A road trip is a right of passage for many American families. It is a time for families to spend hours on end enjoying one another’s company, playing road trip games, seeing new sights, and creating memories.

Sticker Books

Kids of all ages love sticker books. Our kids love the ones where the stickers can be peeled and re-used in the sticker book

Travel Etch A Sketch

Perfect for getting those creative juices flowing while your on the road.

Magnets with a Cookie Sheet

A cookie sheet makes an excellent base for any magnet set or building blocks while riding in the car.


I would liken Perplexus to the Rubik’s Cube of the 21st Century. The object is to direct a small silver ball through a maze within a 3-D sphere by twisting and turning the larger ball around and keeping the smaller ball on the track within.

Coloring Books and  Colored Pencils

Be sure to bring colored pencils or washable markers. The last thing you want to bring is crayons because if they get lost, they could melt in your car and cause quite a mess.

Scratch Art Notepads

You can find these with farm animals, super heroes, or princesses. They make very little mess and take up barely any room in the car.

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