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Best Destinations for Yacht Charters in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most popular areas in the world for yacht charters and luxury trips on the water. Visitors can enjoy the perfect mix of adventure, beach time and natural beauty in these incredible island getaways. Yacht charters in the Caribbean allow families to explore islands they might not visit otherwise.

While the Caribbean might not be known for the largest yacht berths in the world, it’s the small island charm that captivates most visitors and entices them to fall in love with this fascinating region.

With hundreds of islands to choose from, it can be a challenge to select your next Caribbean yacht charter getaway. Here are some of the top destinations to keep in mind when planning an island excursion or yacht charter in the Caribbean.

Best Caribbean Yacht Charter Destinations- Kids Are A Trip

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Best Sailing Vacations for Families in the Caribbean

1. Antigua and Barbuda

The neighboring islands of Antigua and Barbuda are frequently visited together. Antigua is the more developed of the two, with excellent infrastructure and everything you would need for your yacht charter trip. 

As one of the most frequented boating destinations in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda have something for everyone, including pristine beaches, shopping opportunities and fine dining.

In addition to this, the islands are centrally located and serve as a great starting point for extended trips, making them ideal for first-time visitors. 

Antigua island yacht charter
English Harbor Antigua

Since the bays in this area are relatively wide, and the waters are calm, they are perfect for water sports and land excursions to secluded beaches.

For a more adventurous experience, you can hike up to the island’s best viewpoint, Shirley Heights, which offers breathtaking vistas over the shoreline.

Afterwards, head to the capital of St Johns for a delicious dinner and drinks with a view before returning to your home on the water just in time for a magnificent sunset.

2. Bahamas

The Bahamas consist of over 700 different islands, famous for their white sand, crystal clear blue waters and favourable sailing conditions. A yacht charter trip to the Bahamas is a once in a lifetime experience that should be at the top of your bucket list. 

While a good number of islands in the Bahamas are privately owned, there are plenty of tourist destinations to choose from, including luxury resorts, small towns and more established ports.

Bahamas yacht

The Nassau Yacht Haven Marina and the Grand Bahama Yacht Club are prime destinations for charter yachts and popular starting points for longer trips. 

In addition to being home to hundreds of world-class beaches, the Bahamas are also a popular scuba diving location with pristine reefs, colorful underwater wildlife and even several sunken wrecks that can be explored by visitors.

Snorkeling is equally as popular as are water sports and day trips to the nearby Lucayan National Park.

3. The British Virgin Islands 

As a British overseas territory, the British Virgin Islands are somewhat of a unique yacht charter destination in the Caribbean and the perfect place to spend a few days on the water.

With more than 60 islands in total, there is plenty to see and do on these beautiful volcanic islands, providing the perfect mix of activities for nature enthusiasts and those looking for a quiet getaway. 

Sneak Peek - Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas
Baths on Virgin Gorda
Baths National Park – Virgin Gorda

The Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda is home to large, rounded boulders scattered along the beach. This is a prime snorkeling destination and a popular anchorage for boats of all sizes.

The nearby North Sound is ideal for water sports and has excellent infrastructure with restaurants, tour companies and luxury accommodation, all available if required. 

A trip to the British Virgin Islands aboard a charter yacht is guaranteed to be the highlight of your next vacation.

4. St Lucia

St Lucia is located in the eastern Caribbean and is primarily known for its dramatic mountain peaks that make for a surreal backdrop to the island.

Superyachts such as Artefact have been spotted cruising these gorgeous waters providing evidence that St Lucia is a very desirable destination for yacht charters in the Caribbean. 

Luxury resorts appear in stark contrast to the small, local fishing villages, all framed by beautiful beaches and lush jungles. 

Marigot Bay-St Lucia
Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Castries, the island’s capital, is ideal for shopping, sightseeing and getting to know the local island culture with its colorful streets and vibrant lifestyle.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are a must-do when visiting the Caribbean on a yacht charter, and St Lucia has plenty of locations to choose from. 

While in St Lucia make sure you don’t miss out on local hiking trails like the Tet Paul Way, which will take you past native pineapple plants and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Diamond Falls and Hot Springs make for another unforgettable day trip on St Lucia and should not be missed. 

5. Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos have an incredible selection of luxury resorts, fine dining and flawless beaches. This island group is a hotspot for yachting and known to be home to untouched nature, making it a particularly attractive destination in the Caribbean. 

Turks and Caicos Grand Turk Island

You’ll find a lot of different natural attractions such as unique waterfalls, hidden caves, and of course, dreamy beaches on these islands and the list of potential activities is long. The water in Turks and Caicos seems to be extra blue with world-class coral reefs and plenty of wildlife to see. 

Three Marys Cays are three uninhabited rock islands with some of the most impressive underwater life in the area. The sometimes bumpy ride to reach this secluded spot is more than worth it when you dive into the azure waters and spot reef sharks, sea turtles and hundreds of colorful fish.

6. St Kitts and Nevis

If you’re looking for unspoiled beaches and calm seas in the Caribbean, then St Kitts and Nevis will be a perfect choice.

These incredible islands are prime yachting destinations and will leave you wanting to come back every year for a new charter trip through tropical waters. 

St Kitts-island
St Kitts

Enjoy sheltered bays perfect for diving into the ocean and going for a refreshing swim or trying watersports such as jet skiing or wakeboarding. There are plenty of things to do in St Kitts for families.

The mountainous landscape of the island is also fantastic for hiking or longer jungle excursions with a local guide who will be able to explain the intricacies of this delicate ecosystem to you. 

The Scenic Railway or sometimes called the Sugar Train, will take you through the countryside, showing you a side of the island that most tourists miss out on.

7. St Vincent and the Grenadines

Located in the southern Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines are an island group that is best known for being a major sailing destination.

Why Martinique is Perfect for Families

Whether you’re exploring the area onboard a sailing yacht or not, St Vincent should be high on your list of yachting destinations in the Caribbean for a number of reasons. 

Bequia St Vincent Caribbean

The Tobago Cays, a chain of uninhabited islands that have been declared a nature reserve, are perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving, while Saltwhistle Bay Beach will invite you to spend the day swimming and relaxing in the shade. 

Kingstown, St Vincent’s busy capital, is home to a busy harbor and a wide selection of shops and restaurants inviting tourists to stay for a few days. Enjoy world-class restaurants and luxury amenities in St Vincent on your next charter yacht trip.

8. St Barts and St Martin

St Barts is a known gathering place for luxury yacht owners and those working in the industry, making it a great harbor to explore during your next Caribbean charter tour.

The St Barts Bucket Regatta takes place here every year, attracting crowds from all around the world. 

St Barts city
St Bart’s harbor

On St Martin, enjoy beaches like Orient Bay or Cupecoy Beach with local beach bars tucked away next to upscale beach clubs and resorts.

The Front Street is a shopping haven due to the island’s duty-free status and makes for a great place to pick up jewellery, clothing as well as electronics or brand-name items before you depart.

9. US Virgin Islands

Not to be confused with the nearby British Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands are located south-east of Puerto Rico. A vast national park, as well as a major airport, make these islands highly attractive among tourists, many of whom board charter yachts and begin their trip here. 

There are several yacht harbors to choose from, and many local companies offer day charters around the islands, which might be a more budget-friendly option for those reluctant to commit to a longer journey aboard a luxury yacht.

Trunk Bay USVI Yacht Charter
Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay in St. John and Magens Bay are extremely photogenic beaches and most likely some of the most famous in the entire Caribbean. The island of St Croix offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to educate themselves on the colonial history of these islands. 

With several museums and guided tours to choose from, there is always something to do in this beautiful area of the Caribbean, making it a prime yachting location that shouldn’t be missed. 

10. Martinique

As an overseas region of France, Martinique has a distinct culture that is unique to this area of the world. The island has beautiful mountainous terrain, white-sand beaches and small, colorful towns lining the shores. 

Martinique might not be at the top of every charter yacht itinerary in the Caribbean, but it is somewhat of an insider tip that is perfect for those looking for something more than a traditional luxury vacation.

Martinique yacht Caribbean volcano

The former railways of the island have become popular hiking routes and let you explore the more remote parts of Martinique comfortably. 

Of course, it comes as no surprise that the snorkeling and scuba diving locations here are exceptional, with colorful reefs hidden at every corner. The Balata Botanical Gardens make for a welcome change from countless days at the beach and invite you for a stroll through the magnificent greenery.

If you’re looking for the best destination for your family trip, it will be hard to choose. At least you know that all of these islands are great choices for yacht charters in the Caribbean.

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