How the Discover World App Will Change How You Travel

What if there was one website where you could do all your travel research, make notes, and plan a trip all in one spot? Pretty great, right? Take it a step further, and now you can use that site and its companion app to take photos, map your journey, makes notes about the experience, and not only save them for later, but share them with others. Such a site exists and it’s called Discover World. Not only does the site allow you to explore, capture, and share your travel adventures, the Discover World travel app will change how you travel.

What if there was one website where you could do all your travel research, keep notes, and plan a trip? With Discover World and the Discover World travel app not only can you explore, capture, and share your travel adventures, you'll be able to have everything you need from beginning to end in the palm of your hand.-Kids Are A Trip

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What is Discover World?

Discover World is a website created by a team who loves travel, but wanted to find a way technology could improve the travel experience and inspire people to travel more. The site is not a booking engine. Instead, it focuses more on your front end planning needs and in-trip experiences so you can maximize your travel time. Through the Discover World app you can share the story of your journey either in real time or when you return home.

The Discover World Travel App will change the way you travel. It saves your photos, plans itineraries, and notes. It's a great addition for any trip. - Kids Are A Trip

How does Discover World work for pre-trip planning?

I’m sure we’ve all spent countless hours researching destination specifics. Where to go? What to do? What’s the weather like? What’s the history of the area? Where are the best restaurants?  It’s time consuming, right? Discover World puts all of that knowledge in one place so you don’t have to search around the internet.

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Say for example I wanted to learn more about Lisbon. I type Lisbon in the search bar and I’m instantly given a ton of information about the destination. I have historical information, photos, in depth information, travel essentials (such as climate, tipping information, and visa requirements), and if I want to dig deeper there are buttons on the right side that will take me to specific topics (architecture, history, or museums, for example). Each of these segments will take me to a new page with details on specific sites within the city.

I choose architecture and it takes me to photos of different sites in and around Lisbon. I click on Pena Palace. In the upper right hand corner is a heart. If I click on the heart, it allows me to save that location to my saved items and makes notes about it. I can also see everything on a map or as a list. The levels of detail are incredible.

Discover World Travel App helps map attractions. - Kids Are A Trip

How does the Discover World Companion app work on my trip?

You can download the Discover World Companion app on iTunes. The travel app allows you to use your location settings to capture the movements of your entire trip. It will record the route, how you traveled, photos, notes, or captions, and allow you to discover nearby attractions or places of interest. The Discover World Companion app also allows you to access those saved places you highlighted before the trip, see them on a map, and get directions from your location. How cool is that?

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Within the app you have the ability to edit. So if there are certain photos you don’t want included in the trip, simply remove them. The same goes for movements and places, just edit them out. The app is very user friendly and you can make it what you want before sharing it with others.

While traveling, the trips are published either publicly or privately allowing friends and family to follow along with your adventures. They can also receive daily updates via email.

How to Use Discover World Travel App to Plan Trips-Kids Are A Trip

How to use Discover World travel app after your trip

Once you return, it’s possible to see your entire trip online, on the interactive timeline. This allows you to relive your trip experiences, remember the places you visited, where you ate, and how long it took you to travel from place to place. Your trips can become travel inspiration for others in the Discover World community.


How do I get Discover World?

Discover World is accessible via the website HERE. Try it out and see all the unique features then head to the App Store and download the Discover World Companion app. We’re pretty sure this is going to change the way you travel and you can thank us for it later!

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