Plan a Trip to Chicago with Moon Chicago Travel Guidebook

I have long been a fan of using travel guides to plan trips. In fact, on my very first trip abroad over twenty years ago, I’m pretty sure I packed no less than three books for my travels. It’s still my go-to method for planning trips overseas, but I have to be honest, I rarely use one at home. That might change with my recent discovery of the Moon Chicago travel guidebook. Not only does the book take an in depth look at the city, it lays out itinerary ideas, restaurant suggestions, and recommended day trips too. Even a local like myself can appreciate a book that digs deeper and shares all the best insider tips for visiting Chicago.

Next time you're visiting the Windy City, be sure to grab a Moon Chicago travel guidebook. Filled with everything you need to plan a trip, you won't be disappointed! - Kids Are A Trip

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Why You Should Use Moon Travel Guide Chicago to Plan A Trip

A Chicago guidebook by a local

Chicago can be overwhelming for a visitor. We have many transportation options, must see sights, and top notch restaurants. Thankfully, the Moon Chicago author is local Rebecca Holland, who lays everything out in easy to follow sections. Her neighborhood walks provide all the information one needs to do a self-guided tour in the city. They include maps, highlights along the route, historical information, and even spots to stop for a bite to eat. I plan to check out a few of these with my kids this summer so we can dig deeper into some of the city neighborhoods. I’m thrilled she did the research so I don’t have to!

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An in depth look at where to stay in Chicago

One of the most difficult things to find when planning a stay in Chicago is the perfect accommodation. Moon Chicago travel guidebook covers everything from budget, to location, to best hotel bars. There are several hotels in the guidebook I have considered in the past, but wasn’t quite sure they were a fit. Rebecca’s insight let’s me know where I need to stay on our next staycation. The guidebook also shares some cool history about the city’s hotels, including their architectural details and famous guests.

Moon Chicago Travelguide Visit Chicago-Kids Are A Trip

Well rounded suggestions for all visitors

Odds are, not every traveler in a group will have the same tastes. Moon Chicago shares ideas for sports fanatics, culture/art lovers, and shopaholics. Everything is organized by color, with each tabbed section representing different activities to enjoy. Many will enjoy the “Nightlife” section with well researched bars, dance clubs, and comedy clubs in various Chicago neighborhoods. The “Arts and Culture” section covers everything from performing arts to public art. “Activities” shares ideas for sports fans and includes outdoor activities to enjoy while in the city, from bike rentals to beaches. Those with an affinity for shopping, will love the “Shops” section, covering everything from food to clothing to art.

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There’s more to Chicago than “The Bean”.

It includes day trips from Chicago

Some of the best places to explore in Chicago aren’t in the city proper and I love that the author shares this knowledge with the readers. There are itinerary ideas for multiple days trips, and each one includes sights, restaurants, shops, hotels, and transportation options. The plans are very well researched and valuable for anyone, including those familiar with these areas.

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What everyone needs for a visit to Chicago

Chicago, like many big cities, can be overwhelming for visitors. It’s extremely helpful to have a game plan before arrival. The final section of Moon Chicago is dedicated to “Essentials”, everything one could possibly need to navigate the city. Travelers can find transportation tips, safety information, and the location of the visitors center. It’s nice to have all of these in one place for easy reference.

Moon Chicago travel guidebook has caused me to see Chicago in a new light, and I’m making plans to explore places I haven’t been before. Looks like I’ll be set for months to come!

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