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Best Things to Do in Vienna with Kids

Vienna, Austria is one of my favorite cities to visit in Europe. We love the amusement park, royal palace, and amazing museums. Our guest author Tamara Gruber of We3Travel shares the best things to do in Vienna with kids.

With its cobblestone streets, beautiful palace, and famous horses, Vienna is tailor made for families. Come see the best family friendly things to do in Vienna, Austria. - Kids Are A Trip

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What to Do in Vienna with Kids

With its cobblestoned streets, baroque architecture, and well-heeled visitors, Vienna rolls out an elegant welcome to families. Just strolling through the historic city center is enough to keep kids entertained, but when you are looking for a little more excitement, check out these top five family friendly things to do in Vienna.

Schonbrunn Palace

Built in the 18th Century, Schonbrunn Palace was once the Imperial residence of the royal Habsburg family. Today, visitors can tour many rooms in the Palace and with a family pass, you can also enjoy the Children’s Museum at the Schonbrunn.

In the Children’s Museum, the kids can dress up like royalty and learn about life in the 18th century. But don’t spend all your time inside, save time to explore the Labyrinth and the acres of beautifully manicured gardens. Next door, you will also find the oldest zoo in Europe, home to 8,500 animals from 700 different species.

Family Friendly Things to Do in Vienna Austria Schonbrunn - Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Tamara Gruber

Museums Quartier

You don’t need to love museums to enjoy the Museums Quartier in Vienna. Just walking around this area, with its beautiful sculptures and wide open spaces is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

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If you do want to move inside, this area is home to the ZOOM Children’s Museum; and DSCHUNGEL WIEN, a hub of theater, art and culture for families. Nearby you will also find the Albertina art museum and the Vienna Natural History Museum.

best things to do in vienna MuseumsQuartier building-Kids Are A Trip
Photo: Tamara Gruber

Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna has been practicing the equestrian tradition of Haute Ecole for over 450 years, putting it on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Spanish Riding School theater
Inside the Spanish Riding School.
Photo: Tamara Gruber

Today, visitors can witness this art form in practice during special performances or by watching the daily exercises. Be sure to book performance tickets in advance! You will be amazed by the elegant moves of these beautiful animals.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Built in the 12th century, the Gothic towers of St. Stephen’s Cathedral tower over the center of Vienna. Unlike other European cathedrals, the roof of St. Stephen’s is covered with colorful tiles, laid to create the coat of arms of the city of Vienna.

The Cathedral is open to the public, or you can also take a guided tour of the cathedral, catacombs, and two towers. Visitors can climb 343 steps to the tower room, featuring 13 bells and a beautiful view over Vienna. In the opposite tower hangs the Pummerin, the second-largest free-swinging chimed church bell in Europe.

best things to do in Vienna see St Stephens-Kids Are A Trip
St. Stephens with its beautiful roof.
Photo: Tamara Gruber


With all the things to see and do in Vienna, one of your favorites will likely be spending time in some of the many coffee houses in Vienna. It is a Viennese past-time to relax over coffee and cake for a while.

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The trick is to arrive before noon to avoid the lines that form at some of the more popular coffee houses and cafes. Two not to be missed coffee houses are Cafe Sperl (and be sure to try their chocolate cake!) and Cafe Central. And, if you are missing your pet from home, a visit to Cafe Neko, Vienna’s own cat cafe, might do the trick.

Things to do in Vienna square with carriage-Kids Are A Trip
Take a carriage ride for a fun tour of the city.
Photo: Tamara Gruber

We fell in love with the beauty of Vienna and our 12 year old declared it her favorite city! The city is clean, safe, easy to navigate, and full of things to see and do for kids from toddlers to teens. When planning your trip, don’t miss these Vienna travel tips.

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