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The Most Beautiful Places in Slovenia You Must Visit

Slovenia is a beautiful country nestled close to Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. It’s a cultural destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Explore its many diverse regions, including skiing in the Alps, touring castles, and relaxing on the beach. There are many places and fun activities to see and do on your trip, so we are helping to narrow down the most beautiful places in Slovenia you don’t want to miss.

Beautiful Places Not to Miss in Slovenia-Kids Are A Trip

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Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

Each time of year offers different activities depending on where you go and what you like to do. In the summer months, you can visit gorgeous beaches along the coast, take a stroll through a small town, go on a guided tour of a medieval castle, or explore the surrounding area’s natural beauty and hiking trails.

Maribor Slovenia
The town of Maribor

During the winter months, take advantage of outdoor activities in the eastern alps, enjoy the panoramic views from the mountain tops, or go skiing, followed by a trip to a ski resort.

No matter where you are in the country, there are always things you can do to explore its rich history and breathtaking landscapes. Start by taking a short hike around the small island in the middle of the lake outside Ljubljana or take an easy day trip to nearby beautiful towns and walk through the city center.

If you don’t want to rent a car in Europe, you can take a boat trip or public transportation to major destinations throughout the entire country.           

When is the Best Time to Visit Slovenia

The best time to visit Slovenia depends on your favorite activities and what you want to do while in this tiny country. Every season has its advantages, and Slovenia is worth visiting during each one.

  • June through August: Summer is the height of the tourist season for a reason. The gorgeous 80-degree weather is perfect for outdoor activities and nature lovers who want to explore this fairy tale country. 
  • September through October: Autumn has cooler weather with beautiful changes in the landscape and bright colors in the mountains. It’s comparable to the weather in New England and takes a sharp turn toward winter. This is a great time to eat in cafés, go for a short drive around the countryside, and take a tour of a castle.  
  • November through March: Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of the ski season in the snowy mountains and gorgeous scenic towns. Travel to the surrounding mountain ranges and take a dip in the hot tub at a ski resort.
  • April through May: Spring has low traffic and is a time when local shops start opening up again. This is a slow tourist season and is the perfect way to see beautiful cities and hidden gems without a crowd. 

Beautiful Places in Slovenia – Beaches

The beaches in this small country range from sandy and great for sunbathing to pebbly or even rocky. Slovenia’s beaches are along the Adriatic coast, and the water temperature is cool even in the summer months.    


The fishing village of Izola, close to Strunjan Park, is home to Svetilnik beach. This sandy shore beach is a popular place for tourists and locals alike to enjoy peaceful sunsets and take walks along the boardwalk.

Portorož Beach

This is one of the most popular beach destinations in the country. This sandy beach sits next to the resort town of Portorož along the Adriatic sea.

After spending some time in the sun, walk into the main town, and enjoy a late lunch or ice cream cone at a small café in the nearby town.

Portorož Beach

Mesečev Zaliv Beach

Translated as Moon Bay, this beach is on the Slovenian Riviera, and the Strunjan Nature Park is within walking distance.

It’s known locally as the Beli Kriz (the White Cross Beach) because of the white cross that sits on the large cliff overlooking the beach.

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Mestna Beach

This pebbly beach is located in Koper, the largest coastal town in Slovenia. It is close to the Italian border, so this beach often sees many Italian tourists. This busy beach is best in the early morning hours before the crowds arrive. 

Best Cities in Slovenia 

The small cities in Slovenia are more like idyllic towns you would find in central Europe. They are the perfect place to spend a day eating, touring, and getting to know the locals.


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. You can take walking tours, eat local food, and visit Ljubljana Castle.  

If you want to taste some of the local food, visit the city’s food halls. There’s an indoor market, Plečnik’s Covered Market, and Open Kitchen Market, featuring local chefs.

Ljubljana Slovenia canal

Don’t miss the popular food market at the end of the famous Dragon Bridge. This bridge was built in 1901 and features four life-size dragon statues, one on each end of the bridge.     

You can also visit the stunning St. Nicholas Cathedral, or take a day trip to Lake Bled. While there you must visit Castle Bled, which is built on an overlook with epic lake views. 

This is the largest city in the country and certainly one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.


Piran is one of three major cities of Istria and is known for its bustling harbor, cafes, and historic atmosphere. 

One of the first things you should do is visit Tartini Square in the middle of the city. It’s adjacent to the harbor and the perfect place for people-watching or enjoying a bite to eat.

Piran Slovenia Beautiful Places to Visit

The Church of St. George sits at the top of a nearby hill and is a great place to take in the views of the surrounding countryside. 

You can also walk the medieval walls built in the 15th century by Italy to protect against invading Turks. These thick stone walls really take you back in time!


This beautiful town is known for the Old Vine House and the world’s oldest grape vines that are over 400 years old. There’s also the Vinag Wine Cellar, one of the oldest wine cellars in Europe.

Climb to the top of Pyramid Hill for gorgeous city views or explore the City Park and historic Old Town.


Koper is the largest town of the Slovenian coast, showcasing Italian architecture, a beautiful waterfront, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Be sure to tour the Praetorian Palace, built in the 15th century, modeled after Gothic and Rennaissance styles. Or take a trip to Vinakoper Winery and vineyard to sample the local wines and tour the facilities. 

At sunset, climb the bell tower at Koper Cathedral to see incredible views of the surrounding countryside and coastline. 

Beautiful Places in Slovenia for Outdoor Adventures

Slovenia is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers make this an ideal place to visit for outdoor activities. Some of the best things to do include hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, and skiing.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful lakes you’ll ever see. It’s a 45-minute drive from the capital city of Ljubljana, with a gorgeous island right in its center.

On the island is the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. If you want to visit the idyllic Bled Island you will need to take a Pletna boat. It’s quite similar to a gondola and the driver will paddle you across the lake. They will wait for you to explore (about an hour or so) and then return you to your departure spot.

Lake Bled Slovenia Bled island

Another popular spot to visit is Bled Castle. This stone structure was built in 1011 and is the oldest castle in Slovenia. It’s a can’t-miss with stunning views, a museum, wine tasting, and a restaurant right in the castle. You can hike, drive, bike, or take a carriage ride to the castle.

Another fun activity is to take a chair lift up the hill and ride a fast toboggan back down at Straža Bled.

Soča River

The crystal clear emerald waters wind through the forests at the foot of the Julian Alps and the Soca Valley. It is one of the more unique spots to visit in Slovenia.

Take a hike to the waterfalls or go swimming, kayaking, or fishing in its peaceful waters.

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park is in the Julian Alps and its highest peak is Mount Triglav, at 9396 feet high.

This national park has been protected since 1924 and contains the Radovna River Gorge and Devil’s Bridge.

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Take a scenic drive along the winding roads and stop to go hiking or visit roaring waterfalls.

Julian Alps

The Julian Alps span from Italy through Slovenia, with the highest peak in Slovenia. They cover much of the country and are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities any time of year.

Take a hike over the pass to see amazing views of Italy and Austria, as well as Slovenia.

And don’t pass up the opportunity to go to the Škofja Loka Museum or Beekeeping Museum too!

Vintgar Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge is famous for its scenic views and sheer canyon walls that reach 150 to 300 feet high. The Radnova River flows through the gorge and ends at the largest waterfall in the country, Šum Waterfall.

Vintgar Gorge Beautiful places in Slovenia

Wooden boardwalks named the Žumer Galleries were erected in 1893 and allow visitors to walk for miles along the valley above the river.

Unique Places to Visit in Slovenia

Along with scenic views, outdoor activities, and gorgeous beaches, there are some very unique places you have to put on your must-visit list. 

Predjama Castle

This 800-year-old castle was built in 1274 into the side of a 400-foot-high cliff. It’s most famous for housing Erasmus Luegg in the 15th century and the subsequent siege. It’s a well-known story that Erasmus took advantage of a secret passageway that leads out of the castle to get supplies for the people during the siege. This happens to sit on top of the largest castle cave system in the world.  

Predjama Castle Slovenia

Take a tour through its interesting museum to see how people lived hundreds of years ago. When you’re ready for a break, stop and enjoy lunch in a small local town. 

Postojna Cave

Underneath Predjama Castle is the second-largest cave system in the country, a combination of natural formations and man-made excavations. 

The cave is home to a large colony of bats that you can see flying in and out at dusk. It also contains the only double-track railway tour in a cave system, and it stretches for over 2 miles.

Drawings on the walls date back as far as 1213 and the caves became famous in 1819 when Archduke Ferdinand visited. Electric lights were introduced in 1884, which made these caves a real tourist destination. 

Sečovlje Salt Flats

These salt pans have been active since the 13th century and span 1600 acres outside of the city of Piran. They are panned using traditional methods, which retain the high-quality flavor of the salt. Take a tour of the salt flats to see how salt is harvested.

This area is also home to over 296 different species of birds, which means it’s a great place for birdwatching. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars on this day trip. 

Lipica Stud Farm

This horse breeding farm in the Karst region was founded in 1580 and is famous for producing some of the most gorgeous horses in the world.

Take a tour to see the world-renowned white Lippizan horses, go for a ride, visit the stables, or watch a riding show or training. 

After you’ve seen the horses, take a tour through the local museum to learn about the farm’s history.    

Solkan Bridge

This 180-foot-high bridge over the Soca river is the second longest bridge in the world with the most extensive stone arch in the world.

Solkan bridge Slovenia

It’s a beautiful place to visit, but don’t miss out on the heart-dropping bungee jumping that happens right from the bridge by daring souls.

Strap in by the ankles, dive over the side, and gently drop to a boat that takes you to shore, all in about 20 minutes.

Plan Your Most Beautiful Places in Slovenia Itinerary

Slovenia is a beautiful country to visit year-round. It has many activities you can do in the summer and the winter. The only thing you need to do is choose which destinations make up your Slovenia itinerary.

Visit the idyllic towns and beaches where you can eat in cafes, go sightseeing, take a tour of a cathedral, or go sunbathing. 

After you’ve visited the cities, head into the mountains for outdoor fun. This country is truly stunning, with emerald rivers, waterfalls, plentiful hiking trails, fishing, and mountain biking opportunities. 

Don’t forget to take a road trip to see some of the more unique places and activities. This includes panning in salt flats, taking a ride at a 400-hundred-year-old horse farm, and visiting a world-class stone bridge to take a plunge into the water below. All of these attractions will surely create the trip of a lifetime!