How a MomAboard Trip Planner Made Our Travels Easier

A little over a year ago,  I was introduced to MomAboard, an on-line trip planning service that produces customized itineraries for families for destinations around the world. Instead of parents wasting countless hours researching for a family trip, they can connect with a MomAboard Mombassador who will plan a personalized vacation based on their needs. I happen to be the Mombassador for Chicago, but on a recent trip to New York City, I decided to use a MomAboard trip planner to make our itinerary. Not only did it save us time, it was the best money I spent on the entire trip!

how-a-momaboard-trip-planner-makes-travel-easier-kids-are-a-tripHow MomAboard Works

MomAboard has a large staff of Mombassadors who cover over 35 cities around the world. From Paris to Dubai, New York to Orlando, parents searching for travel tips can find the inside scoop from a local for a very reasonable cost. Starting at the MomAboard website, I entered our families travel dates, destination, special dietary needs (we have a child with a peanut/tree nut allergy), and some tourist sights we wanted to see. MomAboard doesn’t do hotel recommendations or make reservations, but I’m ok with that because I still like to find my own place to stay. They also offer move itineraries, custom restaurant lists, and custom activity lists at varying price points. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so if you don’t like your itinerary, you get your money back. For a 1-7 day itinerary, it is a flat fee of $50 via Paypal, so I completed the form and waited for my itinerary to return.

Who prepared my itinerary

The person who prepared the itinerary was a family travel writer like myself, Eileen Gunn of Families Go!. Eileen lives in Brooklyn and as a native, is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of New York City. I was so thankful to have her working on my itinerary because I knew she was a reliable source of family travel information just like the other Mombassadors.

The itinerary

When the itinerary was ready (less than 48 hours later), I received a message from MomAboard directing me to log in to the site to receive it. When I did so, I was blown away! The report was available on-line and in PDF form and was 15 pages long! Eileen had done such an amazing job in that she had grouped the attractions by location and date. So for the first day, she recommended a city tour, another day was the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island paired with the Freedom Tower, another day was Central Park with the Natural History Museum. You get the idea. Everything was close together so I wasn’t running all over the city with the kids.

Momaboard Trip Planner Itinerary Overview-Kids Are A Trip
Here’s what the first page looks like. Very detailed.

Another thing Eileen did that was super helpful (and I believe all Mombassadors do this to some extent) was provide restaurant recommendations. When my kids complained of hunger, all I had to do was look at the itinerary and usually Eileen had given me two or three recommendations in the vicinity. They were all family friendly choices that were reasonably priced with good food.

The itinerary also provided extra “insider” tips. The things only a New Yorker would know, such as where to get ferry tickets and not to forget my passport stamp book if we collect National Park Service stamps. I loved this and it personalized the experience for our family. I try to do this with my MomAboard itineraries as well. I love sharing little known secrets that only locals know like where to take in a great view or find a fun playground.

The kids loved finding secret spots to explore.

Why I will use MomAboard again

Like many parents out there, life is busy. I used to have time to lounge around and research destinations for hours on end, perusing guide books and surfing the internet. Those days are long gone. I appreciate the value and service MomAboard provides. I let a local do the research, which in my opinion is the best person for the job. Not only does it save me time before the trip, it saves me time on vacation, and there’s no way I can put a price on that.

Have you ever used a trip planning service?