The Great American Road Trip to Cooperstown

Cooperstown with Kids-Kids Are A Trip

We have reached the stopping point for our road trip to Cooperstown and are ready to explore. Cooperstown is a small village nestled along Lake Otsego in upstate New York. Most visitors arrive for the baseball tournaments that take place at the nearby Dreams Park for thirteen weeks each summer. Families congregate along the main street (aptly called Main Street) and filter in and out of the numerous baseball souvenir shops all day long. Thankfully, there is more to Cooperstown than baseball, you just have to know where to look.

The Great American Road Trip Part 2: Cleveland to Cooperstown

Road Trip to Cooperstown-Kids Are A Trip

A common mistake that might be made during a road trip is underestimating the amount of time it will take to reach a destination. That is probably the best way to summarize our second day of travel. If you go to Google Maps and type in Cleveland to Cooperstown Dreams Park, the estimated time is approximately 6.5 hours. We knew that our son was expected to check in at the barracks at 6 p.m., so we planned to sleep in and leave by 9 a.m., giving us plenty of time. Except that wasn’t the case.

The Great American Road Trip Part 1: Chicago to Cleveland

Road Trip Cleveland-Kids Are A Trip

Every summer many families partake on a great American road trip, and this year our journey has brought us to Cooperstown, New York. Our oldest son and his team has the opportunity to play baseball at the Cooperstown Dreams Park complex for the week. He will stay in the barracks on property, while we stay elsewhere, but we get to see him everyday while his team plays baseball. Teams come from all over the United States (and from Canada too), to play America’s past time and share moments as only 12 year old boys can. Our family thought it would be fun to bring not only our children but my parents as well on our great American road trip (even… [Read More]

Favorite Family Friendly Beaches Around the World

Favorite Family Friendly Beaches Around the World-Kids Are A Trip

When a group of travel writers shares their favorite family friendly beaches around the world, you never know what to expect. I was thrilled when I posed this question to many fellow writers and found their answers to be various and far reaching. Last week, many of them shared their favorite beaches in the United States (we saved Hawaii for this week), and now they are spilling the beans on their favorite beaches around the world. I hope you enjoy this journey through the sand and sun, possibly recalling old favorites or finding something new to explore.

Summer Camp Packing Tips and a Printable Packing List

Summer Camp Packing Tips-Kids Are A Trip

Summer Camp Packing Tips and a Printable Packing List Knowing what to pack for summer camp can be an exhausting task, since the list of necessary items often reads like a novel. Sleepaway camp can be a great adventure for your child, but forgetting the basic necessities can put a damper on the experience. How can you prepare yourself and your child to have an amazing time with the least amount of stress possible? We suggest using these summer camp packing tips and a printable packing list so nothing gets left behind.

25 Favorite Beaches in the U S for a Family Vacation

25 Favorite Beaches in the U.S.-Kids Are A Trip

For many families, summer would not be complete without an adventure to the shore, so we asked our fellow travel writers to share their favorite beaches in the U S for a family vacation and were overwhelmed by the variety of beaches they had to share. Not a single repetition in the bunch! Whether your family likes to collect shells, mingle with the wildlife, or take long rides on the boardwalk, each one of these beaches has something different to offer. This post covers all of their favorite beaches in the United States, from the east to the west, each one has something that makes them stand out as one of the best!

Never Miss a Beat: 10 Tips for Taking Better Action Shots

Tips for Taking Better Action Shots-Kids Are A Trip

Who doesn’t need tips for taking better action shots? No matter how hard I try to capture the perfect shot, it always seems to result in a blurred image of what used to be my child when I look at the image on the monitor. I’ve tried all the different settings and still struggle to capture those moments in time. Thankfully, Bethany Cleg of Bethany Cleg Photography reached out to me and offered to help with some great advice.

Sunuva UV Swimwear Is Perfect for Summer

Protect Your Kids with Sunuva-Kids Are A Trip

What is Sunuva UV Swimwear? Sunuva UV swimwear is a UK based company that offers stylish UV sun protective kids clothing that keeps your kid looking great while staying safe in the sun. The company was founded by two moms who met on vacation and began discussing the lack of stylish UV protective children’s swimwear. Sunuva products are both practical and stylish. Providing your child with the best sun protection is absolutely essential as children’s skin is thinner, far more sensitive, and can be damaged much more easily. When children go outside they should practice safe sun care, wear children’s protective clothing, and apply plenty of water resistant sunscreen on exposed areas while playing in the sun. I would also recommend keeping them out… [Read More]

25 Favorite Read Aloud Books for a Road Trip

25 Favorite Read Aloud Books for a Road Trip-Kids Are A Trip

We love to bring read aloud books for a road trip because they help pass the time and keep the kids unplugged. We have pooled together some of our favorites, asked some of our favorite teachers for their suggestions, and found some friends to chime in with their choices too. We hope you will find that these books not only entertain your children, but promote discussion and family connection, helping those hours in the car fly by.

5 Things to Discuss Before Your Child Travels with Another Family

Travel with Another Family-Kids Are A Trip

5 Things to Discuss Before Your Child Travels with Another Family Summer travel season is here, families are planning their vacations, and maybe you are considering bringing a friend along or another family has invited your child to travel with them. Before you count your lucky stars and agree to send your child off on a fabulous adventure, there are a few things you might want to discuss with your child and the other family.