our teens have this Samsonite hard side carry on (HERE). Everyone has a different color so we can keep things straight. We also use packing cubes (again, everyone has their own color) which makes it easy to move from place to place.

Family Summer Greece Vacation

On our 10-day trip to Greece, we managed to pack everything we needed in our smaller travel suitcases and a personal bag. If we can do it, you can too! Here’s what you need to pack:

1. Sunscreen and Aloe: Your Best Friends Under the Greek Sun

The sun in Greece is no joke, especially in the summer. To protect your family’s skin, you will need to pack a high SPF sunscreen and soothing aloe gel. 

Remember, reapplication is key, especially after swimming!

Tip: To save extra room in your suitcase, wait to buy sunscreen and aloe in Greece.

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2. Footwear: From Ancient Cobblestones to Sandy Beaches

When visiting Greece you’re going to want to plan for a lot of walking, which means some comfortable shoes! On our trip everyone brought 3 types of shoes:

  • Comfortable Sandals – Ideally these are shoes that can be worn day and night, both on the beach or in town. For women I recommend THESE and for men I recommend- THESE
  • Athletic Shoes –  Typically, these are the ones I wear on the plane since they are the heaviest. My favorite pair I’m loving these days are these ON sneakers – HERE
  • Flip Flops – everyone needs a pair for the beach or around the pool.
Cobblestone streets in Greece
Wear sturdy shoes and note cobblestones are slippery when wet!

A word about dressy shoes in Greece. I never needed them. If you want to bring along a pair of metallic sandals or flip flops, that might be a great option.

3. Clothing: Lightweight and Versatile

Thankfully Greece clothing doesn’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase as it tends to be lightweight fabric. Choose breathable dresses, shorts, and tops in light colors to reflect the sun’s rays. Don’t forget a scarf or shawl for visits to sites where modest attire is required. 

Shopping Greece Market
Pack fewer clothes, shop in Greece, and bring home souvenirs!

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Lightweight dresses (there’s a great assortment on Amazon, but these are two of our favorites: Strapless Maxi with Pockets and this T-Shirt Dress), skirts, shorts, and skorts
  • Breathable tops and T-shirts
  • A lightweight scarf for church visits
  • A sweatshirt for cool evenings
  • A packable hat to shield your face from the sun
  • Underwear, socks, and pajamas

4. Beach Essentials

The beaches in Greece are stunning, but it is quite humid near the sea so things don’t dry quickly. We recommend packing two bathing suits per person, swim shirts for kids, and a Turkish beach towel, which is lightweight and dries fast. A Turkish towel also makes a good shawl or wrap.

What to Pack for a Greece Vacation with Kids

Other must-haves include:

TIP 1: Many Greece beaches have lounge chairs and umbrellas that you rent for a specific period of time. Some will also offer drink service. This is a great way to keep little ones out of the sun as many beaches won’t have natural shade.

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TIP 2: We recommend buying beach toys locally so you don’t have to pack them. Many beach destinations in Greece have local stores selling floatation devices, a bucket and shovel, and other gear.

5. Must Have Technology for Greece

From capturing memories to navigating new towns, tech gadgets will be your friend. Don’t forget you will need a European power adapter and a portable charger to keep devices powered up. If you don’t want to have exorbitant long distance fees we recommend grabbing an E-Sim card from Airalo or using wifi apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime.

If you are traveling with young children, you may want to add a nightlight for dark hotel rooms.

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6. Make sure everyone stays healthy

To keep everyone healthy and to avoid any travel delays, be sure to pack the following:

– Motion sickness pills for ferry rides or small airplane flights

– Mosquito repellent (this is another item you could buy in Greece)

– Regular medications and first-aid basics

What to Pack for a Greece Vacation with Kids: Bringing It All Together

With this guide, packing for your Greek summer vacation will feel like a breeze rather than a burden. Remember, the key is to keep it light, and pack clothes that can be mixed and matched.

Your adventure awaits, so pack up, get ready, and embark on the journey of a lifetime with your family. Greece’s timeless beauty and rich culture are calling your name!

Feel ready to tackle the packing challenge and make the most of your family’s summer adventure in Greece? Grab our Greece guide to share with fellow travel-savvy parents and start planning your dream vacation today!