Best Private Tours of Rome for Mythology Fans

If you are a family considering a trip to Italy, why not consider a personalized tour where you can discover Roman mythology with Rome Private Guides? All of their guides are local, English-speaking, licensed, and experts in art and history. Everyone is passionate about their job and wants to make your experience unforgettable, which is why you should consider taking one of their private tours of Rome and beyond.

Best Private Tours of Rome for Mythology Fans - Kids Are A Trip

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What is the best way to tour Rome?

For families, we believe the best way to tour Rome is through a private tour. This allows families to travel at their own pace, stop for bathroom and snack breaks, and learn about the destination in a relatively short period. We have learned over the years that the expense of a private tour guide is worth it in the long run and budget accordingly.

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Why Rome Private Guides?

Rome Private Guides has child-friendly tour guides who use visual aids and interactive devices to engage your children during their family-oriented tours. Who said history is boring? Rome Private Guides makes it fun when you choose their kid-friendly guides, where fun and learning are guaranteed.

Many of their tours focus on Roman history, and if mythology interests you, you may want to experience one of their tours that have ties to Roman mythology.

Books that Inspire a Trip to Italy

The Roman vision of mythology and religion was very different than that of the Greeks. Roman gods and goddesses are like people: they have feelings, they act on these feelings, they make mistakes, and even if they have magical powers, they always look after and protect people or things.

If you are interested in learning more about Roman mythology and how it still exists in the daily lives of Romans, there are several tours you might find interesting.

Family Tour of Pompeii and Sorrento

It’s easy to travel from Rome to Pompeii and Sorrento as a day trip. Roman gods and goddesses are part of the family and people used to tell stories and myths about them.

An example of their presence in home and every day life are the frescoe decorations in some of the luxurious residences in Pompeii, which are considered some of the better preserved examples of Roman wall paintings.

In Pompeii many scenes from mythology are interspersed with scenes from daily life. While on our tour you will visit ancient houses with beautiful frescoes, squares, taverns and baths. If you want to discover the mysteries of Pompeii, and learn more about these amazing frescoes, take a look at their day trip tour to Pompeii and Sorrento!

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Rome in a day tour

Did you know that Roman nobility used to trace their ancestry to Greek heroes or gods? Consequently, Greek and Roman myths were used by Roman emperors to legitimize and solidify their rule.

Roman Colosseum
Rome’s Colosseum

For example, the Emperor Augustus tied his own ancestry to the mythical stories of Rome’s foundation. In order to strengthen his power as emperor, Augustus proudly boasted to be in the direct line of descent with Aeneas. He even persuaded the poet Virgil to write the Aeneid, the story about Rome’s founding race, representing the emperor as a descendant of Aeneas.

How to Explore Tuscany with Kids

During his reign, Augustus made a huge effort to align himself with the gods. To secure this relationship, Augustus had a temple dedicated to Apollo built beside his own palace on the Palatine Hill. If you are interested in visiting the Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill, where you will learn more about Rome’s emperors and their palaces then the Ancient Rome tour is the tour for you!

Tour of Tivoli Villa and Gardens

Like the Emperor Augustus before him, Emperor Hadrian was fond of Greek culture, art, architecture and myths. He wanted a suburban villa, and had one built at Tibur (now known as Tivoli), for his private retreat.

The Hadrian Villa in Tivoli is a huge architectural complex that has reproductions of his favorite buildings and gardens from Greece and Egypt, which were provinces of the Roman empire at that time.

Hadrian Villa pond statues ruins

Today Hadrian’s Villa is one of the Italian UNESCO World Heritage sites and is really worth a visit. For more details about this villa and garden tour, have a look at the Tivoli Villa Day Trip tour. You won’t be disappointed!

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