Best Tours in Rome for Families That Won’t Disappoint! (2024)

The Italian capital is a great city to visit with kids of all ages. Rome’s history stretches back thousands of years and the city’s ancient ruins are sure to impress the whole family. Sometimes the size and grandeur of the Eternal City can overwhelm younger kids. Luckily, many tour companies in Rome offer family-friendly tours allowing you to skip long lines, learn from enthusiastic guides, and create lasting memories. This guide includes only the best tours in Rome for families from city tours to cooking classes to full-day excursions.

Not to Miss Tours in Rome for Families

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Best Rome Tours with Kids

Free Walking Tours in Rome Italy

City Walking Tour

First time visiting Rome? Traveling on a budget? No problem, the Free Walking Tours of Rome is the perfect tour for you and your family.

This two-hour city tour meets at the Spanish Steps in the city center twice during the peak season. They offer morning and afternoon tours.

St Peters Basilica Vatican City Rome

In the morning, your English-speaking tour guide will lead a group of no more than 20 through the historic center. Along the way, they will provide a brief overview of ancient Roman history and modern daily life.

Some of the sights you will visit date back to the Roman Empire, including the Column of Marcus Aurelius, the Temple of Hadrian, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and Castel Sant’Angelo with a view of St. Peter’s Basilica.

If you take the afternoon tour, expect to explore different landmarks like an ancient Roman Aqueduct, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forums, and outside the Colosseum.

Most major European cities offer free walking tours where you can tip your guides at the end of the tour. Due to their huge popularity, Rome Free Walking Tours requires a deposit of €1 to confirm your booking. We recommend a tip in cash or card once the tour is finished!

These cheap tours are a great way to see the highlights of a new city and welcome travelers of all ages.

Best Food Tours Rome

Pizza Making Class

Booking a pizza-making class on a vacation to Rome is a no-brainer. This local, unique experience is something the entire family (and your taste buds) will enjoy! Rome4Kids Tours runs some of the best family tours in the city. They offer both private and group pizza-making classes in Rome for kids.

This one-hour workshop is located in a real pizzeria near Piazza Navona so it’s in a super central location. The class is held twice a day around lunch and dinner time. It is the perfect amount of time for the attention spans of young children. They will love learning new cooking skills in a fun, hands-on way. 

Drinks are included and, of course, you get to eat your creation at the end! 

Gelato Making Class

Everyone knows the best way to enjoy pizza is to follow it with a scoop or two of gelato afterward. Learn how to make authentic Italian gelato (different from ice cream!) in this highly-rated, private gelato-making class.

Gelato in a cone

Private classes allow the chef to give you special attention. Families will have ample time to ask questions about the gelato-making process. Everyone can wear fun aprons and chef hats and try a second gelato flavor in addition to the one you will make together.

Rome Culinary Food Tour

A walking tour of the city’s top culinary delights is one of the best Rome tours you can take, with or without kids. Secret Food Tours runs fantastic food tours all over the world. We highly recommend adding their top-rated Rome food tour to your vacation.

Sample Roman pasta, authentic cannoli, lots of ham, salami, cheese, fresh pizza, gelato, and a signature secret dish. The company offers a private option which is a sensible idea when traveling with younger children. You can easily skip visiting coffee shops for espressos and wine pairings if you would prefer.

This tour lasts over three hours, which is great value! Another option is a tour with a private guide. This will allow you to travel at your own pace to make sure the whole family has a great time.

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Twilight Trastevere Food Tour

Most will agree the best area for authentic Roman dishes and a true Rome experience is the neighborhood of Trastevere across the River Tiber. Check out this perfect tour of the culinary scene in Trastevere at Twilight if you’re traveling with older kids.

Italy food tour

On this incredible four-hour tour, dine out on the best street food at restaurants like Da Enzo al 29 and ‘Spirito Divino. Expect to visit ancient wine cellars and listen to interesting stories about the neighborhood as you walk through it. You will learn how to spot fake gelato while gorging on the best gourmet scoops you’ve ever tasted.

It’s hands down one of the best tours in Rome for families with teenage kids, though children aged four and up are very welcome. You can choose the group tour option or enjoy a private tour to explore Trastevere your way!

Riding Tours in Rome

Bike Ride at Night

Rome’s historical center is huge. It’s full of incredible archaeological sites and iconic landmarks which would take you many days to explore on foot. Get out of the midday heat and save little legs by booking this cool e-bike tour of Rome by night!

Cycling tour Rome

Over three hours, you can tick off many iconic spots on your Rome hit list as well as have a fun time with your family. Just some of the stops include Oppian Hill (one of the best views of Rome!), the Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and Capitoline Hill.

Enjoy the sunset as well as the architecture of this beautiful city. This is one of the best Rome kids tours because they offer options for kids of all ages. You can request child seats, a trailer bike, or a child-sized bike so no one is left out.

Rome Golf Cart Tours

Another fun way to explore Rome on wheels is to book a golf cart tour for the whole family. Venture on a golf cart tour along Rome’s Appian Way or explore Rome’s seven hills on a golf cart tour with Rolling Rome.

On a two-and-a-half-hour tour of the Appia Antica Roman road, head out of the crowded city and see important ancient sites. You will travel past the Aurelian Walls and the Baths of Caracalla followed by an underground tour of the Catacombs of Rome.

Italy guide

On the three-hour tour of Rome’s hills, you will visit over a dozen places including the famous Mouth of Truth from Roman Holiday, the Arch of Janus, and the Knights of Malta keyhole. Most of these spots are in or close to the historic center on top of famous Roman peaks like Capitoline, Aventine, and Palatine Hill.

Both of these tours of Rome are private. Not only are they two of the best kids’ tours of Rome, but they are both ideal if you’re traveling with older family members with limited mobility too. 

History Tours in Rome

Gladiator School

Rome’s Gladiator School is exactly as awesome as it sounds. We are sure your kids will be talking about this experience for years.

Known as Gruppo Storico Romano in Italian, your children can take part in a two-hour lesson where they will learn how to become gladiators. They will be just as fierce as those who fought in the Colosseum during the times of Ancient Rome.

Flytographer ad - Kids Are A Trip

Passionate child-friendly guides with years of experience will teach your kids about the history of gladiatorial fights. They are provided with armor and (wooden) weapons as instructors teach them the skills necessary to ‘compete’ in one of the ‘bloody’ games at the end of the session.

Free drinks, a small snack, and free entrance to the Gladiator Museum of Rome are included in this experience.

Sistine Chapel

Visiting the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel can be a busy, overwhelming experience for adults, let alone kids! But you can’t visit Rome with kids without witnessing the beauty of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Make the most of your visit to the holy Vatican City by booking an early morning express tour of the Sistine Chapel or a Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel tour with Context Travel.

Sistine Chapel Rome with kids

Both tours offer skip-the-line tickets. The early morning express tour of the Sistine Chapel is semi-private for up to six people and lasts one hour and 45 minutes. On the Vatican tour of both the museums and the Sistine Chapel, you can book the small-group or private option which lasts around three hours.

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There are two of the best tours in Rome for families visiting Vatican City. You can choose the tour that makes sense for the age and interests of your kids. We promise your family will be glad you booked ahead and aren’t stuck waiting in a huge line outside in the baking sun!


Visiting Rome without a stop at the Colosseum is like visiting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef but not snorkeling. It has to be done! Luckily, the scale and history of this Seventh Wonder of the World are sure to impress even the most unfazed kids.

If you want to take a Colosseum family tour, there are so many great ones. This express Colosseum tour for kids is a classic. The private family tour lasts two-and-a-half hours and includes a skip-the-line ticket, games, a treasure hunt, and prizes to engage little ones. 

Best tours in Rome for families Colosseum

Booking a private, underground Colosseum tour will give you access to areas of this ancient ruin which are usually restricted to the general. Both the underground tour of the Colosseum and the underground Colosseum tour with LivTours include skip-the-line tickets.

On either tour, you can visit the underground where animals were kept for gladiator fights, all levels of the structure, access to the exhibition, and further exploration at the Roman Forum.


Visiting the subterranean burial chambers of Rome’s Catacombs is a fun thing to do with children who are intrigued by spooky and macabre places. One of the best tours in Rome for families of the Catacombs is this private Catacombs tour.

With over 2,000 years of history underneath Rome, it is a great place to learn about Roman gods, pagan temples, and Christian crypts. There are even graves of some of the first popes in the Rome Catacombs!

This tour goes the extra mile by offering luxury transfers to the city center. It lasts three hours and since it’s a private tour, you can linger at places or skip whatever you want.

Day Trips in Rome


Only two and a half hours south of Rome, Pompeii is the perfect place for a fascinating and educational day trip. However, the hassle of renting a car and driving on windy Italian roads is no one’s idea of fun!

LivTours offers a fantastic semi-private, small-group day tour of Pompeii or you can book a private day tour to Pompeii and Capua with Tours of Pompeii.

Pompeii walking tour with kids

Pompeii is an ancient Roman city near Naples whose residents tragically perished in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. They were preserved under the ash for over a century until excavations began and unearthed this window to the past.

LivTours works with an archaeologist in Pompeii who will show you around the site and answer any questions. Tours are limited to six people and include transfers to and from Rome in a luxury van.

Tours of Pompeii also includes transfers but has an extra stop in Capua, a city north of Naples with some fabulous ruins. This is also an opportunity to visit the second-largest Roman amphitheater after the Colosseum and all the top sites in Pompeii including the Vettii House, the Baths, the Forum, and the House of Faunus. 

Ostia Antica

Do you only have space in your itinerary for a half-day tour? Viator offers five-hour private tours of Ostia Antica from Rome

This ancient Roman port town is only 17 miles away from Rome. Kids of all ages (even those in strollers!) are welcome on this tour which includes hotel pick-up, a driver, and a child-friendly guide.

Check out the ancient Roman buildings in Ostia Antica including the necropolis, dye houses, cleaners, large baths, city center, apartments, and bakery!

It’s a completely flexible tour and you could easily turn it into a full-day trip. The beach is only two miles away from Ostia Antica so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a family picnic.

Enjoy the Best Tours in Rome for Families on Your Vacation

Whether you’re looking for private tours with a dedicated, expert guide or budget-friendly tours for small groups, you won’t regret booking as many tours as possible on your family vacation. They take the pressure off you to entertain and inform so that you get to be hands-off, learn something, and enjoy a fun tour too. Happy kids plus happy parents is a win-win!

Hopefully, this list of the best tours in Rome for families has given you plenty of inspiration when planning your trip to this ancient city.