Why Teens Will Love the Polaroid Lab

Are you one of those people who never prints your photos? I’m raising my hand over here, because now that everything is digital, I rarely take time to print pictures. All of that is about to change with our discovery of the Polaroid Lab, which takes smartphone images and converts them to tangible Polaroid photos. This is our Polaroid Lab review. Our teens loved this product and I’m sure yours will too.

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What is Polaroid Lab?

The Polaroid Lab simplifies turning your smartphone photos into handheld mementos. When a phone is placed face down on the lens, the image is projected through a 3 lens system that sends it to the Polaroid film. Through the process, the image is imprinted on the film and it is ejected from the lab. After several minutes, the image will appear on the Polaroid film and you’ll have photos to share with family and friends.

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How does Polaroid Lab work?

The first step is to load the film through the door on the front of the Polaroid Lab. (We used Color 600 Film, but it also works with Black & White as well as Originals i-Type Film). Next we downloaded the Polaroid Originals App on my son’s iPhone XR (this works with iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Xs and newer, as well as most Android™ Smartphones).

Once the app was ready to go, we turned on the Polaroid Lab and took off the lid to the lens. We selected the photo through the Polaroid app, and then placed the phone face down against the lens.

After waiting a few seconds, the image started to come out the mouth of the Polaroid Lab. We placed the photo face down on the table and allowed the film to process. Each photo pack we used had eight images, so my son had some really cool photos with everything from scenery to family fun.

Polaroid Lab photos-Kids Are A Trip

Why your teen will love the Polaroid Lab

In this day and age of everything being digital, it’s refreshing to have a tangible image. It’s a moment to be shared with friends and family, and it’s an experience that you can hold in your hand.

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There aren’t a lot of things that fascinate my kids, but seeing their images printed on Polaroid film certainly made them stop and think. Kids don’t have memories like we do of hanging magazine images and photos on their walls, but I think the Polaroid Lab is about to change that. We hope you enjoyed our Polaroid Lab Review, Be sure to check it out for yourself. Our family has loved playing with it and I am sure you will too.