There are plenty of places to visit in the US with kids that shine during the holidays, but sometimes you want a unique experience. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by all of these options.


Everyone knows how incredible Alaska can be during the summer. Amazingly, it’s even more magical during winter! While Alaska winters can be quite cold, it’s worth visiting to join in adventures like sled tubing,

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is wonderful to visit any time of year, but December marks the start of Costa Rica’s dry season.


December is a wonderful time to visit Colombia as the weather is great and it’s just before the high season,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is very well known for it’s exciting nightlife and gorgeous canals. This thriving city is easily accessible by airplane, train or by car.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium, is one of the most overlooked European cities. It has centuries of fascinating history, great food, and lots of things to do to keep you entertained for a long weekend or more.

Dunsborough, Australia

A trip to the town of Dunsborough in the South West of Australia is the ultimate December getaway.

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