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21 Fantastic Things to Do in Valencia with Kids (2024)

Valencia is a beautiful city in Eastern Spain right on the coast of the stunning Mediterranean Sea. There is much to see and do with kids in this sunny city, from education to adventure to relaxing on white sand beaches with blue water and everything in between. No matter what you like to do as a family, we’re sure you’ll find something to please everyone in Valencia! Here are some of the best things to do in Valencia with kids!

21 Fantastic Things to do in Valencia with Kids

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Where to Stay in Valencia Spain

When staying in Valencia, you need to choose between staying near the beach or staying near the city. We recommend choosing the city as you will be close to the City of Arts and Sciences and most of the main attractions. You will be further away from the beach but spend less time there, so a central city location will serve you best as a family!

Stay close to the beach if you want to save a buck during your family holiday in Valencia. It will be less convenient, but you will find more affordable options with a better standard of care than budget options in the city center.

Where to Stay in Valencia with Kids


If your family wants room to spread out, consider these apartment rentals in the city center. Cleaning is included and they can arrange airport transfers.


Just a bit outside of the city center, this property offers spacious family rooms, free bicycle rentals, a fitness center, delicious breakfast, and a children’s playroom.

How to Get Around Valencia

If you are staying in the city center, the best way to get around Valencia is to walk or rent a bicycle if you feel extra active. If you plan to go outside the main attractions, renting a car or using the well-connected bus, metro, or tram lines is best.

21 Best Things to Do in Valencia with Kids

1. Visit the City of Arts and Sciences

This one-of-a-kind museum is one of the best things to do in Valencia for families! This museum is a city in and of itself and spans multiple city blocks.

City of Arts and Sciences things to do in Valencia with kids

Inside this city slash museum, you’ll find several attractions like the Prince Felipe Museum of Science, which feels like exhibits where touching is encouraged!

They have a kid’s area, a chicken egg incubator, and an open floor plan that allows you to watch the younger children more easily.

2. Oceanografic

Inside the City of Arts and Sciences, this massive aquarium has 10 areas, each representing different climates and habitats. Children can get close to sea life like turtles, walruses, and manatees or see a dolphin show.

If your kids are a little more adventurous, head to the wetlands, where they can roam freely with birds. 

3. Hemispheric

Another part of the City of Arts and Sciences, Hemispheric is a theatre with a Laserium, a Planetarium, and an IMAX 3-D cinema where the eyeball-shaped screen is something you must experience.

The films are educational and are offered in multiple languages, so this doubles as a fun way to help kids learn more about the area on their vacation.

4. Take in the views at the Valencian City Gate Towers

Valencia was once a walled city, and these towers double as remnants of the former city but also an excellent spot to catch views overlooking the rooftops. 

Castle view things to do in Valencia with kids

It’s important to note there is no elevator and a lot of stairs. While you can stop and take breaks, this might not be the best thing to do with tired kids at the end of the day. We recommend doing this early in the day when they have more energy, and it’s cooler.

5. Hang out in the Plaza de la Virgin 

After all that exploring, you and the kids might need a break, and the Plaza de la Virgen is the perfect open-air square for relaxing. Multiple cafes line the Plaza to grab drinks, snacks, or lunch, and there are plenty of street performers to keep the kids busy.

Bonus: this is a pedestrian-only square, so you don’t need to worry about car danger if the kids run around.

6. See colorful ninots at the Fallas Museum

In March, Valencia celebrates the “Las Fallas” festival, where mannequins (called ninots) are displayed throughout the city. They range from colorful and cool to comical to just plain weird.

At the end of the festival, the ninots are typically burned, but some lucky ones find their way to safety in the Fallas Museum. It’s a colorful place to learn about this unique festival, and the kids will love checking out the ninotes!

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7. Explore the Tin Soldier Museum

Where else can kids check out more than 95,000 miniature historical figurines? There are 14 rooms with various kinds of figurines in different categories, such as a Middle Ages or a Prehistory room with dinosaur figurines. It’s the largest museum of historical figurines in the world!

8. Check out the Natural Science Museum 

If you have children who love dinosaurs (and what kid doesn’t!), this museum is for you. While it’s smaller than the Museum of Art and Sciences, it’s still a great place to learn about prehistory and simultaneously see some huge dinosaur skeletons.

9. Play at Gulliver Park

In the center of Valencia, you’ll find a massive park with a playground designed to resemble Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travels.

Guliver park Valencia

The park is massive and full of stairs, ramps, slides, and ropes, making it fun for kids and adults.

10. Visit the Valencia Bioparc

Inside this 10-hectare zoo park in Valencia, families can feel like they’re getting a 2-for-one trip to Africa along with Spain!

Kids can explore grasslands, prairies, and savannahs and even get up and close with the animals that live there, as interaction is encouraged. Some of the animals roam completely free. 

Don’t worry, the lions are not included among those animals.

11. Relax at the Valencia Marina

Right between the commercial port and the seafront promenade, you’ll find the Valencia Marina, with wide open spaces where kids can walk, bike, or explore.

If you’re a more adventurous family, you could spend some time kayaking, sailing, or going on a boat ride.

To bring a little culture, visit the Veles e Vents building that hosts family-friendly events or eat some local food at one of the marina restaurants. 

12. Have a beach day at Malvarrosa Beach

Malvarrosa Beach is one of the more popular beaches in the area because it is just a few minutes from Valencia’s old town, making it perfect for a family beach day.

Valencia La Malvarrosa beach arenas in Spain

You’ll find restaurants and beach, towel, and chair rentals. Note: this beach can get busy in high season, so watch the kids running around or playing in the sand.

This won’t be a concern if you visit in the low season when there are fewer tourists. The same holds true for other Spanish beach destinations, such as Majorca in September or other fall months.

13. Have a picnic at Turia Garden

Valencia, with its many green spaces, is a city that is all about being outdoors. The Turia Gardens is one of the largest parks in the town and has all the bells and whistles you would want in a great park.

Here you will find walking trails, bike paths with bike rentals, and places to play. Some trails even connect to other attractions like the City of Arts and Sciences or Gullivers Park.

14. Get treats at Colon Market

While Colon Market is a little more touristy than other markets in Valencia, it has more kid-friendly options!

Colon Market Valencia Spain with kids

Inside, you’ll find all kinds of local shops, small eateries, and top-notch restaurants. The building is beautiful to see, and kids will love the bustling vibe of everyone exploring inside. Just keep an eye out, as there can be quite a few people during the high season!

One of the most popular things to try here is the creamy tiger nut drink, Horchata, or various kinds of ice cream made with tiger nuts. You can find this at Daniel Horchateria.

15. See the city on a Bus Tour

If you have kids with sore legs or who are just plain overheating, the Hop on Hop Off Bus is the perfect way to see the city more comfortably. You’ll be able to enjoy some AC and an audio guide in multiple languages.

Families will love riding on a double-decker while seeing the city’s top sites along either one of the routes the tour offers. Bonus: kids under 6 are free to ride the bus!

Our Favorite Valencia Tours for Families

16. Eat paella at La Pepica

Just a few minutes from Malvarrosa Beach, you’ll find the iconic La Pepica, one of the best places to Paella in the city it came from! While the inside of La Pepica is more formal, it has a beautiful terrace with a gorgeous view, making it the perfect lunch spot for your beach day.

While the seafood paella is the star here, they also offer a vegetarian paella that was once made for the Queen of Spain if your kids are less adventurous. 

17. Visit Albufera Nature Reserve

Since we’re on the topic of paella, why not visit the place where it was invented? At Albufera Nature Park, you can see rice paddies, take boat rides, or catch some of the city’s best sunsets.

La Albufera nature reserve Valencia province Spain

The nature preserve also has 6 well-marked walking paths if you prefer to walk around the park.

It’s important to note that the park is around 10km outside the city. If you have a car, it’s under 30 minutes. Families relying on public transportation can expect an hour bus ride with one change.

18. Go back in time at the Almoina Archaeological Museum

If your kids ever want to time travel, this is the place to experience it. Kids can wander through open-air Roman ruins and explore excavated streets and bathhouses while walking on the glass walkways.

Aside from exploration, there are educational videos about ancient times so kids can understand exactly what they are exploring.

Spain itinerary

19. Visit the LEGO Fun Factory

Located in the AquaMultiespacio Shopping Center, you’ll find the massive LEGO play space in two LEGO Classic and LEGO Duplo areas.

There are age restrictions for each section, and the LEGO Classic area provides supervisors for your kids while they play. It’s up to you to supervise in the LEGO Duplo area.

The theme changes every few months, and it’s always free to visit!

20. Jump around at Fun Jump

While this might not be the most “Spanish” thing to do, it’s certainly one of the most fun things to do in Valencia with kids!

This trampoline park has 26,000 square feet of jumping space and other activities like foam blocks and rock climbing. It’s a great way to burn off the extra sugar rush after an ice cream at the Colon market!

21. Go on a Day Trip

If you have a few extra days in the city, there are many fantastic day trips from Valencia to explore more of Spain. Kids of all ages will love heading to Xativa with its massive castle or, if visiting in August, check out Buñol for the tomato-throwing festival!

Xativa spain castle
Isn’t Xativa gorgeous?

If you don’t mind a longer drive, you can spend some time in the Spanish Capital, Madrid, in just two hours by train.

Tips for Visiting Valencia with Kids

  • Pack Reusable Water Bottles – Valencia can get warm, especially in the summer. Keep everyone hydrated by carrying reusable water bottles. You’ll find plenty of fountains around the city to refill them.
  • Plan Around Nap Times – Many shops and attractions close in the afternoon for siesta. Use this time to rest with your little ones, avoiding the hottest part of the day.
  • Late Dinners– Remember, locals eat dinner late. If your kids can’t adjust to eating dinner at 9 PM or later, look for restaurants that cater to tourists or have a snack to tide them over.
  • Valencia’s Awesome Transit – The city has an efficient and kid-friendly public transport system. Consider getting a Valencia Tourist Card for free public transport and discounts on attractions.
Best things to do in Valencia with kids.


Is Valencia Kid Friendly?

Yes – Valencia is very kid-friendly! It’s a city that offers a variety of things to do for families, from educational to relaxing to cultural! 

How Many Days in Valencia is Enough?

If you want to see the main tourist sites, you need 3 days in the city. Those who want to go out on a day trip or have a beach day will need 4-5 days in Valencia. 

If you only have a weekend in Valencia it will be very busy packed, much like if you only spent a weekend exploring Madrid.

Is Valencia Worth Visiting?

Yes, Valencia is absolutely worth visiting. It offers a laid-back getaway with culture, history, beautiful beaches, and incredible food.

There are so many things to do in Valencia with kids, from beaches to science and animals. A trip to this sunny Spanish city will surely be one your family will never forget!