5 Eco-Friendly Destinations for Earth Day

Eco-Friendly Destinations-Kids Are A Trip

Experts in the travel industry are making major efforts to create more eco-friendly destinations and encourage travelers to join their best practices for helping the environment. We have reached out to other writers to find some unique eco-friendly destinations that hopefully inspire you to travel responsibly and seek out eco-friendly hotels, attractions, and adventures on your next family vacation.

TSA PreCheck – What You Need to Know and How to Apply

TSA PreCheck-Kids Are A Trip

For families that travel as much as we do, it is embarrassing to admit that I did not know much about TSA PreCheck until recently. I had relied on our credit card’s “priority access” which allowed us to bypass the long airport security lines. We would breeze through the shorter lines with passengers that had “status” or higher credentials than ourselves. Unfortunately, we learned on a recent trip that the merger of two airlines meant the disappearance of our golden ticket and we would now have to stand in the long lines once again. However, I am not one to easily accept defeat so I immediately started to research TSA PreCheck to see if there was a way to bypass the unpredictable… [Read More]

5 Favorite Places to Visit with Kids in Croatia

5 Favorite Places to Visit with Kids Croatia-Kids Are A Trip

Today I am thrilled to have Marina from Parental Journey sharing her 5 favorite places to visit with kids in Croatia. When Marina approached me about writing a guest post about Croatia, I was super excited because Croatia is one destination that has been at the top of my bucket list for years. I even recommended it for travelers as one of our favorite spring break destinations, although any time of year would be great. Croatia is a land of rich history and culture, with many beautiful natural wonders, ancient cities, and delicious food and wine. I hope Marina’s post inspires you to put Croatia on your bucket list if it isn’t there already!

Scavenger Hunt Adventures Book Review and Giveaway

Scavenger Hunt Adventure Giveaway-Kids Are A Trip

SCAVENGER HUNT ADVENTURES: Kids’ Travel Book Series Usually there aren’t individual book reviews on this site, but when Catharine Aragon approached me about her series, Scavenger Hunt Adventures, I was very intrigued and asked her if she wouldn’t mind sending a copy for my kids and myself to check out. The Scavenger Hunt Adventures series takes young explorers through the popular sights of cities and engages them in sightseeing through spy-themed scavenger hunts. They currently have published six titles: MISSION LONDON, MISSION PARIS, MISSION ROME, MISSION BARCELONA, MISSION WASHINGTON, D.C., MISSION NEW YORK, with Amsterdam coming this summer and others on the way soon. I asked her to send me the MISSION ROME title since we visited recently and I was hopeful the kids could still… [Read More]

Favorite Travel Apps for 2015

Favorite Travel Apps-Kids Are A Trip

Last year I wrote about my favorite travel apps to take on vacation, and while I still love and use most of those apps, I realize that in this day and age, apps come and go at a fairly quick rate. Here are some of my new favorite travel apps that have landed on my radar this year. Hopefully, you will love them as much as I do.

Discover Roman Mythology with Rome Private Guides

Rome Private Guides-Kids Are A Trip

If you are a family considering a trip to Italy, why not consider a personalized tour where you can discover Roman mythology with Rome Private Guides? All of our guides are local, English-speaking, licensed, and experts in art and history. Everyone is passionate about their job and wants to make your experience unforgettable! We also provide child-friendly guides who use visual aids and interactive devices to engage your children during our family-oriented tours. Who said history is boring? We make it fun when you choose RPG kid-oriented guides, where fun and learning are guaranteed. Many of our tours focus on Roman history, and if mythology interests you, you may want to experience one of our tours that have ties to Roman mythology. The Roman vision of mythology… [Read More]

Family Fun in Gulf County Florida and a Giveaway

Gulf County Florida Giveaway-Kids Are A Trip

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Visit Gulf County for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Every other year our family heads south to Florida for winter vacation, but somehow we fail to venture out from the land of the overcrowded amusement parks. Just once I would love to escape to the land of warm sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets that I know exists in other parts of the state. After discovering the Gulf County Adventure Guide I am really excited to visit this area of Florida. Gulf County has 43 miles of spectacular coastline along the crystal clear waters of St. Joseph Bay and the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. From horseback riding… [Read More]

7 Favorite Travel Gadgets for A Family Vacation

Travel Gadgets-Kids Are A Trip

Every family has their favorite travel gadgets, but when you’re planning for a trip, the last thing you want to bring along is more gear. In our family we try to limit electronics on vacation because one, they add more bulk to our luggage, and two, they increase the likelihood of something getting lost. We like these travel gadgets because they are lightweight and easy to bring along when we hit the road.

Best Sights to See in Stockholm with Kids

Stockholm-Kids Are A Trip

Best Sights to See in Stockholm with Kids Stockholm is known for its architecture, trendy cafés and boutiques, and idyllic scenery. I did not know what to expect of this gem of northern Europe, but I was pleasantly surprised by the mixture of medieval architecture, modern transportation and amenities, and its natural beauty. Parks are plentiful, there are kid friendly attractions throughout the city, transportation is easily accessible and the locals are friendly and helpful. Our time to explore the city was limited, but after a small taste, we are determined to return to this Scandinavian beauty sooner than later. Attractions The Royal Palace At first sight, the Royal Palace does not look like anything more than a large, stately building in the middle of… [Read More]

Tips for Dealing with Motion Sickness When Traveling

Motion Sickness When Traveling-Kids Are A Trip

Dealing with motion sickness when traveling isn’t easy. Motion sickness can affect many young children because their brain and inner ear can sense motion, but their eyes and joints won’t. This imbalance results in nausea, dizziness, sweating, and sometimes, vomiting. We have two children that suffer from queasy stomachs and sometimes they start to feel ill when we least expect it.  How do we prevent it? Well there isn’t a magic formula, but we have many suggestions that have worked for us over the years and hopefully they will work for you as well.