17 Fabulous Things to Do in Sevilla with Kids

Sevilla is an excellent European city to visit on a family vacation. Despite being Spain’s fourth largest city, it’s surprisingly compact and walkable. The year-round pleasant climate of Southern Spain makes it enjoyable to spend as much time as possible in Sevilla with kids wandering through its many plazas and parks. The city’s many beautiful buildings and festivities like Holy Week mean there’s always something to catch the eye of young children!

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Sevilla is a great place to visit with the whole family as the city’s selection of museums, theme parks, churches, and other attractions offer plenty to do for younger children and older kids. This guide covers everything you need to know to plan a multi-day itinerary in Sevilla with kids including top tips for travel, where to stay, eat, and all the best things to do!

How To Travel To Sevilla

There aren’t currently any direct flights from North America to Sevilla Airport (SVQ). However, this local airport is connected to over 84 airports in Europe and North Africa so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a connection in a busy travel hub like Paris or Frankfurt.

The number of flights to Spain ramp up during the summer months so you’ll have more options then. Alternatively, you might find flights to other cities nearby like Málaga (AGP) where you can easily rent a car or take public transport.

If you are traveling within Spain or from France or Portugal, you might prefer to take public transport. Sevilla Santa Justa Train Station is the city’s main train station and there are two main bus stations: Prado de San Sebastian and Plaza de Armas Bus Station. Renfe is Spain’s national train provider and Alsa is Spain’s largest bus company.

How To Get Around Sevilla

Although Sevilla is large by Spain’s standards, many of the city’s top attractions are only a short walk away from each other. For example, you can get from the Sevilla Cathedral to Torre del Oro in seven minutes!

If you don’t want to tire out your younger kids by walking too much or you need to get across the city center, there are bus and metro options. Sevilla currently has one metro line with 22 stations although three other lines are in the works. 

TUSSAM is Sevilla’s city bus company and they offer 44 bus lines during the day and 10 at night. The city’s bus stations (Prado de San Sebastian and Plaza de Armas) and larger bus stops have ticket machines. At the stations, you have the option to buy a rechargable card which will make the price of single journeys cheaper.

Where To Stay in Sevilla With Kids

On the luxury end of the scale, the five-star Hotel Mercer Sevilla is the perfect place to stay in this city with kids. Rooms are spacious and you have the option of booking adjoining rooms if you are traveling with older kids or extended family. There’s also a rooftop pool so the entire family can cool off during the midday heat.

Seville Giralda tower orange tree spring

Another centrally-located option is the four-star Hotel Las Casas de La Judería. This boutique hotel also has a huge rooftop pool. Its interiors are less slick with rustic beams and bright Spanish colors, but all the amenities are modern. The courtyard is perfect for family breakfasts.

If you prefer to have access to a kitchen and separate rooms (a must when traveling with babies and young kids with early bedtimes!), Aquitania Home Suites is a good option. Located near Metropol Parasol, this apartment hotel offers a clean and minimalist suite. Top-floor apartments also have access to a pool!

Restaurants in Sevilla With Kids

Southern Spain is the home of tapas which are small plates of Spanish food. Tapas bars are some of the best places to eat in Sevilla with kids because you can dine family-style and they can sample lots of different dishes.

Two well-located tapas restaurants to take your kids to are Islamorada Tapas Bar and Doña Encarna. The former describes itself as an ‘international’ tapas bar because it serves crowd-pleasing dishes to suit different tastes and age ranges.

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Doña Encarna is bright and airy and they are super kid-friendly with high chairs and changing tables in the bathrooms. Note that some tapas restaurants close late afternoon and don’t reopen until around seven or eight in the evening.

Billy Brunch Sevilla is a great all-day brunch restaurant. They serve international breakfast dishes like pancakes and eggs benedict as well as local foodie fare like Spanish omelets (or tortillas) and tangine.

And don’t forget sweet treats! Head to El Torno Pasteleria de Conventos de Clausura which sells cakes and cookies made by nuns. Heladería Bolas is the go-to place for ice cream in Sevilla.

Top Things To Do in Sevilla With Kids

1. Plaza de España

Sevilla’s landmark city square, you absolutely cannot visit this city without exploring Plaza de España. Orange circles line a huge half-circle water feature which is enclosed by an opulent building with government offices. Mosaics decorate the columns and bridges and the closer you look, the more details and beauty you will find.

Plaza de Espana Sevilla
Kids will love running through this plaza and looking for fish in the water!

Visiting Plaza de España is the first thing you should do when traveling to Sevilla with kids as this plaza is a huge reason why it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Just keep an extra close watch on them; it can get busy!

2. La Giralda Tower

Originally built as a minaret for the Great Mosque of Sevilla, La Giralda is a reconstructed 16th-century bell tower and part of Sevilla Cathedral. This 343 ft/105 m tower is worth visiting just for the incredible views you get of the beautiful city of Sevilla!

You can purchase a combo ticket to visit the cathedral and La Giralda and there are only 34 wide sloping ramps and 17 steps to reach the top.

3. Real Alcázar of Sevilla

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Real Alcázar of Sevilla (Royal Alcazar of Seville) is a royal palace that was first built as a Moorish fort in the 14th century. This sprawling complex is lined with palm trees and boasts an opulent Islamic exterior with courtyards, mosaics, and reflecting pools.

Real Alcazar Sevilla Spain

It’s one of the best things to do in Sevilla with kids because, between the gardens and many palace rooms, there is so much to see. Kids under 13 also have free entrance! The best time to visit the Real Alcazar is in the morning before the hottest part of the day.

4. Watch a Flamenco Show

A great way to enjoy Andalucían culture with your kids is to book tickets to a family-friendly flamenco show. 

Tablao Flamenco El Patio Sevillano has offered dinner theater experiences since 1952. Another option is El Museo del Baile Flamenco which programs hour-long flamenco performances every evening.

5. Isla Mágica and Agua Mágica

Summer is a great time to visit Sevilla for warm weather but your kids might not feel like walking around historic attractions on a super hot day. Instead, head to the Isla Magica theme park with its own water park, Agua Magica, inside!

Isla Mágica is a ‘New World’ themed amusement park with tons of rollercoasters and live experiences with Agua Mágica providing the water slides. The only thing is that the park is not open year-round, only from April, but all-day passes start at €15 for children so it’s an affordable day out!

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6. Join a Food Tour

A guided tour of the local markets and tapas bars is the best way to experience the best of Sevilla’s culinary culture and gain a deeper understanding of the city. With an expert and passionate tour guide, this Andalucían food tour with tastings is the perfect introduction to Sevillian cuisine for the whole family.

You will visit Triana Market, sample tapas at the market, and at least two tapas bars, and wash it down with tea, coffee, wine, or a soft drink. The lunchtime tour is perfect for younger kids.

7. Parque de María Luisa

Measuring 34 hectares, Parque de Maria Luisa was donated to Sevilla in the 19th century and it’s the most beautiful park in the city.

It has absolutely everything you’d want in a park when in Sevilla with kids including several playgrounds, beautiful gardens with blooming flowers, walking trails, water fountains, monuments, and statues.

Parque Maria Luisa Sevilla with kids

Actually, the only fun thing that Maria Luisa Park doesn’t have is a duck pond. To feed the ducks or watch them swim, head to Parque de los Príncipes just across the Guadalquivir River.

8. Metropol Parasol

Inspired by tree canopies and the vaults of Sevilla Cathedral, the Metropol Parasol is a colossal wooden structure built in Plaza de la Encarnación in 2013 to revive a quiet area. Long story short, it worked! 

This wooden platform – also called Setas de Sevilla because the structure resembles mushrooms – provides shade and seating and also has a ticketed viewing platform.

Spain itinerary

9. Sevilla Aquarium

Also known as Acuario de Sevilla, you can’t visit Sevilla with kids without putting the Seville Aquarium on your itinerary. 

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It houses over 500 species of sealife separated into themed ecosystems like the Atlantic, the African Savannah, and marine species local to the Guadalquivir. Its most famous attraction is its tunnel shark tank which allows you to walk along a hallway surrounded by bull sharks! Book tickets ahead so you can save money on family passes.

10. Explore the Guadalquivir River

Guadalquivir River runs right through the city and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. There are lots of fun ways to experience this part of Sevilla with kids!

Guadalquivir River Sevilla night

Families can enjoy a 90-minute yacht cruise with refreshments if you’d rather sit back and relax. More active options include a self-guided kayak tour or a sunset paddleboarding experience.

11. Walk Through Barrio de Santa Cruz

Barrio de Santa Cruz is the old Jewish Quarter of Sevilla. It’s where you’ll find the Real Alcázar and narrow streets lined with orange trees and souvenir shops. 

This is the best neighborhood to just wander around and get lost in! With any luck, you’ll stumble across a hidden gem of a courtyard or a pretty local church.

12. Day Trips to Gibraltar, Ronda, or Córdoba

Visiting Sevilla with kids for more than three days? Take a day trip to explore other fun places in Spain kids will love!

Just 45 minutes from Sevilla, Córdoba is known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with historic religious buildings like the Great Mosque.

Ronda is a small, mountaintop city famous for the 18th-century Puente Nuevo arch bridge crossing the deep El Tajo Gorge around 80 miles from Sevilla.

Gibraltar is 125 miles south of Sevilla and is a British Overseas Territory filled with fortresses, so don’t forget your passports.

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13. La Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas

Sometimes shortened to La Reserva Andalucía, The Guardas Castle Reserve is one of the most spectacular nature reserves and wildlife parks in Europe. This 400-hectare stretch of rolling hills is home to over 100 species such as lions, elephants, and zebras kept in semi-open enclosures.

The best way to visit the reserve is to rent a car and drive there, as the best way to see the animals is by driving along the tour route. It’s probably one of the closest experiences to an African safari in Europe.

14. Casa de la Ciencia

Casa de la Ciencia is a small museum is a great place to visit in Sevilla with kids. It’s a science museum located in the city center next to Plaza de España with a planetarium and lots of interactive displays covering archaeology, natural sciences, and more. 

You’ll find lots of cool rocks and gemstones in the gift shop which make great souvenirs.

15. Sevilla Cathedral

Known in Spanish as Catedral de Sevilla (Cathedral of Seville), this 16th-century church is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest in the entire world! It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with La Giralda Tower and it’s a must-visit in Sevilla with kids.

Sevilla Catedral

You might be surprised to know that the tomb of Christopher Columbus is located in this cathedral, which is probably someone your kids have heard about! Buy a combination ticket to visit the cathedral and head up the La Giralda Tower too.

16. Torre del Oro

Another tower worth visiting in Sevilla’s Triana neighborhood is Torre del Oro translating to ‘The Golden Tower’. While the origins of its name are disputed, this defensive watchtower was built around 1220 to control access to the Guadalquivir River.

You can see this tower best from the river, but it also houses Sevilla’s Maritime Museum so you can check out the inside too. Don’t worry if your kids whiz around the museum as tickets are under €5!

17. Itálica

Finally, the last top thing to do in Sevilla with kids is the ancient, Roman city of Itálica. It’s approximately a 20-minute drive northwest of Sevilla. Check this highly-rated half-day guided tour of Itálica from Sevilla to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Itálica is considered to be the first Roman township ever built on the Iberian Peninsula and was the birthplace of emperors Trajan and Hadrian. Visit the majestic Roman Theater, the ‘domus’ houses of the upper classes, and other ruins in this fascinating settlement. You’ll have archaeologists in the making after a family trip here!

Experience the Best Things To Do in Sevilla With Kids

As the biggest city in Spain’s Andalucía region, there really are tons of things to do in Sevilla with kids that make it a good place to visit on a family trip. It’s easy to spend lots of time outside in Parque de María Luisa, eat lots of local food, and soak up the culture.