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There’s something about the Europe at Christmas that sets the mood for the holiday season. They offer shopping, entertainment, delicious food and drink, and an excuse to celebrate with friends and family.


Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Christmas market is spread over several squares in the old town centre and the nicely lit historic buildings form a fairytale-like setting.

Barcelona, Spain

One thing you can’t miss in the Barcelona Christmas market is the Catalan tradition of the Tió de Nadal or Caga Tió (Christmas log or poop log). During the 14+ days leading up to Christmas, children keep the log warm by placing a blanket over it.

Berlin, Germany

The mix of arts, crafts, the sound of Christmas carols, the smell of delicious food, together with artists like jugglers and fire eaters, who seem to pop out of nowhere, creates an enchanting atmosphere that will put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Brussels, Belgium

You will find over 200 chalets selling some of the most unique Christmas items, and of course food. I recommend trying the roasted salmon and the hot Vin Chaud.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a beautiful city with historic buildings, family-friendly attractions, thermal baths, and huge market halls. Then pair that with two large and multiple smaller Christmas markets selling local and handmade items, it’s truly a delight.

Colmar, France

You’ll find gifts, souvenirs, and ornaments for purchase.  But, being France, there’s a concentrated focus on food.  And some of the best food you can possibly imagine.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen at Christmas is very ‘hygge’. Top things to do whilst here are visit the Christmas markets. There are many here including Tivoli Gardens, Freetown Christiania, Nyhavn harbour, Castle Kronborg, and Kongens Nytorv.

Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Wooden stalls line the street where you can pick up wooden toys or ornaments, winter hats and warm spices and everything in between. Kids can even make their own candles. But we go for the treats!

Frankfurt, Germany

I found it easy to walk through and shop, but the food tended to be a bit more at the forefront than at other markets. The choice was almost overwhelming from multiple flavors of glühwein to enormous grills filled with sausages.

Gothenburg, Sweden

While these markets aren’t as large as other European markets, they have all the ornaments, sweet treats, hot drinks and carolers that make a Christmas market special.

Heidelberg, Germany

The whole market comprises of around 150 stalls, selling everything from soaps, scarves and sausages to Christmas decorations, crafts and candles.

Helsinki, Finland

Dozens of vendors convene at this market to sell a variety of artisan gift items and tasty treats including glogi, a festive mulled wine that’s perfect on a cold winter day.

London, England

The London Christmas markets dot the city, but our favorite is the Borough Market. It’s one of the oldest markets in London and known as the best foodie market!

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