Top 7 Things Not to Miss in Tokyo with Kids

Planning a trip to Tokyo with kids? Get ready for a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary, and at times overwhelming experience! The world’s largest metropolis, known for its unique blend of ultra-modern and traditional, offers so much to do the hardest task (aside from getting over the jet-leg) will be deciding where to begin. To help plan a trip to Japan, here are seven experiences that are family friendly, fun, unique to Tokyo, and will give you a taste of Japanese culture. Here are plenty of things to do in Tokyo for kids.

Families will be thrilled with the wealth of adventures they can enjoy in the capital city of Japan. Here are some unique experiences not to be missed when exploring Tokyo with kids. - Kids Are A Trip
Top 7 Things Not to Miss in Tokyo with Kids

1. Visit an animal café in Tokyo

Tokyo’s animal cafés are world famous and offer some of the best experiences in Tokyo for kids. The original craze started with cats, but if felines aren’t your thing (or if you happen to be allergic), there are many other options.

Tokyo offers cafés with dogs, rabbits, birds, goats, snakes and the latest craze: owls and hedgehogs. These probably started because the city has strict pet rules and they quickly became wildly popular with residents. The cafés are now a big tourist attraction, so make a reservation weeks ahead of your visit. It’s important to plan!

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2. Explore the world’s largest fish market

Fish is one of the staples of the Japanese diet and each year Japan consumes about one-third of the global tuna catch. Even if your kids aren’t big fish eaters, a visit to Tsukiji, Tokyo’s famous fish market, is an incredible experience.

A whopping five million pounds of seafood are sold here every day, from tiny baby fish to giant tuna the size of a whale. But it is not just fish in every size, shape, and color: some of the most interesting items on display in ice counters, tanks, or hanging from the hooks are other sea creatures. After visiting, you will understand the meaning of “If it lives in the sea, you will find it at Tsukiji!”

It is possible to take a tour of the market, but it also works to do it on your own. Know that the market does not open to public until 10 am (as not to disturb the intense wholesale trade that takes place each morning). To witness the famous tuna auction, be prepared to get up in the middle of the night as lines start forming at 3:00 am! Also know that tickets are not guaranteed for this coveted 5:00 am event since only 120 people are let in each morning.

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3. Make a wish at a temple or a shrine

Despite its modern pulse, Tokyo displays plenty of tradition, some of which can be experienced by visiting one of its temples or shrines. They are a big part of life in Japan in there are hundreds of them in Tokyo.

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Two of the most famous and most visited ones are the Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi Park and Sensoi Temple in Asakusa. It might be necessary to battle the crowds, but admiring the splendor of the structures, observing the traditional rituals, and catching a glimpse of a Japanese wedding (which is supposed to be lucky), is worth it.

For an extra memorable experience, purchase an ema, a small wooden plaque and write down your family’s wishes or prayers and then hang it among thousands of other wishes. For etiquette tips, read this post.

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4. Take a sushi class

A great way to learn a bit about the Japanese culture and history along the way is to take a sushi class. Our family loved the experience we had at Chagohan Tokyo in Asakusa! After learning how to make sushi rice and dashi broth, there was a Japanese omelet making competition with judges and all. We prepared rolled sushi and sashimi, which were enjoyed at the end of the class. Highly recommend! Want to know what to eat in Japan that’s not sushi? Check out this POST.

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5. Play traditional Japanese games with a Geisha

Geishas, the traditional female entertainers and hostesses, are most often associate with Kyoto, but Tokyo has several geisha districts. For a fun, kid friendly geisha experience, head to Omotenashi Nihonbashi Information Center, which offers a range of tours and activities. Their Time to Geisha program showcases dance and singing performances and also a lovely Japanese tea with a traditional sweet. The best part, however, are the traditional geisha games which include active audience participation.

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6. Visit the island of Odaiba and ride in a driverless train

For all kinds of modern fun and entertainment, head to Odaiba, Tokyo’s man-made island in Tokyo Bay. The island is home to several amusement parks, LEGOLAND, museums, shopping areas, restaurants, and more. Odaiba is accessible by water bus, but try Yurikamome, a fully automated train traveling from the city over the famous Rainbow Bridge to the island.  

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TIP: Try to score front seats in the first car by boarding at the Shimbashi station, the beginning of the line. Odaiba is also a place to find some of the best views of Tokyo. It is especially striking at night when the city and bridge are lit up with millions of colorful lights. 

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7. Buy the most peculiar flavor of Kit Kats available

For a fun and tasty souvenir to extend the memories of a Tokyo vacation, go shopping for Kit Kats. This is quite a unique Japanese food, and the people are obsessed with these chocolate bars. There are more than 200 different flavors including cheesecake, ginger ale, purple potato, sake, and green tea. Why so popular? The name closely resembles a popular Japanese phrase Kitto Katsu, which can be translated as “win surely” and essentially meaning “good luck.” As such, Kit Kats are often used for gifts, especially among the younger generation.

There’s usually a great selection of Kit Kats in 24-hour convenience stores. There are also upscale, boutique-like Kit Kat dedicated counters in large department stores such as Takashimaya near the Shinjuku Station.

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Best Time to Visit Tokyo

If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, know that the weather there is fairly temperate. Summer can be hot and humid, but the shoulder seasons (March to May and September to November) will have the best weather. Spring in Tokyo with the plum and cherry blossoms in full bloom, should not be missed!

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