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Places we visited with a toddler would surely elicit an eye roll from the teens, and activities we enjoy today are certainly not safe enough for a young child.


Enjoy all the thrills of a theme park

Theme parks might seem like an easy choice for a vacation with kids, but there are different parks that appeal to all ages. Disney of course probably should be on everyone’s must visit list with kids.

Plan a big city escape

If you live in the suburbs or out in the country, it might be fun to travel to the nearest big city and try a staycation. Many cities offer unique museums and attractions, fancy hotels, and fabulous restaurants.

Head to a dude ranch

Not only did we have the option of riding horses every day, we had a variety of activities at our disposal. There was fishing, skeet shooting, rock climbing, yoga, square dancing, hiking, and even a masseuse!

Try a safari/wildlife encounter

Wildlife encounters that need to be on your travel with kids list include: snorkeling with fish (Hawaii is a good option), taking a cruise of the Galapagos Islands to see countless exotic animals, or swimming with the manatees in Florida.

Take a beach vacation

Beaches offer an escape and a chance to simply be with family. Put away the devices, slather on the sunscreen, and head out for a day of sand castle building and splashing in the waves.

Rent an RV and hit the road

Traveling by RV saves the cost of a hotel, you don’t have to eat out at restaurants, and there’s space for everyone to hang out together at night. It might just be the best way to travel and kids of all ages can enjoy it.

Go on a cruise

Disney cruise ships tend to have everything you could want as a parent. There’s kids clubs, a movie theater, pool parties, character meet and greets, and even fireworks.

Find your roots

You don’t have to travel overseas to show your kids where they come from. Consider planning a trip to your hometown and showing your kids where you lived, where you went to school, and where you used to hang out.

Experience a group tour

Our last big trip overseas was a trip to Morocco with National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures and we loved exploring a place with local tour guides. We experienced things we would have never planned on our own, and ate at all of the best restaurants.

Hit the slopes for a ski vacation

A ski vacation doesn’t mean you have to ski the entire time. Many ski towns offer dog sledding, snow tubing, cross country skiing, and even ice skating. The good news is your kids will be exhausted after a day on the slopes and should sleep soundly.

Help out on a volunteer vacation

A volunteer vacation involves spending some part of your vacation helping others in need. Many churches offer summer service trips for their youth groups, and some offer family trips.

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