Why Our Next Vacation Will Be an All-Inclusive Resort

All Inclusive Resort-Kids Are A Trip

Why Our Next Vacation Will Be an All-Inclusive Resort Last month we decided to take a surprise family vacation to celebrate my husband’s new job, and we considered many different destinations. Each one was tropical, each was luxurious, and every single one was an all-inclusive resort, except in the end, we decided to go to Puerto Rico where there are not many all-inclusive options. While we did have a wonderful vacation, my husband and I decided that our next vacation will absolutely be to an all-inclusive resort. The reason: EVERYTHING is included. From the meals to the drinks, to the kids clubs and adult activities, there is something for everyone and I’m not constantly opening my wallet to hand out payment and tips for each… [Read More]

An Interview with The Business Traveler of the Year

Interview with the Business Traveler of the Year-Kids Are A Trip

It is not everyday one has the opportunity to interview the Business Traveler of the Year, but today is my lucky day. Heather Wilson is one of those unique people who travels all over the world as part of her career. As a corporate event marketing manager, she actually travels more than her US Navy husband, and was recently named  Business Traveler Magazine NA’s Business Traveler of the Year. She is a three time cancer survivor who has many remarkable and inspiring stories to share, so if you haven’t stopped by her blog, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife, be sure to head over there after you read our travel related Q & A session.

15 Fun Winter Activities for Kids in Chicago

Winter Chicago Kids-Kids Are A Trip

The weather everywhere has been atrocious, but in Chicago we are used to it, and try to have a supply of fun winter activities for kids ready to go at any given moment. The polar vortex roared through last year, this year we have Arctic air, and who knows what the rest of winter holds. It’s hard to believe the first day of spring is less than a month away. In Chicago it will take longer than that for the ground to thaw. As locals know, it is important to have plenty of activities at your disposal to entertain the kids on “snow days”, “cold days”, and good old school holidays. Here are some of our favorite fun winter activities for kids… [Read More]

10 Amazing Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

10 Amazing Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico-Kids Are A Trip

This post brought to you by Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Kids Are A Trip. If you have any question as to why the All-Star Island of Puerto Rico needs to be your next Caribbean vacation destination, I have 10 fabulous reasons that will have you booking your trip in no time! As my readers are aware, our family just returned from a week long vacation to Puerto Rico, where we spent time with family, toured some of the island’s natural wonders, and enjoyed delicious local cuisine. Without further ado, here is why you need to plan your visit to Puerto Rico!

Books That Inspire Travel to China

Books that Inspire Travel to China-Kids Are A Trip

This Thursday, February 19th, many Asian countries will celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year, so it seems an appropriate time to share my favorite books that inspire travel to China. The Chinese New Year is an important holiday and is often celebrated not only in China, but in other parts of the world. There are book choices for all ages, so whether you are reading for education purposes, leisure,  or preparing for an upcoming trip, hopefully you will find something you enjoy and inspires you to travel.

What to Pack for A Beach Vacation

Beach Bag Basics-Kids Are A Trip

Beach Vacation Essentials by kidsareatrip What to Pack for A Beach Vacation After our recent trip to Puerto Rico, I learned a few tips and tricks for what to pack for a beach vacation. Of course you will want to pack your travel essentials, but you will also want to have your essentials for hitting the sand. Here’s a few of our favorites and a printable beach checklist too.

Surprise Vacation to Puerto Rico

Surprise Vacation-Kids Are A Trip

Surprise Vacation to Puerto Rico What would your kids do if you woke them up one morning and said, “Surprise! We’re going on vacation!”? We were not expecting the excitement we received when we snuck into their rooms early last Friday morning and told them they would not be going to school, but were headed on vacation instead. The oldest was almost too stunned to believe his luck, the middle one did a little happy dance, and the youngest started jumping up and down, chanting, “Vacation, vacation”, over and over again. They were obviously a bit excited.

8 Reasons to Escape to Bora Bora

8 Reasons to Escape to Bora Bora-Kids Are A Trip

Today I have asked Erin from South to Southwest to guest post on my blog, and she is sharing “8 Reasons to Escape to Bora Bora.” I know I usually share family travels on this site, but we all need some time alone with our significant others, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect post. Erin’s husband planned their honeymoon as a surprise, so she didn’t find out where they were going until the final leg of the journey.  How amazing is that? She was so excited to find out that they were going to Bora Bora, French Polynesia.  It was the trip of a lifetime, and if you haven’t been yet, well …  it’s time… [Read More]

5 Favorite Quotes That Inspire Travel

5 Favorite Quotes That Inspire Travel-Kids Are A Trip

It’s very hard to limit myself to 5 favorite quotes that inspire travel because there are so many choices out there. I frequently find myself perusing through quotes on Pinterest, hoping to find a few favorite ones that will to inspire me to travel, now and in the future. It is probably difficult to believe that a person who loves to travel needs such inspiration, but I promise, I do indeed need some fire under my feet once in awhile. Not only do these quotes influence me, they drive and guide me in my daily life to challenge myself and dream about the experiences I want to have and the legacy I want to leave in this world. Reading, writing,… [Read More]

Family Travel in the Dordogne Region of France

Family Travel to Dordogne-Kids Are A Trip

If you are planning to travel to France with your family, your first thought might be of Paris or Provence, but you might want to consider a journey to the southwest of the country and the Dordogne region. The area offers a wonderful variety of experiences for families from prehistoric cave paintings and medieval castles, to stunning gardens and breathtaking landscapes. The villages are charming, the locals are welcoming, and the food is incredible. With all the region has to offer, visitors to the Dordogne will find themselves wishing their vacations would never end.